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11 Weeks Pregnant
June 7, 2022

11 Weeks Pregnant

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11 Weeks Pregnant.
11 Weeks Pregnant

How Big is Your Baby at 11 Weeks?

Your baby is around 1.6 inches long and weighs .25 ounces. That’s about the size of a LEGO man.

Here’s what else to know when you’re 11 weeks pregnant:

Your Baby’s Development at 11 Weeks

Your baby’s head is about the same size as the rest of their body at this point, but they’ll gradually become more proportioned. Here are some of the highlights of your baby’s development this week.

  • Hair growth: Hair follicles are beginning to form on your baby’s head and body.
  • Fingers and toes: Hands and feet aren’t webbed anymore. Fingers and toes are separate, and little fists are getting ready to open and close. ✊
  • Tooth buds: Believe it or not, your growing baby is starting to get tooth buds under the gums, even though their first tooth won’t make an appearance until about four to seven months after birth.

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


Your Body: 11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

We may sound like a broken record, but if your pregnancy symptoms are still going strong, keep in mind that you’re inching closer to the second trimester, when your symptoms should start to calm down.

  • Morning sickness: You may still feel nauseous. Those pregnancy hormones are set to even out in the second trimester. Remember, this will pass—and it could be only a matter of a few weeks.
  • Fatigue: Still exhausted? There’s light at the end of the tunnel. In the next week or two, your energy level will likely return to normal. Sit tight—and get as much rest as you need.
  • Frequent urination: Thanks to pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow, you’re probably heading to the bathroom more often these days.
  • Stuffy nose: An increase in estrogen can make nasal passages swell, so you may feel extra sniffly at 11 weeks pregnant.
  • A special appointment: You’re going to have an extra doctor appointment—it’s about time for your 12-week ultrasound. This checks in on how baby is doing in there, confirms baby’s heartbeat and due date and if your body is doing OK with being pregnant. You’ll also get baby’s first photo! Note: You’ll also have the option of having a nuchal translucency scan. (Find out more about that here.)

Top Tip for 11 Weeks Pregnant

If you drink a cup or two of water before your nuchal translucency scan, you’ll get a clearer image.

Your Life at 11 Weeks Pregnant

The first few months of pregnancy can wear you out, but that’s why the little things make such a big difference. These tips will help you feel better and bring balance to your life.

  • Make plans for you: You’ve nearly made it through the first trimester. Soon, all those unpleasant symptoms are likely to improve, and hopefully, disappear altogether. You may even find yourself with extra energy. Think about celebrating the glory of the second trimester—before things get uncomfortable again—and plan some fun activities to look forward to. Beach weekend? Friends’ getaway? Prenatal massage? Make the most of these feel-good months.
  • Helpful hint: Who knew a stuffy nose was actually common during pregnancy? While other early symptoms will get better with time, congestion may stick around for the long haul. If a plugged nose is messing with your sleep, Breathe Right nasal strips can make a big difference. They’ll also come in handy during the third trimester if you start to snore—hey, it happens!
  • Getting physical: As morning sickness improves and your energy comes back, you may be up to exercising. Prenatal yoga is a great way to incorporate gentle movement into your life: prenatal classes are specifically designed to be safe for expectant moms, plus they’re an excuse to meet other moms-to-be, and yoga is good for all sorts of things, like stress relief, better sleep, carpal tunnel and back pain. Most yoga studios offer prenatal options. If you can’t find one near you, search for prenatal yoga videos online.
  • Recipes: If nausea still has you down, don’t despair. The coming weeks most likely will bring relief. In the meantime, spice up your life with ginger, which is used to treat all sorts of tummy troubles. Try these recipes to add a touch of ginger to your drinks, and ginger snaps make a sweet, soothing treat.

Your Pregnancy, Week by Week

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Your 11 Weeks Pregnant Belly

There’s a wide range of you begin to “look pregnant.” It’s typical to start to show between weeks 12 and 16 weeks pregnant for a first-time pregnancy—this is when your uterus starts to grow up and out of the pelvis to accommodate your growing baby. If you’ve been pregnant before, you may already be showing, since your body has stretched before. Bloating is also common at this stage of the game, so even if you don’t have an official 11 week baby bump, you might already have trouble buttoning your jeans.

If you’ve been really nauseated, you might not have gained much weight so far, or even lost a pound or two. But first trimester weight gain is usually only three to four pounds, so that’s usually no biggie.

11 Weeks Baby Bumps from Real Moms







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Partner Tip

Go with her to prenatal appointments and the birthing class. Believe us, you’ll want to know what’s going on with the baby and what you can do to support her during and after childbirth.

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11 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • If you’re interested prenatal yoga, find a local studio with classes that fit your schedule or find some videos online.
  • If you’re looking for a great way to pass the time during these early weeks, consider picking up a few pregnancy books They can answer your biggest questions, and help you de-stress and demystify childbirth and breastfeeding. Here are some of our faves.
  • Get some R&R. Give yourself permission to rest when your energy is low.
  • Make an appointment for a prenatal massage. Even if you have to get it in the second trimester, you’ll have something to look forward to.
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