6 Best Baby and Toddler Socks of 2020
Best Baby Socks
May 31, 2019

Best Baby Socks

Best Baby Socks .
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Babylist is the baby registry that lets you add any item from any store including the best baby socks for girls and boys. Short and long, animal print or frilly/with flowers, these are the perfect socks to keep your newborn's feet warm.Best Baby Socks

There’s just something about those tiny toes on baby feet. You want to count them, play “This Little Piggy” and tickle them too. But whether you have a newborn or a toddler, you know that keeping your little one’s feet cozy, comfortable and covered is key.

And when it comes to baby socks, the universal rule of socks applies: they will mysteriously disappear, no matter how many you buy. So our advice? Buy in bulk, so you always have a stash of baby socks handy. Pro tip from moms who’ve been there, done that: buy one color in bulk, that way you never have to worry about mismatched pairs.

What does “in bulk” mean when it comes to baby socks? As a parent to young kids, you’ll be doing multiple loads of laundry a week (trust!), so there’s no reason to go overboard. But you can’t go wrong with a solid dozen pairs—that way you’ll always have a few clean pairs handy even if you fall behind on the wash (it’ll happen!).

Keep in mind, too, that different ages and stages require different kinds of socks.

  • Infants: Soft, cotton and cozy are key, with enough elasticity to keep them in place on tiny baby feet.
  • New walkers: Socks with a bit of grip are probably a good bet to stabilize your adventurous babe, since they’ll be toddling sans shoes a lot.
  • Toddlers and beyond: Their socks will have to actually go into shoes, so consider length, fit and thickness, so the transition to shoes will be a comfortable one.

For Colorful Tootsies

Primary’s basic baby socks are super comfortable, and very practical, sold in three packs in solid colors like bold blue, black and gray. Available in non-skid light knit quarter socks, or in a soft knit rollover cuff style, they’re made of Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton and spandex.

Additional Specs
Size Range 6-12M to 12-24M

Fun Patterns

They’re a bit pricier than your average baby socks, but Trumpette’s socks for babies and toddlers are carefully crafted to stay put—and look cute—on little feet. Made of cotton with a good dose of spandex, they are soft and structured, with grippy feet built in. Plus, they have lots of cute styles to choose from, like the adorable Little Adventurer six-pack, featuring black-and-white critters in a unisex style. Or pick up their Perfect Dozen, a pair for every month of baby’s first year—which makes an adorable shower gift too.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-12M or 12-24M

An Organic Option

For baby basics that are parent-approved, look to BabySoy. Their organic cotton baby socks—infused with soy and nylon—are cute, and at $4 a pair it’s easy to stock up. They’re designed to stay on without leaving marks on little legs and are available in eight different colors, so there’s a pair to match any outfit baby will wear. They also have a non-organic version.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-6M or 6-12M

Stock Up

If stocking up in a single color is your low-maintenance baby style (no mismatches for the win!), then Carter’s has your baby feet covered. This six-pack of white cotton baby socks (with a touch of nylon and polyester so they’ll stay put!) offers comfort and simplicity, no muss, no fuss. Buy two packs, and you’re all set.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-3M to 12-24M

A Peaceful Pick

Cute, colorful and convenient, Robeez offers up its cotton socks for baby and toddler in charmingly themed packs of three and six. They also have the basics down in sets of solids and stripes. Gripper feet will keep little ones stable.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-6M to 6-12M

A Sock for Every Day

It’s never too early to learn your days of the week, right? These super-adorable socks from Old Navy will have your tiny tot memorizing them in no time (or not). A seven pack in colorful stripes, this one will have you covered for the whole week. Made of cotton infused with spandex, they come complete with grippy bottoms.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-3M to 4/5T
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