Best Nursery Storage of 2022
Best Nursery Storage
December 30, 2021

Best Nursery Storage

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Best Nursery Storage .
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It’s amazing how such tiny people can end up with so much stuff!

Once your little one arrives, trying to keep their room in order will become a project in and of itself. Luckily, with the right storage pieces for all those toys, books and stuffies, tidying the room can be a quick job. Even though they’re practical, shelving, storage bins and bookcases don’t have to be boring. Well-designed pieces like our picks below keep everything neatly in place and can add character too!

Animal-Themed Bins

A perfect mix of cute and functional, this 3 Sprouts cotton bin is great for holding toys, stuffed animals or blankets. The bins come in a variety of sizes and are perfect to use as drawers on cube-style shelves (see Ikea Kallax below). Choose from any of the charming animal designs—unicorn, hedgehog, sheep, rhino, owl or dragon. 3 Sprouts also makes other cute storage solution items, including a hamper, a toy chest and a book rack.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 13” x 13” x 13”
Material 100-percent polyester

Sturdy & Stylish Bins

The more stuff your little one accumulates, the heavier your storage bins will get (and they harder they’ll be to pick up). But no amount of blocks or stuffed animals is too much for this sturdy basket. The metal handles mean you can keep a solid grip if you’re moving the bin from room to room—plus they add a little bit of metallic flair. And if you need to save some space, they fold completely flat when not in use.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 13.25” x 11” x 9.25”
Material Outer shell: woven straw; polyester lining

A Quirky Bookcase

This fun Babyletto bookcase will bring the perfect amount of whimsy and character to your child’s nursery. The shelves can hold anything from books to toys, while adding playful charm to your baby’s space. The shelf comes in both white and grey and easily attaches to the wall.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 6” x 40.75” x 50.37”
Material Natural wood with a high-gloss, low-VOC lacquer finish

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Budget-Friendly Shelving

These cube shelves are a great multi-purpose addition to your nursery or playroom. They come in a variety of finishes—white, brown, turquoise, gray and birch—so they’ll match any style décor, as well as a wide variety of sizes. Add cute cubes to them to keep clutter out of site, or use the cubbies to display books or other items.

Additional Specs
Dimensions Shelf unit shown here: 30.37” x 30.37”
Material Particleboard, fiberboard, acrylic paint

The Store-Anything Bookcase

This classic bookcase from PBK’s Cameron Collection may look simple, but it’s also both practical and well designed. We love the pairing of basic flat shelves with more bin-like shelves so you can store virtually anything—even rounder objects that would normally topple right off. The slanted fronts of the lower built-in bin shelves keep items contained, so you can toss loose toys, blankets or anything else inside and they’ll stay inside.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 42” x 16” x 42”
Material Solid poplar wood and MDF

Book Storage for Small Spaces

If you’ve got limited space in your nursery, a bookcase may not be a practical storage option. Rather than taking away precious floor space with another piece of furniture, take baby’s books up to the walls with these floating shelves that display books cover-first. Keep in mind: If you use wall-mounted shelves to store books, it’s a good idea to make sure they have some kind of ledge to keep books from falling off. And if you live in an earthquake-prone area, shelves with an extra bar, like these from Sloan Shelving, keep books even more secure.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 17” x 3.5” x 2”
Material Wood

A Better Under-Bed Solution

Underbed bins are a classic storage option for any bedroom, especially since they have high storage capacity for things like blankets or extra clothes yet are easy to keep out of sight. But sometimes, even underneath a bed, they can still be somewhat visible if not covered by a bed skirt, and those typical plastic tubs are not cute. We love this woven basket look for a more style-friendly option that still gives you the same capacity and tucked-away-ness as other underbed bins.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 32” x 17” x 6.5”
Material Hapao rattan over metal frame

Up & Away

Here’s another genius storage solution for small nurseries, or if you just want to get stuff off the ground or free up some shelf or bin space. This hammock makes a great spot for all your little one’s stuffies to pile together and remain visible (no more out of sight, out of mind). This set also comes with a toy chain to hang on the wall, which is perfect for displaying smaller stuffed animals, pacifiers or teethers (or your baby’s impressive Wubbanub collection).

Additional Specs
Dimensions Hammock: 44” x 44” x 62”; Toy chain: 6’ long with 20 moveable hooks
Material Hammock: Mesh fabric; Toy chain: plastic

Best Drawer Organizer

OK, let’s be honest: A drawer organizer isn’t the sexiest purchase. But trust us, you’ll be pumped once you see how it problem-solves your drawers (take that, Marie Kondo!). The easy-to-insert dividers create compartments in whatever size you need to keep small things neatly in place, like tiny bodysuits, pants, baby socks and burp cloths.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 4” tall and expands from 11” to 17” as needed
Material Plastic

Portable Diaper Storage

When it comes to baby’s nursery, efficiency is the name of the game, and this diaper caddy delivers. The basket design is simple, so it matches any decor. And it has a touch-sensitive light built in to the handle so you can see your things at night. Use the caddy to hold diapers, wipes and creams while your baby is little. When your child gets older, remove the modular divider to turn it into a toy basket.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 15” x 9.5” x 8.5”
Material Polyester

Stylish Baskets

For a sophisticated approach to storage, try these 100% cotton baskets from Lorena Canals. They’re great for tucking way clothing, blankets and stuffed animals. Plus, they come in a variety of designs—not as kid-centered as others on the market—so you’re bound to find the one that fits your home’s style.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 12” x 18” x 18”
Material 100% cotton

Dirty Clothes Container

Between messy mealtimes, baby spitups and toddler playtime, young kids generate a lot of dirty clothes. This sturdy hamper keeps the clothes and their smells contained thanks to the lid, and the laminated material of the inner lining makes it a cinch to wipe clean (for when clothes are particularly messy). It folds flat if you ever need to store it, and the simple gray design means it blends in with most nursery decor.

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