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My Feeding Journey: Sylvie in the Sky
Updated on
September 11, 2023

My Feeding Journey: Sylvie in the Sky

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My Feeding Journey: Sylvie in the Sky.
My Feeding Journey: Sylvie in the Sky

My baby feeding journey for my son and daughter has passed through it all—breastfeeding, pumping, formula and a mix of all of them. Breastfeeding is a part of my motherhood journey that has felt like a blessing and—with my most recent experience with mastitis and abscess when my daughter was born—a curse. But would I do it all over again, two times over, for two years each? Without a doubt, yes.

I see my breastfeeding experiences with both my son and my daughter as part of our circle of life. If we are able to, it’s a sacred, intimate bonding time, and an effective, natural way to build our children’s immune systems. Pumping allowed me to continue to provide my children breastmilk, even after I returned to work, and I’m amazed at the innovation in pumping technology in the last six years (when my eldest kid was born). Formula helped keep my daughter fed and growing when I was so sick with mastitis and allowed my husband to bond earlier with our daughter as he played a bigger feeding role during the newborn phase than he did with our son.

As I’m approaching the sunset of my feeding journey with my daughter (she’s 20 months, and I plan to stop breastfeeding and formula at 2 years, like I did with my son), I’m grateful to have chronicled my feeding story over the years, and am so happy to share some of my favorite feeding products I recommend to every new mom. From the best glass bottles to working mom-approved breast pumps, eco-friendly essentials, and everything in between, I hope these support you throughout your feeding journey too.

Sylvie in the Sky is a story of Sylvie—a dreamer, doer, and bliss seeker—her family of 4, their beach-side home, and a peek into their westside style. From fashion to food to family travel adventures, Sylvie shares her secrets to the best of California living and dreaming. Born in the City of Angels, residing in the City by the Bay, and proud Filipino American, Sylvie is a decorated fashion vet, savvy digital leader, lifelong writer, inspirational voice and a determined mama all around the clock. Follow her on Instagram.

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