How to Create a Nursery You’ll Actually Love
How to Create a Nursery You’ll Actually Love
May 4, 2022

How to Create a Nursery You’ll Actually Love

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How to Create a Nursery You’ll Actually Love.
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How to Create a Nursery You’ll Actually Love

Putting together a nursery can be one of the more fun milestones of preparing for your baby. It can also feel overwhelming if you’ve spent too much time on Instagram and Pinterest, or if your “nursery” looks more like a corner of the bedroom or a cleverly reimagined closet. But you don’t have to be a professional designer to end up with a nursery you really love. We’ve partnered up with Pottery Barn Kids’ design team to share some of their best advice for creating a stylish space for your baby, no matter your style or your budget.

Start with the Basics

While it can be tempting to start with inspiration images to create your nursery, you may unintentionally end up boxing yourself into a style you’ll outgrow. The best way to end up with a space you’ll continue to enjoy is to choose basics you really love and design around them. In general, you’ll need:

  • A place for your baby to sleep
  • A place for changing diapers
  • A place to sit
  • And a place to put things (aka storage)

Bedding and decor can always be changed to update the look and feel of your room (for example, all three of these nurseries use the same crib):

One Crib Three Nurseries

But staple pieces like your baby’s crib or dresser are harder (and more expensive) to swap out. And if you’re not into decorating? You don’t even necessarily need more than the basics. The nursery below added a cool statement feature (bold paint and a wooden cutout of baby’s name), but otherwise? A great crib, a cool pendant lamp and a statement storage basket make the space pop.

Call in Reinforcements

Olive Green PBK Nursery Not everyone has a knack (or the time) for arranging furniture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t still want a nursery that looks nice. Pottery Barn Kids has a free virtual design service that walks you through the process of setting up your nursery from start to finish—with Zoom consults, floor plans, shopping help…the works.

You don’t need to be shopping exclusively from Pottery Barn Kids to take advantage of the virtual design service. Even if you’re just adding curtains to an existing room, they’ll work with whatever elements you have to help you end up with a space you love. Here’s a before and after of a multi-functional nursery space they helped design from start to finish:

PBK Nursery Before and After Image

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Skip the Theme (If You Want To)

Black PBK Nursery

If you fall in love with a particular crib or dresser, it doesn’t mean you have to buy the whole set and turn your baby’s nursery into a midcentury time capsule or an art deco homage to Jay Gatsby (unless you want to. In which case, bring on the gilding!) You can always make mismatched styles—like a modern crib in a rustic or boho nursery—feel cohesive with wall art, plants, a rug, window treatments or even a blanket draped over a chair.

This can be a particularly helpful reminder when you’re working with creative real estate, like a reimagined closet or even section of your own bedroom. Your baby’s space can simply be an extension of your own style, filled with things you love to look at (like a cool patterned rug or a whimsical wallpaper mural).

Pottery Barn Kids Floral Wallpaper Nursery

Think Beyond Baby

Newborns only stay newborns for a little while. So when you’re selecting nursery decor, think about how your baby will interact with their room once they are big enough to crawl or walk around.

The Pottery Barn Kids design team recommends avoiding putting any tchotchkes or decorative elements within (tiny) arm’s reach of your changing table or crib, because once those little hands learn how to grip, they grab everything. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to put things your baby will want to reach at an appropriate height for them. Creative storage, like these wall-mounted bookshelves make it easy for toddlers to access books and toys without needing to ask for your help.

Rainbow Pottery Barn Kids Nursery

It also helps to think about what furniture your little one will need in a year or two when they outgrow their infant essentials. Grow-with-me furniture like Pottery Barn Kids’ convertible changing tables (the topper is removable) and multi-stage cribs will save you from buying extra furniture later.

And when you think beyond baby, don’t forget about yourself too. Is your nursery an enjoyable space for you to be in? Midnight feedings and extended bedtimes are much more enjoyable with a comfy spot to call your own. Think: a comfy power recliner with a built-in USB hub so you can catch up on your favorite shows during marathon feeding sessions and be just as comfy as your baby.

Pottery Barn Kids Nursery with Recliner

Not sure how to start with your baby’s nursery? Pottery Barn Kids’ design team can help you figure out which pieces work best for you, and then help you put them together. Head to Pottery Barn Kids to get inspired, then explore their modern nursery furniture, along with all the classic baby bedroom staples.

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