Working at Babylist

Whether it's hopping on the phone with a user or solving a technical challenge, everyone at Babylist is an A-player. We work smart and get hard things done every day. We strive to learn from and support one another in this journey. We're authentic and passionate, and we work at a sustainable pace for long-term growth.

We are an equal opportunity employer and highly value diversity and inclusion.

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Perks & Benefits

Health & Wellness

Competitive health benefits, including vision and dental.

Parental Leave

We offer a flexible, 12-week paid parental leave policy.

Awesome Co-workers

Our team are A-players who punch above their weight.

Happier Weekends

We work at a sustainable pace. In general we don’t work late or on weekends, and most employees WFH every Wednesday.

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We're located in Oakland, California. Just three blocks from the 12th Street BART station.