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scent: Calming Lavender

size: 34 oz



What weabout it
Made with soothing essential oils for a calming bath routine.


Perfect for a soothing bedtime routine, this gentle body wash and shampoo is made with natural castile soap and scented with a deliciously calming mix of lavender, vanilla and calendula. It’s mild enough for babies’ delicate skin, but still gets the cleaning job done.

Also perfect for pregnant moms, bigger kids and everyone else in the family. Tip: You can use it for DIY castile soap projects too.

This is an all-natural castile soap, not a “no-tear” formula. Use it with extra care around your baby’s eyes.


  • Hospital recommended
  • Certified to the NOP food standard
  • Non-toxic
  • Formulated by a Nurse Herbalist

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July 3, 2019

This bottle is huge! Baby is 8 months and we still have plenty left. Granted, I don't bathe her everyday yet since it's not recommended at this age (it can dry out their skin). But I don't think I'm even half way done with the bottle.

I also bought the lotion—love it!!! I started out using another brand and eh, I wasn't impressed. But I even use the lotion as my facial moisturizer because I ran out of the one I was using. It's surprisingly moisturizing. I haven't even suffered one breakout since using. Anyway, this is about the body wash. I use the lavender and I feel the scent is perfect, not too strong but still there.