Baby Boy Nursery Ideas & Guide
Baby Boy Nursery: The Essential Guide
April 24, 2018

Baby Boy Nursery: The Essential Guide

 Baby Boy Nursery: The Essential Guide.
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Everything you need to furnish and decorate your baby boy's room. Get baby room ideas, must-have baby furniture, and see what crib bedding you need.  Baby Boy Nursery: The Essential Guide

Preparing your home for your little one’s arrival can feel like a daunting task without a little help along the way. This nursery checklist tailored specifically to baby boys will help you get off to a great start.

Here are a few of our favorite picks including the key items to add to your baby registry to ensure sweet slumber for your baby boy.


Babyletto ups the crib game by making their cribs from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Choose a crib that will grow with your baby through all his stages: from newborn to toddler. The Lolly Convertible Crib is a favorite for its clean lines and sophisticated approach to a baby bed.

Chairs have come a long way since the hard-backed wooden rockers of yesteryear. Find a glider that suits your style and can sway with the gentlest motion—and that would look as good in the living room as it would in the nursery, like this upholstered armchair from Delta Children.

A great bookcase needs to be versatile enough to change with your child’s interests, while being slick enough to last through the teenage years. A cube-style bookcase has the perfect dimensions for corralling everything from baby books to toy trucks.

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Changing tables can take up lots of space in a nursery. Choose a dual-purpose table to give baby a little more play space. The Emerson Dresser has a removable topper so it’ll last longer than the diaper stage (which does eventually end!).

Your little guy may let out the occasional squirt during diapering, so why bother with endless cover changes? The beauty of this Skip Hop pad is that it simply wipes clean—one less thing you need to worry about laundering.

Your baby’s sleep habits will change quicker than you can say, “Night, night!” Pick a two-sided mattress like this one from Lullaby Earth, which had a hard side for baby on his back and a softer side once he’s rolling over like a big boy. Weighing in at just 7 pounds, it’s also a cinch to change the sheets.

Linens & Bedding

For bedding that works all year long, opt for pure cotton styles that wash easily and are super soft, like this airplane-adorned cotton muslin one. It’s never too early to plant the seed for future explorers!

Find a crib skirt in a neutral print and palette that will look great alongside any bedding since you won’t wash it nearly as often as sheets and blankets. A simple gray stripe coordinates with everything from polka dots to dinosaurs.

Your baby’s first quilt isn’t something he’ll initially cuddle under, but something he’ll cuddle on. The more colorful the better, especially for tummy time. This one is a total dino-score.

The right nursery rug doubles as a play surface later on, so choose one that’s washable and super plush. This Lorena Canals Cloud rug creates a cozy, dreamy atmosphere.

Comfort & Safety

Raising a good sleeper is one part effort and one part luck. But if you want luck on your side, invest in a quality sound machine that you can set and forget. Choose from six soothing sounds with the Homedics SoundSpa, ideal for anytime your babe needs to unwind.

The humble humidifier does so much in a nursery, from keeping baby’s skin supple to helping battle any colds on the horizon. Look for one that’s quiet and under the radar, like the simple design of Crane’s popular drop models.

Your new favorite bingeworthy show isn’t on Netflix once you invest in a video monitor. It’s a great way to keep an eye on how baby goes down to sleep, and if he’s making any sneaky maneuvers as he gets bigger. This one lets you pan around the room, zoom in and even talk to your baby if he needs to hear your voice.

Decor & Accessories

The hands-down classic first baby toy is the rainbow stacker. This one is handcrafted from teething-safe wood and is destined to be an heirloom favorite with your little one’s name carved on the front.

Don’t limit yourself to baby prints and posters to enliven your son’s nursery. Think outside the box with quirky hangings that will grow with them. Who knew a mounted animal head could be so cute?

Mobiles have come a long way, baby. Gone are the cheesy melodies and kitschy designs. You can now suspend a true work of art over your baby while he slumbers like this hand-felted piece that lends a nod to his nautical nature.

Once your little guy starts to grow, he’ll know exactly where the toys are, so find some softer storage that’s hinge-free. We love 3 Sprouts Toy Chests because they’re cute, collapsible and will keep everything contained.

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