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Best Glass Baby Bottles
January 5, 2023

Best Glass Baby Bottles

By Babylist Team
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Best Glass Baby Bottles

If you’re thinking of going green as you put together your baby registry, are worried about overuse or chemical leaching of plastics or simply like the look and feel of a sturdier bottle, then glass baby bottles might be for you.

But are glass bottles any better than plastic ones? And with so many options to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you and for baby? We’re breaking it all down.

Glass vs. Plastic Baby Bottles

There are a lot of baby bottles on the market these days. The bulk of them are made from plastic, but a growing number of brands (and parents) are now embracing the once-retro idea of glass bottles and bringing them back with full force. But why?

The initial concern over plastic baby bottles was because of bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics. Studies have shown that BPA can leach into food or beverages, potentially causing negative health effects. Because of this, the FDA banned BPA from all sippy cups and baby bottles in 2012.

Removing BPA from plastic bottles was a definite step in the right direction. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the jury’s still out on health and safety concerns around plastics, especially in children. Pediatricians now recommend avoiding microwaving beverages in plastic when possible, for example, as well as avoiding placing plastics in the dishwasher. There’s a new study that suggests plastic bottles can shed microplastics when heated in general. If you don’t think you’d be up for handwashing your baby’s bottles, or have concerns around leaching, then glass bottles may be the right choice for you.

What Are the Features of Glass Baby Bottles?

If the idea of giving a baby something made of glass doesn’t sound like the best parenting decision, we get it. But not to worry, because glass baby bottles have some unique features that set them apart from everyday glass and from their plastic counterparts:

  • Ultra durable. Glass bottles are made from tempered glass, a “toughened” type of glass that’s processed in a way that gives it much more strength than normal glass. This means they’ll be able to stand up to being banged around and even dropped. (Phew!)
  • Thermal-shock resistant. This is a fancy way of saying that glass bottles can go from freezing cold to piping hot without breaking. This comes in handy if you’re storing breast milk in your glass bottle in the fridge, for example, and then heating it up before giving it to baby.
  • Easy to clean. Although not the case with all glass bottles, most of the glass options on our list have fewer parts and a more straightforward design than many popular plastic bottles—which means they’re easier to clean. And if you’re not in a hand wash sort of mood, you’ll also be able to toss glass bottles into the dishwasher without the fear of chemical leaching.

Are Glass Baby Bottles Better Than Plastic?

There are pros and cons to both glass and plastic baby bottles. Deciding which type of bottles are right for you is a matter of personal preference.

Glass bottles:

Pros: Glass bottles don’t absorb colors or odors like silicone or plastic bottles sometimes can. Glass bottles can go from cold to hot without breaking and can go into the dishwasher without the fear of chemical leaching. Glass bottles often have fewer parts to clean. Cons: Glass bottles are heavy and harder to hold. They’re more expensive and there are fewer options to choose from.

Plastic bottles:

Pros: There are lots of options if you want plastic bottles. They’re more affordable than glass and are lightweight, won’t break when dropped and are easy to hold. Cons: The jury’s still out on health and safety concerns around plastics in children, especially when heated. Many plastic bottles have a lot of small parts and are time-consuming to clean.

Babylist’s Best Glass Bottles Picks

Best Glass Baby Bottle Bundle

Babies + bottles can be a tricky combination. While not all babies are picky about the bottles they love, many are, and you run the risk of ending up with a whole lot of wasted bottles (and wasted money) if you register for or buy a large gift set of bottles to only find out your baby won’t take them. Make your life a lot easier with this exclusive glass bottle try-it bundle. It features four popular glass bottles (Avent, Chicco, Dr. Brown’s and BIBS) so you can test out a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to see what your family prefers before you go all in.

Additional Specs
Size Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle, 4 oz; Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Bottle, 5 oz; Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottle, 5 oz; BIBS Glass Bottle, 3.7 oz

Best Glass Baby Bottles for Colic

Well-known for the unique venting system in their popular plastic bottles, Dr. Brown’s glass option feature the same anti-colic action parents have come to love. These bottles are designed to aid in digestion and reduce feeding issues like colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The nipple and wide-neck design are perfect for bottle- and breastfed babies, and the heat-resistant glass is built to withstand temperature changes.

Additional Specs
Size 5 oz, 9 oz

Best Affordable Glass Baby Bottles

Don’t let the no-frills look of these glass bottles fool you—they’re well-loved by parents and babies alike, and for good reason. The ergonomic twisted design is easy to hold, and the molded measurement markers let parents and caregivers clearly see how much breast milk or formula is in the bottle. The slow-flow nipples feature micro air vents to prevent collapse, and the tempered glass is safe and sturdy. And you simply cannot beat the price.

Additional Specs
Size 4 oz, 8 oz

Best Glass Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Specially designed for breastfed babies, these glass bottles feature the brand’s NaturalWave Nipple, a soft and flexible silicone nipple that helps babies mimic the same sucking motion they do at the breast when they’re bottle feeding. Another perk: the nipple, collar and cap on these bottles are compatible with Lansinoh plastic bottles, making it easy to switch between the two.

Additional Specs
Size 8 oz

Best Hybrid Glass Baby Bottles

Love the feel and light weight of a plastic bottle but the purity of glass? Meet the Hybrid, a first of its kind. These bottles feature a pure glass inner layer and a plastic outer layer. They’re break-proof and won’t shatter, chip, crack or flake. They also won’t discolor or stain. This set comes with four bottles in two different sizes, three nipples and two pacifiers.

Additional Specs
Size 5 oz, 9 oz

Best Glass Baby Bottle Set

This six-bottle set is perfect if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for glass bottles. It comes with five glass bottles (in two different sizes) and two bottle sleeves. The soft, petal-shaped nipples have a wide, breast-like shape to encourage a natural latch and prevent collapse, and a slow flow that won’t overwhelm baby. Like other glass bottles on our list, these are also thermal-shock resistant, meaning they can transition between hot, cold and everything in between without the risk of breakage. And less parts equals less time cleaning, which always scores major points.

Additional Specs
Size 4 oz, 8 oz

Most Stylish Glass Baby Bottle

With a rainbow of color options to choose from, picking out your favorite is going to be your biggest problem when it comes to these bottles. Known for their modern design and high quality, Lifefactory delivers once again with these durable, medical-grade glass bottles. They’re completely dishwasher safe—no need to remove the silicone sleeve—and can safely transition from freezer to boiling water. It’s easy to mix and match nipples, caps and sleeves and to transition the bottles to sippy cups once your little one is ready.

This set includes two four-ounce bottles, two nine-ounce bottles, two flat caps, two sippy caps, two Stage One nipples (up to three months), two Stage Two nipples (three to six months) and two Stage Three nipples (six months and up). You can also purchase the bottles individually.

Additional Specs
Size 4 oz, 9 oz

Best Glass Bottle with Natural Nipple

Although these bottles will work just as well for exclusively bottle-fed babies, the unique design of the Nuk Simply Glass nipples mimics the flow and shape mom’s breast takes while breastfeeding, making them helpful for babies who are transitioning between the breast and the bottle. The scooped nipple cavity also allows space for baby’s tongue and jaw to move naturally. And the one-piece anti-colic air system helps reduce colic, gas, and spit up

Additional Specs
Size 4 oz, 8 oz

Best Versatile Glass Baby Bottle

If you’re going to invest in glass baby bottles, it’s smart to buy something that goes the distance. These glass bottles transform from a baby bottle to a drinking cup, open feeding cup or storage jar for years of use. They come with a flexible, breast-like nipple and feature a wide opening for easy cleaning.

Additional Specs
Size 5 oz, 9 oz
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