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The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Newborn Right Now
Updated on
August 4, 2022

The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Newborn Right Now

By Babylist Team
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The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Newborn Right Now.
The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Newborn Right Now

Every age and stage of parenthood comes with its own unique set of challenges. The newborn phase can be an especially challenging one—but there are certain products that can help.

Figuring out which products make life with a newborn easier and which ones you can skip can sometimes feel like trying to solve a never-ending puzzle. We’re saving you the time (and the money) of figuring things out on your own and instead letting you in on five of our favorite newborn essentials.

Building your registry? Add these items to your list right away. Already making your way through those sleepless nights with your new addition? Toss these into your shopping cart ASAP.

A Fourth Trimester Hero

Why You Need It

Because newborns never like to be put down, and you only have two arms.

Why We Love It

The fourth trimester—those first three months of your baby’s life when they’re adjusting to being residents of the real world instead of the womb—can be a real doozy. Because they’re accustomed to the near-constant motion they experienced in utero, most newborns aren’t big fans of being put down. They love to be rocked, bounced, swayed, shushed and just about anything else that prevents you from getting a single other thing accomplished during your days. (And nights…sorry.)

Babywearing can be a godsend during these challenging weeks—and the Solly wrap is our favorite way to get it done, especially during the first few months of your little one’s life. The Solly boasts two features we think are clutch when it comes to baby carriers: a quick learning curve and a high degree of comfort for both you and your baby.

The wrap is simple to use and you’ll be able to get the hang of it after just a few tries. (These great tutorials can help.) The fabric is ultra soft and forgiving yet also supportive, so it’s comfortable against your baby’s skin while also keeping them snug in the proper babywearing position. And the Solly does a phenomenal job of evenly distributing your newborn’s weight so you can wear them for hours without having to worry about a sore back or shoulders.

A Plan B

Why You Need It

Because sometimes the way you planned to feed your newborn isn’t what your newborn planned.

Why We Love It

Having a newborn is sort of like riding a roller coaster in the dark—you have some idea of what’s ahead but you’re never quite sure what’s around the next turn or when the bottom may drop right out from under you. Feeding is a roller coaster that most new parents ride, so having lots of options at hand is a good way to be prepared for any struggles that may come your way.

Unlike most bottle gift sets that contain different sizes of the same brand of bottle, the Babylist Bottle Box features five of our most popular baby bottles, each from a different brand. It gives you plenty of options to try if you’re struggling with feedings and want to try something different without committing to a full set. (Or want to skip placing random Amazon orders at 3 a.m.)

The Box is great if you are planning to bottle feed, of course, but is also a good add if you’re hoping to breastfeed and want a backup plan in place. Lots of new parents struggle with breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, and having a plan B can take some of the pressure off and give you some peace of mind.

A Sleep Saver

Why You Need It

Because a five-minute nap isn’t really a nap at all.

Why We Love It

It probably goes without saying, but we are big fans of any product that helps newborns (and their parents) safely get more sleep. And while there are seemingly countless types of blankets, wearable swaddles and sleep sacks to choose from, the Swaddle UP consistently ranks as one of our favorites for both babies and their parents.

A swaddle helps your newborn to feel more secure and calms their startle reflex so they can stay asleep longer. (They’re also a much safer option than loose blankets, which are a definite no in your baby’s crib through at least the first year.) We love the Swaddle UP because it’s easy to zip right on—no tricky baby burrito techniques required here. The unique design offers the benefits of a snug swaddle but lets your baby sleep with their arms up, a common sleep position especially among newborns.

We recommend including this swaddle as part of your bedtime routine from day one until your little one starts showing signs of rolling over.

A Soothing Spot

Why You Need It

Because sometimes you’ll actually need to get things done like eating a meal, making a phone call or (gasp) taking a shower.

Why We Love It

The reality of new parent life is that you’re going to be spending the bulk of your time holding your little one. But what if you need to get something done or just need a moment to yourself? Nuna’s Leaf is one of our favorite baby seats to get the job done.

There’s lots to love about this beautifully designed, modern bouncer + swing hybrid, but we think the best features are its natural swaying movement (no batteries required) and that it grows with your newborn well into toddlerhood. Like its name implies, the Leaf gently sways from side to side with one simple push, offering a soothing spot that’s perfect for calming a fussy baby. Once your baby is able to sit up independently, you can lock the seat in place and transform it into a seat that will take you through the toddler years.

The Leaf doesn’t take up a ton of space and is easy to fold away for storage or travel. It’s also super quiet—another feature to love.

A Cry Stopper

Why You Need It

Because you never imagined a tiny person could make so much noise.

Why We Love It

The pacifier is a longtime staple when it comes to newborn essentials. They’ve been soothing crying babies for years, and have even been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS. The Wubbanub offers all of the benefits of a traditional pacifier with two more big pluses: these pacis stay in your little one’s mouth better and are much easier to find.

The Wubbanub (geniusly and safely) combines a Soothie pacifier with a plush animal. More than just cute, the plush helps to weigh down the paci so it stays put better in your little one’s mouth. It also makes it a whole lot easier to find when you’re digging through your diaper bag or when your baby is searching for it at 2 a.m. in their crib.

There are tons of animals to choose from, but we’re partial to this adorable llama that’s exclusive to Babylist.

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