This wrap creates a snuggly cocoon for newborns and adjusts to fit multiple caregivers.

Moby Wrap



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Product Details
  • 2 possible positions: front facing in, hip carry
  • No infant insert necessary
  • Fits parents of all sizes
  • Can be used with smaller newborns

The Moby Wrap is one, super-long (18' to be exact) piece of stretchy jersey that wraps around you and your baby and encourages the skin-to-skin contact preemies and newborns crave. Little ones cuddle into the comfy pocket created by wrapping the fabric over the wearer’s shoulders and waist. There’s plenty of material to keep the wrap as secure for bigger babies as it is for newborns. But the key advantage of the Moby Wrap is that it adapts to differing body frames so any caregiver can comfortably use it. Also unlike ring slings, which go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap your back and shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby.

Plan on getting lots of practice (and watching videos) to nail down the technique of putting this on, but eventually it comes naturally. Also, because the fabric is so long, the ends drag on the ground in the process of tying it on.

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  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Weight range: 5-35 lbs
  • Age range: 0-3 years (approximately)
User Reviews (23)

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In order to learn how to use the Moby wrap, I would suggest watching a step-by-step YouTube video. Don't be afraid to really firmly strap the baby to you. I stopped using the Moby Wrap after 3-4 months after my son wanted to move around a little more and switched to the Baby Bjorn.

This wrap is very intimidating at first as it's SUPER long and the instructions made my head spin. It ended up staying in the box for a few weeks as I wasn't able to figure out how to use it until I watched how-to's on YouTube. I ended up truly enjoying this but also purchased the Ergo baby as my husband did not feel comfortable wearing a wrap. I am happy that I received this as a gift and will use it again for my next child as it offers a sense of intimacy and closeness to my baby that a more bulky carrier does not. It also is more realistic to wear this around the house (to do laundry, chores, etc.) as opposed to a carrier... The quality of this product is excellent and wraps very tight. I recommend this product to you if you will take the time to learn how to wrap.

It was super soft and comfortable but it was awkward to get on without dragging the ends on the ground, I ended up only using it in the house instead of when we went on walks or grocery shopping, not worth the money.

The wrap is really soft and snuggly, and pretty simple to put on after some practice. However, my little one has always loved to wiggle, and she hated being in this! It was too constricting for her. It is good quality and simple - but may not be liked by every baby.

Easy to use once you figure it out, such a great way to calm an upset baby, not bulky or as hot as other carriers. I've used it a ton, and will continue to. It's great for walks or just being around the house and having your hands free.

It was so nice to have snuggle time with my little one and also be hands free and able to move around. It was the easiest way to go grocery shopping when he was super tiny. It takes a few tries to get it down, but it's well worth the initial effort.

It was great while baby was a newborn, but around three months, it became easier to carry him in the Ergo.

Too difficult to learn with a new baby, and too stretchy. Needs to be stiffer. Don't buy this as a first time parent. You won't figure out how to use like you think you will (pipe dreams people). Get something that is stiffer or buckled. Second time mom? Maybe it is worth trying. Get it used if you get one.

This was great to use when our daughter was first born. Once you learn how to wrap it, it isn't difficult to get it on. Our daughter always seemed comfortable in it and it was comfortable for me to wear as well. TIP: There are lots of youtube videos to help you learn how to wrap the Moby.