Best Nursery Wall Decals of 2020
Best Nursery Wall Decals
December 3, 2018

Best Nursery Wall Decals

Best Nursery Wall Decals.
Babies grow into children and then teenagers, but wall decals makes it so easy to redecorate.Best Nursery Wall Decals

Temporary decor solutions like wall decals are such a good idea: they make redecorating easy as your kids get older, and they are so attractive.

The thing about babies is that they grow into children and then teenagers, often occupying the same room in the process. That’s why temporary decor solutions like wall decals are such a good idea—you can change up your child’s decor as they get older.

Some parents enjoy going all out, painting custom wall murals or wallpapering. But if you prefer something less committal that you can update quickly and inexpensively, try one of these adorable wall decals. Since they are removable, these decals are also great if you rent your apartment or house. Whether placed above the crib or on a statement wall, these removable accent stickers will make you (and your baby) smile.

Inspired by Nature

Refreshing and modern, these wall decals bring the beauty of the outdoors inside to create a peaceful sanctuary for your baby. Their color palette draws from nature and is perfect for gender-neutral nurseries.

This delightful tree includes tree trunk, branches, leaves, birds, and colorful dots.

Polka Dot Tree Wall Decal


These little trees (about 4” x 3”) come in packs of 24 and are available in 20 colors.

Pine Tree Wall Decal


This unique decal is made of fabric, not vinyl like many of the others. It includes mountains and clouds, and you can get it with or without trees.

Mountain Wall Decals


Great Shapes

If you’re attracted to geometrics and repeat patterns, these could be your cup of tea. The best thing about shape-based wall decals is that you have the option of arranging them any way you like. Group them together, use them sparingly or spread them throughout the whole room.

15 stars are included in one pack. Bonus Tip: If you plan on painting your baby’s nursery a color, try using white wall decals for an inverse effect. It will look like you brought in a professional interior designer!

Star Bright Decals by Crate & Kids


100 small triangles are included in these packs. It’s more tedious to apply many small decals, but you can be more creative with your designs.

Playful Triangle Combo Wall Decal


These crosses are availabe in 20 colors if you want to mix and match.

Cross Wall Decals


Animal Families

Foster a sense of family and fun with animal decals! Depicting cute creatures from the land and sea, these decals will remind your baby that families mean love. They’re also available in a range of colors so you can customize based on your nursery decor.

This decal is printed on fabric, not vinyl. The collection comes with four animals, four mushroms, six plans, and one tree stump to be arranged as you wish.

Woodland Family


This elephant and monkey play well with each other and with most wall colors, too.

Incredible Circus


This mama elephant and her baby is a sweet family scene for any nursery.

Mama and Baby Elephant Wall Decal


On the Go

Kids are endlessly fascinated by planes, trains and automobiles. Decorate their walls with cute flying machines and adorable automobiles, and take their imaginations to new heights.

This intricate cityscape wall decal includes 14 buildings, six feet of road pieces, seven clouds, a sun, a helicopter, seven autos, and five trees.

French Bull City Wall Stickers


This fabric wall decal has six air-going machines, five clouds, two birds, and a sun to help your little one’s imagination take flight.

By Air


What better place to go than space? This 10’ x 8.5’ easy install removable mural is a beautiful addition to any nursery for a future astronaut. The price isn’t pretty, but you could put all of your nursery decor budget into this one piece.

Check out all of Minted’s new kids wall murals for a quick and stunning nursery transformation.

Solar System Wall Mural


You will want to sail away on these paper sailboats.

Paper Sailboat Pattern Wall Decal


The Scary Stuff

Be fearless with your decal choices and decorate your nursery with (OK, not-that-scary) cute monsters, dainty dinos and rainbow robots!

This little guy comes in a variety of colors.

Monster Wall Decals


These fun little robots will inspire your budding engineer.

Robot Wall Decals


Everyone loves a dinosaur. This set comes with 14 different dinos!

Dinosaur Wall Decal



How can you resist? These delectable decals will sweeten up any nursery.

It’s ice cream and popsicles all day long with this set of 50 delectable desserts in six optional colors.

Ice Cream Wall Decal


Ice cream goes pop art with these two larger-than-life cones.

Ice Cream Cones


Applying Decals

Once you’ve decided on a wall decal, it’s a good idea to watch a tutorial to learn how to apply them bubble-free. Many decals can be repositioned slightly, so if you make a mistake, you’ll likely be able to fix it.

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