Video Review: Nuna's CUDL 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
Video Review: Nuna’s CUDL Carrier Has Tons of Surprise Details
November 17, 2020

Video Review: Nuna’s CUDL Carrier Has Tons of Surprise Details

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Video Review: Nuna’s CUDL Carrier Has Tons of Surprise Details

Baby carriers are like having a parenting hack in gear form. Your little one gets unlimited snuggles, and you can save your bicep work for when you really need those muscles—like getting your stroller out of the car.

So when Nuna—the gear brand that makes some of the lightest car seats and sleekest strollers around—added a 4-in-1 carrier to the mix, we knew they’d be putting their signature spin on this classic gear staple. Babylist Scout Mallorie tested the Nuna CUDL Carrier in the video review above to see what makes it stand out from the pack.

Four Ways to Carry

Baby carriers often have limited life spans. They’re either designed just for the newborn phase, or if they’re suitable for older babies, can require an infant insert to make them newborn compatible. But the CUDL is a structured carrier that you can use from birth without added inserts, thanks to the innovative (and incredibly user-friendly) zippered booster—which shortens the carrier to make it infant-friendly.

Nuna CUDL Infant Booster GIF

Once your baby is big enough, just unzip the booster and they can ride inward-facing, outward-facing or in backpack mode.


It isn’t always easy to tell what makes one carrier different from another, because so much of it is in the small details—buckles and buttons and zippers (oh my!). But don’t be mistaken. Small details can make a big difference in how easy it is to use your gear.

As Mallorie discovered, one of the big perks of the CUDL is that you fasten the waist belt, shoulder straps and the back buckle before putting your baby inside the carrier. This means that, unlike some other structured carriers, you don’t have to do a one-handed balancing act with your baby to get the carrier securely fastened. And when it comes time to secure your baby once they’re in the carrier? That’s made easier, too, thanks to magnetic buckles that fasten with one hand.

Nuna CUDL Carrier Magnetic Buckles GIF

The CUDL is thoughtfully designed right down to the zippers, which are covered for your baby’s comfort. And they don’t stop there:

  • You get a set of removable organic cotton bibs to catch drool (and the whole carrier is machine washable for bigger messes).
  • There’s a built-in sunshade so you don’t have to worry about remembering a hat on bright days.
  • The CUDL even includes a built-in zipper pocket for you, so you can carry your keys and phone while strolling hands-free.

Nuna’s thoughtful details and sleek design have made their car seats and strollers a favorite with new parents. So it’s no surprise that they’ve packed just as many bonus features into the CUDL carrier. Watch Mallorie’s complete video review to see it in action.

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