Best Bath Toys of 2019

Best Bath Toys of 2019

January 1, 2019

Best Bath Toys of 2019

Best Bath Toys of 2019
Get squeaky clean and have a ball in the bath with these entertaining toys.Best Bath Toys of 2019

Warm water, some bubbles and a few bath toys create a whole new sensory world for your little one to play in. Not to mention bathtime can help establish a soothing ritual that helps your little one wind down and get ready for bed.

With a few of these fun bath toys, your child won’t want to leave the tub until their fingertips are as wrinkled as raisins.

Surprising Sounds

Your tyke will get a kick of hearing engine and barking sounds every time they put this water-activated waverunner in the bath. The friendly, phthalate-free plastic pup can ride in the vehicle or hop off for individual play.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 12 months+

An Unsinkable Story

If your preschooler can’t get enough of storytime, hand them this waterproof page-turner in the bath. The floating book is the bathtime version of Boynton’s Barnyard Dance. Rhyming text and cleaning the animals adds to the fun. We also love Boynton’s Bath Time! book.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 4 years+ (if your child is reading the book)

A Watery Game of Toss

This gleeful-looking octopus floats around the tub while your little one practices their aim by tossing rings over its tentacles. Or, they might become obsessed with feats of dexterity (i.e. pushing and pulling the rings on and off, over and over again!). The Octopus Hoopla is BPA-free and doesn’t have a hole in it so you don’t have to worry about water getting in and growing mold.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 18 months+

Fun Is in the Forecast

This set of five buckets lets your little one fill and dump water on endless repeat. But what your future weatherperson will love most is being able to make it rain in the bathtub. Each animal-themed bucket has different-sized holes at the bottom that let water drain out at various paces—from sprinkle to downpour. When bathtime is over, just stack the PVC- and phthalate-free buckets until next time.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 9 months+

Upcycled Play

When it comes to picking toys, there are thousands of plastic ones to choose from. But what’s so awesome about Green Toys is that theirs are made from 100-percent recycled plastic. They take old milk containers and make toys, like this cheery, floating boat that scoops and pours water like a champ. It has no BPA, phthalates or PVC and comes in eco-friendly packaging, too.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 6 months+

Don't Let the Bath Bugs Bite

When your tyke scoops up the colorful, plastic bugs floating in their bath with this kit’s mesh net, they’re practicing hand-eye coordination. Have them count how many they’ve caught or show you how to squeeze them to squirt out water (that’s using fine motor skills!). The bugs are the perfect size for a toddler’s palm and are made from phthalate-free plastic.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 2 years+

Move Over, Rubber Ducky

Go on a whale of an adventure in the bathtub. Squeeze the whale’s tail, and the soft, flexible jaw opens to either release the three sea creatures stored inside or to scoop them back up and take them for a ride around the tub. The holes in the bottom create a fun rainfall.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 10 months+
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