Best Gliders of 2018

Best Gliders of 2019

January 1, 2018

Best Gliders of 2019

Best Gliders of 2019
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For centuries, moms have used a rocking chair to soothe babies to sleep. Now the traditional rocker has major competitor: the glider.Best Gliders of 2019

It’s 2 a.m. and you look through bleary eyes at your wee one wedged against you, on the brink of nodding off. Sleep will come soon, but for now there’s you and your baby, warm and cozy, slowly rocking in the deep quiet of night.

For centuries, moms have used a rocking chair to soothe babies to sleep and share special snuggles. These days the traditional rocker has a major competitor: the glider. Instead of rocking in an arc-like of motion, the glider has a fluid back-and-forth slide and requires less effort to keep the momentum going (good for those half-awake nights).

Do you need a glider?

Gliders and rocking chairs are niceties, not necessities. A glider in the nursery is the perfect spot to cuddle, feed and read to your little one. You could certainly curl up on the couch or on a traditional chair too, but you’d miss out on the rhythmic motion, which simulates being in the womb and helps babies settle into sleep.

Which glider is dreamiest depends on your family’s budget, space and decor. To start, take a look at these options that received the highest ratings from Babylist parents.

Comes With an Ottoman


In one word: the ottoman. The Ultramotion’s price includes the glider and gliding ottoman (so nothing messes with your sleepy-time rhythm). It’s a godsend for weary moms who just need to put their feet up. Having an ottoman or footstool makes breastfeeding easier too. Plus, this glider has a solid maple frame that should hold up for years.


This wooden glider might not be as comfortable to snuggle in when your baby grows bigger (versus an oversized, upholstered glider).


“We love it! So comfortable for those late nights and early mornings when he was an infant.” -Denelle

360° Movement

Why We Love It

This chair has built in 360-degree swivel action, so it’s great when you need to reach for the shelf or plug in your phone or turn to talk to another child. And it is oh-so-comfortable and stylish enough to live in your living room not just the nursery

Keep in Mind

Some parents lament that it does not have enough head support so you may need an extra pillow for long nursing sessions or cuddle fests.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It was affordable and more sophisticated-looking than other options” -Hillary

“Very comfortable, small size is great for smaller rooms, and microfiber makes it easy to clean” -Lisa

A Relaxing Recliner

Why We Love It

This modern wingback-style recliner swivels, glides, reclines (hello naptime!), and has a pop-out footrest. Perfect for nurseries where there’s just not enough space for both a chair and an ottoman.

Keep in Mind

It also comes with a lumbar support pillow and a hidden USB charging port, so you can charge your phone or tablet while you feed baby.

Timeless Style


Pottery Barn took the comfy, club chair we’ve been yearning for our whole lives and turned it into a glider. Made from water repellent and fade-resistant fabric, the Merced also swivels.


Given the price, we’d love to see this chair recline. But alas, it doesn’t.


“Love ours. Can’t count the hours logged in this over three kids and two-and-a-half years. So glad we invested in such a great one.” -Caroline

Choosing What’s Right for You

Now that you’ve had a chance to review some of the gliders out there, you probably have in mind what matters most to you when it comes to balancing cost, comfort, quality and style. Obviously, comfort is key when it comes to any nursery chair, but we’d also encourage you to consider how easy the fabric is to clean (yes, there will be spit up and spills).

Also, how will you use it once the baby years are over (they go fast!)? If you’re handing it down, then a classic wooden number is fitting for any nursery, but if you’d like to move it to another room, you’ll want a glider that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or office.

Those are just a few things to take into account as you go shopping for a cozy nesting place for you and your little one.

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