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LC De Shay-Evans


About LC

LC De Shay is a genderqueer IBCLC, Doula, and public health analyst specializing in reproductive psychosociology. In addition to practicing in local midwifery and pediatric private clinician groups, LC assistant taught for the UC system lactation program and worked in UC, Providence, and civic hospitals and clinic systems. In the last few years, LC expanded their career work to helping healthcare technology companies of the sexual and family health fields, manage social media & tech content, as well as conduct diversity health impact evaluation. She has over 10 years experience in community advocacy, support group facilitation, and JEDI analysis for reproductive and sexual health research and development. They are currently completing graduate school for global sociology in health development, and working hard to maintain polyglot status (speaking Spanish, German, and French). LC has birthed and breastfed four children, and is a dedicated ecofeminist.



Articles by LC De Shay-Evans