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Best Nursery Decor
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Nursery Decor

By Babylist Team
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Best Nursery Decor.
Photo by Petit Pehr
Best Nursery Decor

You bought the crib, the sound machine, the glider and the diaper pail. Now comes the fun part: decking out the nursery with adorable finishing touches.

Check out some of our favorite pieces that can really make your room come to life—oh, and don’t forget the rug.

Textile Art

No boho room is ever complete without some kind of textile gracing the walls. And there’s plenty to choose from at Lorena Canals, like this ABC art, along with coordinating baskets covered in pom poms and tassels.

Adorable Storage

No doubt, babies come with a lot of stuff. Tuck things like blankets, burp cloths or extra diapers away in animal-themed storage bins. With baskets this cute, you won’t mind leaving them out on display.

Fun Artwork

Make a fun statement on your nursery walls with these whimsical prints. These sweet popsicles will add a cute touch to your decor. Plus, it’s offered in a variety of size and framing options, making it a perfect fit for every space.

Soft & Fluffy Pillows

These handmade pillows add a fun and modern touch to your nursery decor and double as a snuggly spot to read books or play together. The pillow insert is removable and the cover can be machine-washed.

Handmade Animals

Looking for an unexpected and playful touch? Mount these charming, hand-stitched felt animals to the wall. We bet that one day you’ll even find your little one whispering secrets into these trusty stuffies’ ears.

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Low-Commitment Decor

You don’t need to hammer any holes or glue wallpaper to make a big impression with your walls. Peel & stick decals are basically error-proof—just stick, adjust and remove as needed. These colorful dots add a bit of lighthearted fun to any walls without damage.

Whimsical Mobile

Good news: You can bring a bit of whimsy into your nursery without having to DIY a single thing. Handcrafted accents like this felted-wool mobile add a heartfelt touch to the room. Choose from various themes like woodland creatures and sweet swans too.

Sweet Wall Hanging

Spread the love and joy you have for your baby onto their walls. This handmade hanging is a reminder for us all to celebrate our abilities to show up and be present. If that’s not the foundation of parenthood, we’re not sure what is.

Alphabet Animals

Take a unique take on alphabet prints with this collection of animal prints from Etsy seller StudioOne16. We love this narwhal and are also partial to the pig and quail prints.

Something Quirky

It’s never too early to teach your kiddo about saving money. But let’s be real: This sculptural piggy bank is more about the way it makes you feel—happy and carefree, like a kid at a summer fair with a fun balloon animal.

A Cozy Rug

A rug can make a design statement in a nursery, as well as provide a comfy spot for tummy time and other play with baby. This rainbow pattern adds muted brightness, but there are other designs available too.

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