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Cold-mist humidifier with built-in nightlight improves air quality in your baby’s room.


Humidifiers add moisture to the air in your home, maintaining ideal air quality when the weather is dry and helping to relieve cough, congestion, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, cold and flu symptoms, and dry lips, skin, and hair. Cool air humidifiers do this safely, without the risk of burns.

This one from French company Babymoov has a beautiful, multifunctional design. As a humidifier, it’s programmable, so you can set your desired humidity and a sensor will automatically shut it off when that level is reached and turn it on again if it starts to dip. The humidity level is displayed and can also be adjusted manually. The mist outlet adjusts 360 degrees and you can set the mist power to suit your needs.

You can also use the Hygro+ as an essential oil diffuser, and lets not forget the nightlight. Choose a peaceful glow in one of seven colors or set it to rotate (you can also turn it off). The Hygro+ runs almost silently, under 25 decibels, using ultrasonic cold-mist technology, with up to 22 hours of run time before you need to change the tank.

Smart touchscreen is backlit so you can make nighttime adjustments, and it will turn off as soon as there’s no further interaction. The tank is easy to clean, basically it just needs to be rinsed and refilled.


  • 10.55” x 9.53” x 13.77”
  • 2.64 qt. capacity tank
  • 22 hours of runtime
  • Runs silently (25 dB)
  • Ultrasonic, cold-mist technology
  • Built-in multi-colored night light
  • Backlit touchscreen
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • 360-degree adjustable mist outlet
  • Polypropylene and ABS plastic
  • Power: AC 220-240 V - 50 60 HZ

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July 26, 2019

I never received mine I’m really upset I purchased six items and I didn’t receive this and it was what I mostly need for my baby . She will be here August 1st I need it ASAP... I’ve sent two emails still no response.

April 2, 2019

I like the sleek look and design - lots of features!!! I can set how much humidity I want in my son’s room and if I want a nightlight, I can choose which color light I want!