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An Adventure-Ready System That Lets You Roll, Jog, Bike or Chill
Updated on
September 11, 2023

An Adventure-Ready System That Lets You Roll, Jog, Bike or Chill

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An Adventure-Ready System That Lets You Roll, Jog, Bike or Chill

Best known for their cult favorite Cruiser Wagon (it pushes, turns and pivots just like a stroller but pulls just like a wagon), Veer is committed to making it easier to get outdoors with your little one. Which is why they came up with their Switchback Seat, a five-in-one system that can take you from city skylines to shaded woods and beyond. Watch our video review of the Veer Switchback below to see it in action.

What the Veer Switchback System Does

The Switchback system takes the idea of a modular stroller and then ramps it up to a million. So instead of being able to simply turn your baby forward or rear-facing in their stroller, the Switchback seat lets you take your stroller seat and attach to just about any gear that Veer has to offer, so you can bring your baby biking, camping, jogging and more. Here’s how that works:

Veer Stoller

Switch Roll: The Switchback seat is the foundation of the system, and you can bundle it with different frames for max versatility. Let’s start with the &Roll stroller frame—you can use it as a regular stroller starting from birth one of three ways: with an Infant Insert in the Switchback Seat, by connecting your infant car seat to the &Roll frame or with a Switchback Bassinet.

If you decide to add baby number two, the Switch&Roll even converts to a double stroller. With dual adjustable shocks like a mountain bike, oversized never-flat wheels and dual front suspension, the Switch&Roll makes rough terrain easy. It’s also a quick, painless fold—crucial when you’re hot and sweaty from exploring and are ready to rest.


Or, if jogging is more your speed, attach the Switchback Seat to the &Jog frame and you’ve got an ergonomic ultra-terrain jogger. What does that mean for you? It has large, air-filled pneumatic tires, so it’s a super-smooth ride, even on gravel and sand (you can see those tires at the 1:16 mark in our video above).

Veer Custom Content image

The Switch&Jog has built-in shock absorption from the seat, suspension and tires, so bumps along the trail are absorbed, which means less jostling for baby. And a locking front swivel wheel provides extra safety when you’re running.

Just like the &Roll stroller, the &Jog frame has mountain-bike style suspension, which is adaptable depending on what type of terrain you’re running on. There’s also a safety strap and an extra-large basket with zipper pouches for snacks and other essentials.


Once your baby is a year old, you can use the &Bike Mount & Rack to turn your Switchback Seat into a bike seat. With a universal mount and quick release system, you simply click the seat in (and out). Like every other Veer component, it’s also hose washable for when it needs an after-ride rinse.


When it’s time for a seat at the sidelines or the campfire, enter the Switch&Chill. This lets you turn your Switchback seat into a leveled-up kid chair that offers a full recline, and travels conveniently inside the &Roll or &Jog basket for easy access.

The &Chill frame is made of lightweight aluminum and can be used up to 50 pounds (about the weight of an average five- or six-year-old), so it’s safe to say you’ll get several years of use out of this handy portable chair. The &Chill is also hose washable in case, say, you make s’mores, and more sticky marshmallow gets on your kiddo than in them.

Why You’d Want The Veer Switchback System

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love doing—like hitting the trails or the bike path. Veer makes thoughtful, rugged baby gear specifically designed for tough terrain—giving you the freedom to really hit the path less wandered (and yes, you can attach the Switchback seat to the Cruiser Wagon as well).

And while you could buy similar gear separately from different brands, with the Switchback System you get the option to take your baby’s stroller and turn it into a multi-purpose rig ready for biking, strolling, jogging, camping or all of the above—without sacrificing that signature Veer quality.

Watch our full video review of the Veer Switchback Seat; and let us know in the YouTube comments if you have any questions.

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