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Video Review: A WiFi and Video Monitor That Plays Audio Stories for Baby
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Video Review: A WiFi and Video Monitor That Plays Audio Stories for Baby

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Video Review: A WiFi and Video Monitor That Plays Audio Stories for Baby

There are upsides and downsides to WiFi baby monitors (aka the kind you can view from your phone) and non-WiFi baby monitors (aka the ones that come with their own screen). For example, being able to watch your baby from anywhere? Super handy. Not worrying about needing to keep your phone charged to keep an eye on your baby? Also super handy. But with Motorola’s PIP 1610 HD Connect baby monitor, you get a combo deal. Watch our video review above to see how it combines the best of both worlds.

What the Motorola PIP 1610 HD Connect Baby Monitor Does

The PIP 1610 HD Connect Baby Monitor is an HD WiFi monitor that also comes with its own dedicated parent unit (the portable screen that connects to your video feed). That means while you can keep an eye on your baby even if you’re away from home, you’re also not tethered to your phone when you want to peek in on baby. Here are a few other things that make this monitor special.

  • 24-hour streaming video with no added cost: Some camera devices these days like smart doorbells or home security cameras require you to pay a monthly fee to monitor and stream your video footage. The PIP 1610 HD Connect doesn’t—and your streaming videos will always be right at your fingertips.
  • Room temperature monitoring: A built-in sensor tells you what the room temperature is, so you can keep tabs on baby’s comfort from near or far away; especially handy if you’re curled up on the couch while baby is snuggled up in the crib. See how it works in our video, at the 1:39 mark.
  • Pre-loaded lullabies and stories: Don’t want to buy a separate sound machine? This baby monitor has pre-loaded lullabies, soothing sounds and stories ready to play. Especially helpful for travel, to minimize the things you need to pack to keep baby’s sleep routine on track.
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom: You can control the camera on this monitor from either the parent unit or your smartphone through the Motorola Nursery app, so you can pan, tilt, and zoom for the best view of your baby, as well as listen in and talk to your little one using the two-way talk feature.
  • Secure connection: Motorola equipped their monitor with all the security features to make sure only you and the people you allow can access your baby’s video feed.
  • Infrared night vision: Infrared might sound like it’s meant for spotting rare animals on safari but what it means in the case of this monitor is that it uses heat to give the camera night vision and give you a clear view of baby even in the dark. No safaris required.

Why You’d Want That

You might be the kind of parent who wants to be able to keep an eye on their baby anywhere, whether that’s from the office or while out on date night. You also might be the kind of person who lets their phone hover on 2% battery more than you’d care to admit (parent life is busy!). Also, if you want to watch your baby in two places or think you might grow your family, you can look into the two camera version.

Usually when it comes to baby monitors, you’re stuck choosing between choosing one of those priorities over the other: the flexibility of WiFi connection or the ease of a dedicated parent unit. But this is like the Cronut of baby monitors: you get to have it both ways. Watch our video above to see the Motorola PIP 1610 HD Connect Baby Monitor action and figure out if it’s the right monitor for you.

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