4 Best Babywearing shirts of 2020
Best Babywearing Shirts
January 1, 2019

Best Babywearing Shirts

Best Babywearing Shirts .
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Keep that snuggle going strong with the four best babywearing shirts.Best Babywearing Shirts

Babies and parents alike crave closeness during the newborn months, often referred to as the “fourth trimester.” To keep that snuggle going strong even when you have things to do, the babywearing shirt creates a womb-like space for your little one to stay curled up next to you.

Stretchy and fitted, these shirts are tops you put on and then tuck your baby inside. The benefits? Skin-to-skin contact with your little one, and there’s zero learning curve to wearing them (unlike the often complicated steps of baby wraps).

So-called “kangaroo care” has shown incredible health benefits for preemies and full-term babies. Make sure that when you do wear your baby in a shirt or in a carrier that they are in an upright position.

Note though that your child will quickly outgrow a babywearing shirt. They are designed for newborns, and unlike carriers that accommodate bigger babies and toddlers, the only position your baby can be in is belly-to-belly with you.

Babywearing shirts do come sized too. So there’s no swapping with another caregiver unless you have the same proportions.

Great for C-sections

Why We Love It

You know your favorite yoga pants—the ones that are soft and stretchy and hug you in all the right places? The Nesting Days Newborn Carrier is just like that except it’s a nursing tank.

The shirt crisscrosses over your baby and the “skirt” section—a stretchy tube of fabric attached to the bottom of the tank—can be left down to wear as a skirt or pulled up around you and your baby for extra binding. For those post c-section, folding the skirt under your tummy can offer extra support to your abdominal muscles.

Keep in Mind

This baby carrier is intended to be worn as a shirt for maximum skin-to-skin benefits, but you can also layer it on top of other clothing depending on the climate and your desired level of coverage.

What Babylist Parents Say

“The Nesting Days is easy to use, and it looks great when I’m out. It’s easy to throw into diaper bag and my baby likes it.” -Katie L.

Additional Specs
Weight limits: 8-18 lbs

Easy Nursing


Also a nursing tank, the Lalabu has a pouch on the outside that lets you simply slip your little one into it like a kangaroo. An extra length of fabric at the top acts as an adjustable head support and an extender for when your bean starts growing taller. Later, you can still wear it as a nursing tank.


The Lalabu is a full tank top with a mesh panel between your belly and the baby. That means you won’t get the same skin-to-skin contact with this choice as you would with others. Also, this is not a hands-free option—you must keep one hand on your baby at all times.


“The Lalabu kept my baby cozy, and since I was wearing him, it deterred strangers from touching him (since I literally had him in my shirt!). It was very comfortable and versatile.” -Jana R.


Weight limits: 7-15 lbs.

Most Supportive


Ok, real talk: When you sport this babywearing shirt, people are going to look at you a little funny. But only until they see those funky lumps on your torso belong to an adorable baby. This cute crossover-style top comes in short and three-quarter sleeves, and has enough structure and compression to keep your baby solidly seated next to your naked skin.

First, you place your baby’s legs in an interior pocket on the inside shirt panel. Then, both sides of the shirt wrap around you and your child, and a padded waist belt keeps your baby propped up. The stretchy neckline can be pulled up to support your child’s head and neck too. You can go about your business worry-free with this multi-layered system wrapped around your baby.


Moms report that the sizing of this babywearing shirt runs small.


“I love this for the zero to three month stage. I wore it daily, especially on walks and in public.” - Jaimelyn


Weight limits: Up to 25 lbs.

Style Find


The truth is, most of the these babywearing tops don’t look good without a baby inside them. But the Kangaroo T-shirt is different. The geisha-inspired top comes in vivid hues with a choice of a short or long sleeves. Simply slip your newborn into the t-shirt to wear skin-to-skin. Later, you’ll be happy to just wear it as a nursing top too. And for sultry summer nights, Vija also carries a sexy halter style tank too.


You want to make sure that the size you get fits snug.


“It was very comfy to wear and made any time cuddle time with him.” - Kam


Weight limits: Up to 15 lbs.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Using a babywearing shirt means you get to nest with your mini-me and do something else too. And it’s nearly as easy as slipping on a tee. Determining which shirt to purchase really comes down to finding the right mix of skin-to-skin contact, support and style for you.

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