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3 Things to Know About ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula
Updated on
October 18, 2023

3 Things to Know About ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula

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3 Things to Know About ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula.
3 Things to Know About ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula

Regardless of whether you’re planning to combo feed or exclusively formula feed, having some formula on hand before baby’s arrival can save you a lot of time (and late-night online shopping). But reading the back of formula containers can feel like you’re back in chemistry class trying to figure out the difference between all of those ingredients.

Because they’re so heavily regulated, formula recipes don’t change very often. So it was a big deal when ByHeart became the first brand in decades to create an infant formula recipe entirely from scratch, using the latest breast milk science and leaving out many ingredients parents often steer clear of. They’re also the first clinically proven easy-to-digest US infant formula to exclude soy, corn syrup, maltodextrin and palm oil. Here’s everything else you need to know about ByHeart.

What’s ByHeart Formula Made Of?

To develop and validate their new formula recipe, ByHeart ran the largest clinical trial by a new infant formula brand in 25 years, comparing their formula to breast milk to better understand how close they could get to the same benefits. ByHeart is the first US-made infant formula to use organic, grass-fed whole milk. Research shows that whole milk fats play an important role in baby’s brain development and growth (just like those from breast milk). If that sounds familiar, you may notice that a lot of formulas claim to be close to breast milk. But what does that mean? The two most abundant proteins found in breast milk are lactoferrin and alpha-lactalbumin. ByHeart’s patented protein blend not only includes these ingredients, but is the only US-made infant formula that adds alpha-lactalbumin at breast milk levels.

Where Is ByHeart Formula Made?

ByHeart was the first new US infant formula company to become a manufacturer in 15 years and oversees a “farm to formula” manufacturing process—aka ByHeart owns and controls the quality of the entire manufacturing process from end-to-end, creating the formula in small batches to protect the integrity of those healthy whole fats. It’s also the first infant formula (and one of only a few!) to be Clean-Label Project Purity Award-certified, meaning it uses certified-clean ingredients and is free of 400+ contaminants (but ByHeart actually tests for over 700).

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What If My Baby Needs Special Formula?

Like many things when it comes to baby’s wants and needs, there’s often no telling what they’ll like until they try it out. This means you may need to try things like bottles, pacifiers, and yes, sometimes even formulas, Goldilocks-style until you find one that you and baby deem “just right.”

ByHeart is clinically proven for easier digestion, less spit-up, and softer poops, which means the formula could also be a good option for babies with more sensitive stomachs. Sure, some babies do need a special formula. That usually means swapping milk-based formula for one with a different base ingredient, like soy, hydrolyzed proteins or amino acids. But you should chat with your pediatrician before switching to a designated specialized formula, as many babies can thrive with a formula like ByHeart that’s designed with easy digestion in mind.

Whether you’re stocking up for baby or already in the throes of formula comparison shopping, you can learn more about ByHeart and what makes their formula unique. And bonus: it’s now available in Target!

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