This knot-free wrap feels like wearing your favorite tee.

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier



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Product Details
  • 3 possible positions: front facing in, front facing out, hip carry
  • Easy, three-step configuration
  • Sized for wearer
  • No infant insert necessary

This carrier is ideal for parents who can’t face the usual 10-plus steps required to use a wrap carrier, but still want the snuggly closeness of a wrap. Pared down to three steps that even the sleep-deprived can handle, the Baby K’Tan goes on quickly in three easy steps and comfortably works in up to six different positions. (It does require some practice to master the steps of looping the material into various positions.) It also has a carrying pouch that doubles as a supportive sash for your back.

Like most warps, the K'tan is best for smaller babies. It does not have structured support to carry heavier babies for long periods of time.

Unlike a typical wrap that can be modified to fit all-size wearers, the Baby K’Tan comes in specific sizes. A partner or caregiver whose body size is different from yours won’t be able to share this carrier with you. The carrier size generally corresponds to your fitted (tight) t-shirt size. (See details in specs below.) If you are 5'2" or under it is recommended to choose a smaller size. If you are in between sizes based on the measurements above, it is recommended to choose the smaller size. If you are pregnant, base sizing on your pre-pregnancy size. The carrier is meant to fit snugly!



  • Weight range: 8-35 lbs
  • Age range: 0-3 years (approximately)
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable

Sizes (according to women's top size and men's suit jacket size)

  • Extra Small: fits Women's 0-4, Men's 24-30
  • Small: fits Women's 6-8, Men's 32-38
  • Medium: fits Women's 10-12, Men's 39-42
  • Large: fits Women's 14-16, Men's 43-46
  • Extra Large: fits Women's 18-22, Men's 47-50
User Reviews (53)

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There is so much fabric and I found it difficult to put on, especially with a tiny baby that I had to deal with simultaneously.

So, this took a little practice, but it was totally worth it! There are so many different ways to wear this through various stages, it's super versatile. I loved the feeling of my baby so close to me, and she did as well. She would fall asleep in it each night, and it was surprisingly easy to transfer her to bed without waking her. Wearing thick or loose-fitting clothing with this won't work out, unless you order a larger size. I ordered a XS which is my normal dress size, but I probably could have sized up. Overall, I really enjoyed this product and the literal closeness it gave my daughter and me. It's also fairly compact and easy to take in a diaper bag (unlike the baby bjorn which doesn't pack quite so easily.)

I wanted to like it because it seemed easier than the long wraps but it never worked for us. It wasn't snug enough for my small baby and didn't hold her up high like it should. Also it's sized so my husband couldn't use it. The wraps are actually easy to use and much more adjustable so when she wouldn't stop crying and I was gone my husband could use it too.

The fit was way too small. Go a size up.

My son gets really hot inside the baby K'tan, and using it takes a little bit of practice.

Easy to wear and perfect for new baby who cannot quite fit into ergo carrier. Carrier takes a little practice to get on, but once you get the hang of it, the carrier can easily be put on and taken off without waking a sleeping baby.

We never really felt this design suited us and it never felt comfortable to wear the baby in this carrier. Getting the baby into it wasn't natural for us.

It's complicated to figure out. Baby seemed to be smushed against you, and it's hard to keep the strap from covering baby's head.

The ease of use is fantastic! I used a Hotsling with my first and this sling was 100% easier to take on/off.