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The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Parents
March 1, 2024

The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Parents

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The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Parents.
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The Best Baby Carriers For Plus Size Parents

As the months ticked by in my plus-size pregnancy, I imagined my new life with baby; tiny fingers and toes, sweet newborn baby smell, snuggling my infant to my chest in that one trendy baby carrier that all the celebrities had. Enter the record scratch of reality that is a tiny, screaming person, and I had no choice but to acclimate to the more pressing demands of parenting. Oh, and that trendy baby carrier I envisioned myself wearing as I strolled through the park? It was gifted to me at my baby shower, and when I put it on, I realized the waist strap wouldn’t clip closed.

I was determined to find a way to wear my baby that wasn’t affected by my ever-fluctuating jeans size, so I found a local babywearing group and marched to a meeting. Through their baby carrier lending library, I found several carriers I loved, a few of which you’ll find listed below.

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Plus Size Baby Carriers

How We Chose Our Best Plus Size Baby Carriers

We combed through reviews, spoke with real-life plus size and midsize parents and sought expert advice from Laura Brown, Doula, Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and founder of Babywearing LA, to share our favorites.

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Plus Size Baby Carriers

Best Plus Size Soft Structured Carrier

While Tula’s ridiculously cute patterns like Whale Watch and Crocodile Smile are reason enough to vote for this carrier, the Explore Mesh is a consistent plus size parent favorite for carrying from newborn to toddler. This carrier comfortably fits up to a size 4XL, pants size 24 or a 57-inch waist. If you’re over a size 24, you can add a complementary extender to your cart, or if you find yourself needing one later, you can purchase it separately for $10. Tula also offers a free virtual fit check, and the inclusive photography on their website shows happy parents and caregivers of all sizes. When I tested this carrier, I found that the wide waist belt and extra padded shoulder straps helped it feel like baby’s weight was evenly distributed—and the many customizable adjustments and snaps were ideal for getting the right fit for people with large chests. Parents also love the breathable mesh panel and hood, making warm weather a little more comfortable for baby.

Another soft structured carrier that earns rave reviews for mid-sized and plus size parents is the Ergobaby Omni Breeze, with a waist strap that extends up to 57 inches.

Best Plus Size Wrap Carriers

While a wrap can seem intimidating at first, with plenty of practice, many parents find it to be the most comfortable fit for keeping your newborn close. Babylist employees were tied between the Solly Baby Wrap Carrier and the Moby Classic Wrap. While both offer a one-size “universal fit,” the Solly Baby is around 16.5 feet long and the Moby is 18 feet long. The Solly Baby is a modal fabric, while the Moby is a stretchy cotton jersey. Wrap carriers are best for the first nine to 12 months of baby’s life, with the Solly supporting baby from eight to 25 pounds, and the Moby supporting baby from eight to 33 pounds.

Amber, a customer support shift lead here at Babylist and a plus size mom, said “I especially loved wraps because I felt it was more customizable in regards to sizing. Solly was so lightweight and great for the warmer months, and the Moby was thicker material which worked perfectly for the colder temps.”

Stormie, a visual designer at Babylist and a midsize mom, said, “When my baby was small, my favorite carrier was a Solly wrap—so soft, comfortable and just long enough (no super long tails of fabric once tied).”

Best Plus Size Ring Sling Carrier

Ring slings have an admitted learning curve, but with helpful tools like tutorials, virtual fit checks and social communities, it’s a favorite choice among many babywearers for babies eight to 35 pounds. The plus-size-founded brand Hope&Plum offers four different lengths of their gorgeous ring slings, from short (74 inches) all the way to extra long (100 inches) depending on how much “tail” you prefer to hang down. (Tip: several plus size wearers suggest trying 84 inches if you’re not sure).

“The two-way stretch makes it so much easier to put on than other stretchy wraps. At a size 24/26 I can easily tie this in front with the long length,” said reviewer Suzanne on the Hope&Plum website. People are fond of the hemp/cotton blend, with its soft, supple texture and impressive strength, and it’s worth noting that Hope&Plum carriers are ethically made by work-at-home mothers.

Best Plus Size Carriers for Limited Mobility

While mobility limitations are certainly not a size-based concern, U.S.-made Kinderpack carriers receive well-deserved applause for their heavily padded straps and choice of two waist sizes: Standard Size, which fits size 0-22 and up to 60 inches (the largest waist strap we found), and Plus Size, for size 18 and up.

The Beco Gemini (up to 57 inches), which has the option to wear the straps as either an “H” or “X” pattern, offers extra back support for babywearing parents. “My husband had shoulder surgery, so for him, a crossable shoulder strap is a must so he doesn’t have to lift his arms behind him,” said Laura Brown, founder of Babywearing LA.

Best Affordable Plus Size Soft Structured Carrier

This carrier offers ergonomic support for baby (it’s certified hip healthy) with three carry positions: newborn, front-inward and back. An infant insert for babies from 7 pounds and up is included, and users love that it’s 100% cotton. Even at its full price, the Boba carrier costs considerably less than most plus-friendly soft structured carriers. Users of all shapes and sizes also love their wraps.

One reviewer said “My husband and I both fall into the tall and plus size category and are very comfortable using it. I was so worried with having a large chest that my son would get ‘smothered’ while front carrying, but that is not the case.”

Another reviewer said, “The straps are comfortable and there isn’t significant strain on my back. This product is truly plus size friendly (even for women with significant bosoms).”

What to Look For in a Plus Size Baby Carrier

Just like parenthood, baby carriers aren’t one size fits all, so when you’re shopping for a baby carrier, it’s important to consider all the factors that matter to you. For plus size baby wearing, “it’s not just the waist [size]. The waist is where I’d start, but that isn’t the only factor you’re looking for,” says Brown. “If you’re broad shouldered, or have a larger chest, these affect how a carrier fits, as well as the size of a baby. A newborn isn’t going to take up so much size and space as a one year old is.”

Almost all baby carrier brands now offer some form of tutorial or fit check through their websites, and if you have a local Babywearing group, connect with them to try on carriers to test the fit in person.

Almost nine years later since my first pregnancy, the pregnancy, parenthood and gear space has changed to become more body-diverse and size-inclusive, though as with every space, there’s room for improvement. According to Brown, “Carriers empower you to be the best parent you can be. Babywearing can help you go to the grocery store or it can help you bond with your baby. A carrier can help you fit such a wide variety of needs.” And with more brands making baby carriers that are inclusive to parents of all sizes, safely and comfortably carrying your baby is right in arm’s reach.

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