Video: OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub Review
OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub Review
January 17, 2020

OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub Review

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OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub Review

Bathing your newborn can be a fun bonding experience. It’s sensory. It’s soothing. It’s spa time miniaturized. But it’s not always obvious which bathtub is going to be right for your family. Are you going to use your sink or your tub? Do you have enough space to store a full-size infant tub? And how long can you even use those things for anyway?

The new OXO Tot Splash & Store Bathtub was designed to be the only tub your baby will need for their first 18 months (without the clunkiness of traditional infant tubs). It can be used from day one without an added infant insert and stores flat to save space. Babylist Scout Danni recently tested the Splash & Store tub with her daughter, Northlynn. Here’s what she discovered:

Why We Love It
  • Space-saving: This one-piece tub collapses flat for super compact storage. Hang it from your shower head, curtain rod or anywhere else it fits with the 360-degree swivel hook.
  • Flexible: The standalone tub can be used in your bathtub, on your bathroom or kitchen floor or wherever you will be most comfortable.
  • No added parts: Use from day one without any added infant inserts.
  • Grows with baby: The smart design features two different widths—the narrow end cradles newborns and the wider side is perfect for older babies (up to 18 months).
  • Safety first: A built-in support post prevents your baby from slipping when they kick or splash, so you aren’t constantly repositioning them.
  • Easy-to-clean: With a two-sided drain, the Splash & Store tub empties in just 15 seconds, and can be wiped clean with mild detergent or wet wipes.
Keep in Mind
  • The support post is fixed, so you can’t remove it (which we considered a pro, as it was designed to keep your baby safe. But it might limit movement for older babies).
  • At roughly $60, the price is something to consider. But the one-piece, collapsible design may well be worth it, especially for space-crunched families.

Feeling more eek than ahh about bathtime? OXO Tot has you covered with a helpful Q&A right here.

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