Best Rotating Car Seats of 2023
Best Rotating Car Seats of 2023
January 6, 2023

Best Rotating Car Seats of 2023

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Best Rotating Car Seats of 2023.
Best Rotating Car Seats of 2023

There’s a new kid on the car seat block: the rotating car seat.

Common in Europe for quite some time, swivel car seats—convertible car seats that rotate either 180 or 360 degrees with the push of a button—are now taking the US by storm. And we are so here for it.

What Is a Rotating Car Seat?

Rotating car seats, also called swivel car seats, are convertible car seats that spin on the base from rear-facing to forward-facing with the touch of a button.

A rotating car seat has many of the same features you’d find in a traditional convertible seat, such as the ability to rear- or forward-face, a five-point harness, variable recline positions, a LATCH system and more, with the addition of a swiveling seat.

Why Do You Need a Rotating Car Seat?

If you’re ever tried to wrangle a screaming, squirming child into a rear-facing car seat, you’ll understand pretty quickly why a rotating car seat is such a genius idea.

Swivel car seats make it a whole lot easier to get your baby or toddler into and out of the car. This is especially true when your little one is rear-facing. Rotating car seats swivel to the side and eliminate the awkward reach that’s needed with standard rear-facing seats.

Another huge benefit of a rotating car seat? Safety.

Swivel car seats make it easier to rear-face your child, and when something’s easier, you’re more likely to do it. With a growing body of research that supports riding rear-facing as the safest option for babies and children, a rotating car seat can be a good option to ensure you’re maxing out the rear-facing weight or height limits of your car seat.

When Do You Need a Rotating Car Seat?

Rotating car seats are a type of convertible car seat. A convertible car seat is a seat that can be used with children of various sizes and can change from rear-facing to forward-facing.

Assuming your baby meets the seat’s weight minimum (which most full-term infants and even some preemies do), it’s possible to use a convertible car seat from day one. However, convertible seats aren’t as portable or as light as infant car seats, and they can’t be used with a stroller. Most parents choose to start with an infant seat and transition to a convertible once their little one has reached the seat’s height or weight maximum, usually around one year of age.

Are Rotating Car Seats Worth It?

Choosing a car seat, especially a convertible that’s going to get years of use, can feel overwhelming. There are lots of benefits to a rotating car seat and, like with any item of baby gear, some drawbacks, too. Considering the pros and cons of a swivel car seat can help you decide if this type of seat is worth it for you.

Rotating car seat pros:

  • Ease and convenience. There’s no doubt: it’s easier to get your child into and out of the car with a swiveling car seat than if you’re using a traditional convertible. This can be especially helpful if you have a physical limitation or if a grandparent or older caregiver will be driving your child.
  • Potential for extended rear-facing. Rear-facing your child until they max out of your car seat’s limits is safer, and the ease of a rotating seat means you’re more likely to rear-face for a longer period of time.
  • One and done install. If you’re using a traditional convertible car seat, you’ll need to install it once for rear-facing and then again when it’s time to forward-face. With most rotating car seats, install it once and you’re good to go. (The one caveat here is if you’re using your vehicle’s LATCH to install your seat. In that case, you may need to reinstall the seat using your vehicle’s seat belt once your child hits a certain weight. Be sure to read your seat’s instruction manual carefully to learn the specifics for your car seat.)

Rotating car seat cons:

  • Low rear-facing weight limit. Although rotating car seats make rear-facing easier, they also have a lower rear-facing weight limit than many traditional convertible car seats. That means your child will max out of their swiveling car seat’s rear-facing limits sooner than they would with many other seats.
  • Price. Rotating car seats tend to be more expensive than traditional convertible car seats.
  • Size. The swivel feature means that a rotating car seat may not be able to be placed directly next to another car seat (or another passenger) in some vehicles, which causes a space issue if you need a three-across configuration or simply want a little extra room in your back seat. And some rotating car seats are very large front to back so are not ideal for sedans or smaller vehicles.

Are Rotating Car Seats Safe?

Every car seat sold in the US must meet the same federal safety standards set by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. This includes rotating car seats, so rest assured that if you choose one it meets all required safety regulations.

How We Chose Babylist’s Best Rotating Car Seat Picks

We consulted our own team of Babylist experts and a Child Passenger Safety technician (CPST) to make our best rotating car seat picks so you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Best Affordable Rotating Car Seat

The Scoop
  • Great value
  • Packed with features, easy to install
  • Only rotating seat that can be used from infancy to big kid years
What Our Experts Say

Don’t let the price of the Evenflo Revolve360 car seat make you think you think you’re missing out. This rotating car seat is easy to install, packed with safety features and can be used for 10 years—and is significantly less expensive than other swivel car seats on the market.

The Revolve360 does exactly what its name implies, rotating 360 degrees on its base to make getting your baby or toddler in and out of the car very easy. The all-in-one design means it can be used in three different modes: rear-facing, forward-facing and as a booster seat. (it’s the only rotating car seat on the market with this three-mode functionality.) And you’ll only need to install it once if you use the seatbelt installation method.

A few other features that are worth highlighting about this seat include a no-rethread harness with 14 different positions, four recline options, an anti-rebound bar, several easy-to-use features to ensure you’re getting a safe, secure install and machine washable fabrics.

What’s Worth Considering

You can’t completely rotate the seat when it’s in rear-facing mode unless it’s in the fully reclined position. (The seat still rotates to the side-facing position, so it’s not a huge deal, but we did want to mention it.) It’s also one of the longer rotating car seats front-to-back, so probably isn’t ideal for smaller cars or sedans.

Car seat experts note that it’s tricky to get a good fit with a newborn or smaller baby in the Revolve360. And at 40 pounds, the Revolve360 is on the lower side for its rear-facing weight limit.

What Babylist Parents Say

“This seat is incredible. I no longer dread putting my two-year-old in the car—I actually enjoy it!! Gone are the days of awkwardly contorting my child to get her in her seat. And soon she will be able to get in it on her own and I can just rotate her back to rear-facing. Amazing. This car seat is a NECESSITY if you are doing daily drop-offs and pick-ups. It was so easy to install (I just followed along to the YouTube video and consulted the manual).” -Megan

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Rear-facing: 4-40 lbs, 17-40” tall; forward-facing: 22-65 lbs, 28-49” tall, at least 2 years old; booster: 40-120 lbs, 44-57” tall, at least 4 years old
Weight 29.6 lbs

Best Rotating Car Seat with Style

The Scoop
  • High-end fabrics and beautiful design
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Anti-rebound bar
What Our Experts Say

With an already hugely popular line of infant and convertible car seats under their belt (we’re looking at you, Pipa and Rava), it’s exciting to see parent-favorite brand Nuna jump into the world of rotating car seats. The Revv is a high-end seat that parents are already raving about and is loaded with smart features and lots of safety extras.

It’s stating the obvious here, but the best thing about the Revv is the 360-degree rotation, which can be done one-handed and is pretty foolproof. But what else is there to love? Plenty. Like other Nuna car seats, the Revv is soft, comfortable and made from really high-quality materials. There’s a no-rethread harness (a feature we always appreciate), an anti-rebound bar, a steel frame and energy-absorbing foam. There are also lots of well-thought-out features like magnetic buckle holders to keep straps out of the way when they aren’t in use and a 10-position recline.

The Revv is also one of the narrower swivel car seats on the market, a good thing to note if you’re tight on space in your back seat or need to install multiple car seats.

What’s Worth Considering

The weight limits on the Revv, both in the rear- and forward-facing positions, are the lowest of all the revolving car seats on our list. It’s also a shorter seat. (It has a low top harness height.) It’s likely that many children will grow out of it before they’re ready to move to a booster, meaning you’ll need to buy another convertible car seat. (Especially disappointing considering how expensive the Revv is.)

This seat is the heaviest on our list, weighing in at 32 pounds, so moving it between cars isn’t easy. Car seat techs also note that while installing the seat using your vehicle’s lower anchors (LATCH) is fairly easy, the seat belt install can be quite challenging to get right.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Rear-facing: birth to 2+ years; with vehicle seat belt, 5-40 lbs, with lower anchor belt, 5-30 lbs (43” or less); forward-facing: at least 2 years old; with vehicle belt, 25-40 lbs, with lower anchor belt, 25-30 lbs (43” or less)
Weight 32 lbs

Best Rotating Car Seat with Extra Safety Features

The Scoop
  • Built-in sensor notifies you in unsafe situations
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Lots of added safety features
What Our Experts Say

Cybex was the first car seat manufacturer to bring a swivel car seat from the European market over to the US, making the Sirona S 360 a trendsetting seat we can definitely get behind.

Like the other swivel car seats on our list, this one rotates 360 degrees and makes getting in and out of the car much less stressful. But the rotation isn’t the only innovative feature happening with this seat. The Sirona S has SensorSafe, a technology that’s built into the seat’s chest clip and connects to your smartphone. You’ll get an alert in unsafe situations, like if your little one unbuckles the chest clip or if you accidentally leave your child behind in the car. It’s a really impressive (and easy to use) feature that we wish was available on more car seats.

A few other highlights of this seat include an anti-rebound bar and a load leg for extra safety and stability, 12 recline positions, side impact protection and a pretty straightforward installation process.

What’s Worth Considering

You’ll get a lot of features with this seat, but it’s on the expensive side. Like the Evenflo Revolve360, the Sirona S is long front-to-back, so may not be a good choice for smaller vehicles. Car seat techs also note that the belt path on this car seat is fairly narrow, making installation tough if you’re using your vehicle’s seat belt.

What Babylist Parents Say

“I love this car seat and all the features. I especially enjoy how easy it is to put my baby into the car seat. The safety features are high-tech. I feel like I received the quality I paid for.” -BH

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Rear-facing: 4-50 lbs, 17-49” tall; forward-facing: 22-65 lbs, 28-49” tall
Weight 30.4 lbs

Best Rotating Car Seat for Hot Weather

The Scoop
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Removable inserts for infant positioning
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
What Our Experts Say

The last, but definitely not least, rotating car seat on our list is Baby Jogger’s City Turn. Unlike the other 360-degree swivel car seats on our list, the rotation here is 180 degrees and works only when the seat is in rear-facing mode—but the City Turn is still way easier to wrangle your child into and out of as compared to a traditional convertible car seat.

The fabric on this seat is lightweight and features a moisture-wicking COOLMAX material to help keep your little one cool while riding in the car, so it’s an especially good choice if you live in a warmer climate. The rear- and forward-facing weight limits are on the higher side for a swivel car seat, so you’ll be able to use this seat for quite a while, and there’s a 10-position headrest and six recline positions for extra comfort. There are also several removable inserts to help get just the right fit for a smaller baby.

A few other things worth calling out are the seat’s steel-reinforced frame, energy-absorbing foam and fairly easy installation process. It’s also one of the narrower rotating car seats which is good to note if you’re trying to save space in your back seat.

What’s Worth Considering

As mentioned above, this seat swivels 180 degrees and only when it’s in the rear-facing mode, not when it’s forward-facing. Although not ideal, it’s not a dealbreaker for most parents, as by the time your child is forward-facing it’s generally a lot easier to get them in and out of the car seat, anyway. (And many kids can climb in and out independently by that point.)

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Rear facing: 4-50 lbs; forward-facing: 22-65 lbs, less than 49” tall
Weight 28 lbs
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