How to Relieve Your Pregnancy Symptoms
28 Ways to Relieve Your Worst Pregnancy Symptoms
September 23, 2019

28 Ways to Relieve Your Worst Pregnancy Symptoms

28 Ways to Relieve Your Worst Pregnancy Symptoms.
28 Ways to Relieve Your Worst Pregnancy Symptoms

We asked Babylist parents what their best “life hacks” were during pregnancy, and their answers were sheer genius. We hope these tips make your pregnancy a little easier. Bringing a new life into the world isn’t always easy, so take care of your body, heart and mind every way you can.

Pregnancy hydration hacks

It’s hard to overstate the importance of staying hydrated during pregnancy: dehydration can cause headaches, nausea, cramps and dizziness and can even contribute to preterm labor in the third trimester. Plus, drinking a ton of water can help reduce pregnancy’s toughest symptoms. We loved the inventive strategies Babylist parents used to stay hydrated:

  • Long straw: “Buy a water bottle with a long straw so you can drink laying down. Staying hydrated eases bloating and constipation.”

  • Camelbak: “I kept a Camelbak water bag next to the bed. I could grab the tube and mouthpiece without sitting up, and was easily able to keep hydrated that way! It works really well for nighttime breastfeeding sessions as well. I chug every time she nurses.”

  • Mocktails: “San Pellegrino sparkling juice soothes a queasy tummy, plus makes a fun mocktail in a wine glass with fruit garnish.”

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