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22 Weeks Pregnant

May 16, 2019

22 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant
22 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is 11 inches long and weighs 15.7 ounces (almost 1 pound) this week. That’s about the size of a Classic Game Boy.

Your Baby at 22 Weeks

  • Facial features: Your baby’s lips and eyelids are becoming more distinct.
  • Sprouting hair: They’re growing more hair on their head and eyebrows too.
  • Arms and legs: As limbs get stronger and more flexible, your baby will start holding on to their face and umbilical cord in utero.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Week 22

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💛 Congratulations 💛

You are 55% of your way through your pregnancy! There are 126 days til your due date.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 22 Weeks

  • Back pain: Does it seem like lots of pregnant women pose for pictures with their hands on their lower backs? That might be because back pain is really common during pregnancy. Shifts in your center of gravity, weight gain and excess of the pregnancy hormone relaxin all contribute to back pain. The hard stuff: remember to exercise regularly and sit up straight. The nice stuff: try using cold compresses for a few days, followed by a mild heating pad to ease the pain.
  • “Outtie” belly button: As your uterus continues to expand, it puts pressure on your abdomen. If you have an innie belly button, your belly button may pop outward. It will go back to normal after you give birth.
  • Shoes feeling snug? Yep, feet tend to grow during pregnancy. Our feet have 26 bones and 33 joints, and since relaxin loosens all the joints, feet tend to spread a bit. And extra weight also flattens out the foot. Sturdy footwear may help hold off some foot spread by giving your arches plenty of support during these tough months when they can use it.

Is Pregnancy Foot Growth Permanent?

Maybe. Pregnant women’s feet tend to swell, so there’s a chance they’ll go back to their normal size after you give birth. But around 60 to 70 percent of the time, pregnancy foot growth does stick around for the long haul—a sign is that they don’t seem to fluctuate from day to day (or day to night) as they would with swelling.

Either way, you should go up a half to a full size if your shoes are getting too snug while you’re pregnant. Having a properly fitting shoe will be more comfy and reduce risk of foot problems. Look for supportive styles that don’t pinch or constrict. Now’s the time for cute sneakers! And support insoles can help too.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks may be appearing or lengthening as your baby gets bigger—and not just on your belly. Breasts, thighs, hips, butt and arms can earn tiger stripes too. Stretch marks usually go through three phases:

  • They may start out itchy and raised. They may be pink, purple, red, reddish-brown or dark brown, depending on your skin tone. They might feel slightly raised.
  • They get bigger and may become more bold in color.
  • After pregnancy, they tend to fade to closer to your natural skin color, though they may seem silverish, be irregular in length and feel like slightly depressed ripples in the skin.

There’s a ton of products on the market that claim to prevent or reduce stretch marks—and as far as we know, none are actually proven to work. Still, it’s worth a shot to use a cream or oil to keep your skin moisturized and maintain its elasticity. A few of our favorites?

Top Tip for 22 Weeks Pregnant

Pay attention to your body. Sudden swelling of the face or hands and upper abdominal pain are two signs of preeclampsia.

What To Know About Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia Signs Symptoms Treatment header hei6ld

We don’t want to alarm you, but pregnancy can have some complications that are potentially dangerous. Up to 10 percent of pregnant women develop some kind of hypertensive (a.k.a. high blood pressure) disorder during their pregnancies. So let’s take a few minutes to talk about preeclampsia because it affects between 5 to 8 percent of pregnancies. With proper screening and care, mom and baby can be happy and healthy.

What are the preeclampsia symptoms?

  • Blood pressure above 140/90 on two occasions and blood pressure above 160/110 at least once
  • Protein in the urine
  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Swelling in the face or hands (not all women swell)
  • Vision changes, like blurry vision or seeing spots
  • Headaches that don’t go away
  • Vomiting (in the second half of pregnancy)

(This is part of why your doc takes your blood pressure and has you pee every time you come in.)

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, please call your doctor.

What are the preeclampsia risk factors?

Are you…

  • A first-time mom or more than 10 years between pregnancies
  • Carrying multiples
  • Younger than 20 years and older than age 35
  • Obese with a BMI of 30 or greater?

Do you have…

  • A sister or mother who had preeclampsia
  • High blood pressure or kidney disease prior to pregnancy
  • Previous experience with gestational hypertension or preeclampsia?

These are all risk factors, so you should pay especially close attention if you are at risk of developing preeclampsia.

While these are risk factors, no one really knows the exact causes of preeclampsia. But there are some things you can do that may help prevent it.

What are the risks of preeclampsia?

Why are we going on and on about this? It’s serious stuff. For the mom, preeclampsia can lead to severe complications including eclampsia (seizures) or HELLP, which can be life-threatening. For baby, the placenta can stop getting enough blood, which can result in a low birth-weight baby.

So pay close attention to your body. If you think something might be wrong, call your doctor. It’s always better to know for sure. Preeclampsia is treatable, so getting the right care early enough is really important.

Here’s more info from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Your 22 Weeks Pregnant Belly

You’re probably still gaining about a pound per week. At around 20 weeks, the doctor likely started measuring your fundal height—the distance from your pubic bone to the top of the uterus to make sure your uterus is growing at an expected (read: healthy) rate. This week, the fundal height should be around 20 to 24 centimeters.

You may soon notice a dark, vertical line running down the center of your belly. That’s the linea nigra, and it tends to appear around 18 weeks to 24 weeks. Like so many other symptoms, the line is likely due to pregnancy hormones. It’s a totally harmless discoloration that can’t be removed, and it should eventually fade on its own after baby’s born—though it takes longer for some moms than for others.

Baby movement is getting stronger, and you may notice that baby sleeps or stays still while you’re moving around. It’s when you relax that baby tends to want to practice their mixed martial arts moves.

Now that you’re showing, everyone from coworkers to strangers on the street may want to comment on your pregnancy—and even touch your belly. If you’re not into people being hands on, there are a few things you can say to the person reaching out, depending on how sassy you want to be:

  • “My stomach’s been bothering me, so please don’t.”
  • “Can I touch your belly next?”
  • Dodges hand and points elsewhere. “Hey look, a butterfly!”

Partner Tip

Do what you can to help. You can’t make the baby, but you can paint the nursery, install the car seat, give mom a foot rub and make freezer meals. (This should be the tip for every week.)

Baby Bumps at 22 Weeks Pregnant

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Week 22 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Make your gestational diabetes lab appointment for somewhere between 24 weeks and 28 weeks (remember you have to wait more than hour at the lab).
  • Pick a stroller.
  • Need some laughs? Watch the trailer for Allie Wong: Baby Cobra, the comedy special she filmed when seven months pregnant. The whole thing’s on Netflix.
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