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22 Weeks Pregnant
November 4, 2022

22 Weeks Pregnant

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22 Weeks Pregnant.
22 Weeks Pregnant

At 22 weeks pregnant, baby is forming facial features, so if you’re starting to see a little family resemblance, you might not be off base. Meanwhile, you may be dealing with symptoms like heartburn, hot flashes and other side effects. Here’s what else you should know about week 22 of pregnancy.

How Many Months Is 22 Weeks Pregnant?

Twenty-two weeks pregnant is five months pregnant, which is part of the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your Baby at 22 Weeks

At this stage, your baby is developing recognizable facial features that will make them look like their parents. They form eyebrows this week, says Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, an ob-gyn and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts. And while the eyelids remain closed, baby’s eyes are moving around behind them. There is also more fat developing on your baby, which means more cheeks to pinch.

How Big is a Baby at 22 Weeks?

At 22 weeks, baby weighs about one pound and is about 11 inches in length. That’s about the size of a classic Game Boy.

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


💛 Congratulations 💛

You are 55% of your way through your pregnancy! There are 126 days til your due date.

Your Body at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

As your belly gets bigger, you may experience something unexpected: your belly button popping out! See what else might be happening this week.

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

More heartburn

You’re likely experiencing increased heartburn, even if you haven’t eaten many of the foods that typically trigger this for you. That’s because, as Dr. Demosthenes explains, hormones are again playing a role.

Increased heart rate

If you sometimes notice your heart is racing, that’s normal, if unpleasant or jarring. This is due to changes in blood volume as your heart works to pump faster and pump blood to the baby, says Dr. Demosthenes.

Hot flashes

These might seem like a symptom you’d associate with menopause but it’s not uncommon to see pregnant women experiencing them at this stage in the game. Dr. Demosthenes explains this is due to hormone production during this time.

“Outtie” belly button

As your uterus continues to expand, it puts pressure on your abdomen. If you have an innie belly button, your belly button may pop outward. It will go back to normal after you give birth.

Bigger feet

Believe it or not, feet can grow during pregnancy. Feet have 26 bones and 33 joints, and since relaxin loosens all the joints, your feet may spread. And extra weight also flattens out the foot. Sturdy footwear may help hold off some spread by giving your arches plenty of support during these tough months when they can use it. And try going up half a size in order to help your feet get comfy.

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Not to Ignore

If you experience any bleeding with your cramps, contact your doctor. Similarly, you’ll want to be wary of persistent pelvic heaviness especially if it’s accompanied by bloody, mucousy or watery discharge. “This could be a sign of the cervix opening too soon—called cervical insufficiency,” says Dr. Demosthenes.

“Risk factors for this include a past history of this, past surgery on the cervix,” she adds. “Care team often routinely looks at the cervix during the 18-22 week ultrasound to look for this too. If this happens, a stitch called a cerclage, may be able to be placed to close the cervix.” If you do experience cramps that are accompanied by any kind of bleeding, you will need to be checked by your provider.

Baby Bumps at 22 Weeks Pregnant

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Commonly Asked Questions About 22 Week Pregnant

It’s time to keep a close eye on your blood pressure and any other strange symptoms. If things feel serious, it could be time to call your doctor.

Should I worry about my blood pressure?

Up to 10% of pregnant people develop some kind of hypertensive disorder (aka high blood pressure) during their pregnancies. Your healthcare provider will monitor your blood pressure at every visit. Why? High blood pressure can lead to preeclampsia, which affects 5-8% of pregnancies and can cause pregnancy complications. Black women are even more likely to develop preeclampsia. With proper screening and care, though, you and baby can be happy and healthy.

What about these other concerning symptoms?

Is this belly pain normal? What about this headache? Should I feel my baby move more? Questions and worries will arise throughout your pregnancy. When they do, take a deep breath, call your doc if it’s urgent (or wait until your next check-up, if it’s not) and give yourself space to pause and breathe.

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Top Tip for 22 Weeks Pregnant

Dr. Demosthenes says the second trimester is the time to enjoy being pregnant.

“This stage of pregnancy is the easiest stage,” says Dr. Demosthenes. “The first trimester symptoms are better and it is before the uterus grows and becomes more uncomfortable. My best tip would be to appreciate every symptom because they mean you are gloriously pregnant.”

Recommended Products for Week 22 of Pregnancy

At this phase of pregnancy, you probably need more support in the form of more comfortable shoes and a belly band. And if you’re worried about stretch marks, well, they’re just a fact of pregnancy life. There are no creams on the market that can actually prevent or reduce them, but it’s worth a shot to keep your skin moisturized and maintain its elasticity. Here’s what we recommend:

22 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Make your gestational diabetes test lab appointment for somewhere between 24 weeks and 28 weeks. (Tip: When scheduling, remember you’ll have to wait more than hour at the lab.)
  • Pick a stroller.
  • Need some laughs? Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife are comedy specials she filmed while pregnant. Both are on Nextflix.
  • Put time on your calendar to relax and unwind. And don’t bail! Treat it as seriously as you would any other appointment.


  • Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, an ob-gyn and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts, the leading remote monitoring platform for managing obstetrics.
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