4 Best Babywearing Shirts of 2022
Best Babywearing Shirts
January 7, 2022

Best Babywearing Shirts

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Best Babywearing Shirts.
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Keep that snuggle going strong with the four best babywearing shirts.Best Babywearing Shirts

The first few months of your baby’s life, commonly referred to as the fourth trimester, is often when they crave the most closeness. And who can blame them? The outside world is a pretty big departure from what they’re used to in the womb and takes a little (well, a lot!) of getting used to.

Babywearing shirts are a unique way to keep your baby close during this especially needy time. Stretchy and fitted, these shirts have a womb-like pouch built right in, making it easy to do skin-to-skin contact with your little one. There’s zero learning curve (unlike with many baby wraps, which do take some practice) and kangaroo care has shown incredible health benefits for both preemies and full-term babies alike.

A few things to note about babywearing shirts. They’re designed specifically for newborns, so you won’t be able to use one for very long. You and your baby will always need to be in an upright position while babywearing. (Some require you to be sitting down, while others allow you to walk around while wearing your little one.) And, just like regular shirts, babywearing shirts come in sizes, so you won’t be able to swap between parents or caregivers unless you wear the same size.

Great for C-sections

You know your favorite leggings—the ones that are soft and stretchy and hug you in all the right places? The Nesting Days carrier is just like that except it’s a babywearing shirt. The shirt crisscrosses over your baby and the “skirt” section, a stretchy tube of fabric attached to the bottom of the tank, can be left down or pulled up around you and your baby for extra binding. For those post c-section, folding the skirt under your tummy can offer extra support to your abdominal muscles.

This carrier is intended to be worn as a shirt for maximum skin-to-skin benefits, but you can also layer it on top of other clothing depending on the climate and your desired level of coverage. It’s available in both women’s and men’s styles and sizes.

From Bump to Baby

This babywearing shirt does double duty. It works as a maternity shirt during the second and third trimesters (it helps provide extra comfort and support) then converts to a t-shirt wrap once baby arrives. It’s soft and stretchy and really easy to get on, and works for babies up to almost 20 pounds. It’s also nursing-friendly.

The Bump & Beyond is available in both regular and plus sizes.

Approved for Preemies

You may get some funny looks while wearing this shirt, but that’s only until everyone realizes the big lump under your shirt is actually your baby. This crossover-style top is made from extra-soft fabric and has enough structure and compression to keep your baby solidly seated right next to your skin. It’s the only skin-to-skin carrier that also adheres to sling/carrier standards and is approved for use in the NICU with preterm infants and twins while seated. It works up until your baby is about 20 pounds.

Note that some parents say the sizing runs a bit on the small size.

Easy Nursing

Also a nursing tank, the Lalabu has a pouch on the outside that lets you simply slip your little one into it like a kangaroo. An extra length of fabric at the top acts as an adjustable head support and an extender for when your baby starts growing taller. Later, you can still wear it as a nursing tank.

Keep in mind that the Lalabu is a full tank top with a mesh panel between your belly and the baby. That means you won’t get the same skin-to-skin contact with this choice as you would with others. Also, this is not a hands-free option—you’ll need to keep one hand on your baby at all times.

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