Nuna TRIV Stroller Review
The Nuna TRIV Is a Compact Stroller with Full-Size Features
March 30, 2020

The Nuna TRIV Is a Compact Stroller with Full-Size Features

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The Nuna TRIV Is a Compact Stroller with Full-Size Features

There are strollers for just about any lifestyle you can imagine. City living. Off-roading. Travel. Which means there are a lot of really great rugged stroller options and a lot of great lightweight stroller options to choose from. But if you want something that splits the difference—one that packs all the features of a full-size stroller into a more compact size that’s easier on your arms? The Nuna TRIV is it. Babylist Scout Julie took it for a spin in the video above to see what sets it apart from the pack.

What you can’t tell just by looking at it, is that the Nuna TRIV is seven pounds lighter than Nuna’s full-sized MIXX stroller. That’s as much as a small exercise weight (aka if you are going to be lifting your stroller a lot, you’ll notice the difference).

If you watch Julie’s review, you can see in person how easy it is to customize almost anything on the TRIV to your liking, including:

  • Which direction the seat faces (toward you or away from you)
  • How far back your baby reclines
  • The height of the handlebar
  • How far the overhead canopy extends
  • The angle of the footrest
  • Where your baby’s harness straps go

But by far our favorite feature of the TRIV is how easy it is to fold with just one hand—it doesn’t matter if the seat is facing forward, backward or even if you have a car seat adapter attached. The TRIV comes standard with one of their innovative “ring” adapters, so you don’t need to buy anything extra if you’re a current or future Nuna PIPA car seat owner and want to use the TRIV as a travel system. The ring adapter attaches to the stroller without any special tools (just pop it onto the frame), then folds into the stroller in one easy motion using just one hand. Which makes it a great on-the-go option if you need to fold your stroller while also holding your baby.

The TRIV also stands up on its own when folded, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way when you’re at a restaurant or out in other public spaces. And it comes with an included rain cover to keep your baby comfortable and dry on the way there.

Here’s who we think the TRIV would be a good fit for:

  • You’re planning on getting or already have a Nuna PIPA car seat and want a seamless travel system experience.
  • You live in a city and need a stroller that can fold quickly and easily when getting around town (and won’t kill your arms lugging up stairs).
  • You’re a one-and-done shopper and want a stroller that will last from birth to toddlerhood (the TRIV maxes out at 50 lbs, which is the average weight of a seven year old). Bonus points if it’s got the kind of timeless style you’ll still like in seven years.

There’s a reason if you look around, you’ll find nothing but five star reviews for Nuna’s Triv stroller. It has all the things you’d find in a full-size stroller, but in a compact footprint that won’t weigh you down.

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