15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant

Rebekah Otto

Last Updated: February 7, 2017
15 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is 4” this week. That’s the size of a cassette. Gonna make a baby mixtape?

🎉 Days Until Baby: 175

👶 Your Baby

  • Your baby can move all her joints now and is practicing moving all around.
  • She’s able to sense light, even though her eyes are still closed. How trippy is this? If someone shines a light on your belly, the baby will be move away from the beam.

💪 Your Body

  • Average weight gain is about 5 lbs at this point. If you have significantly more or less than this, your doc may want to talk about it at your next appointment.
  • Your body is making a lot of extra blood. (By the end of your pregnancy you’ll have four extra pounds of it!) This may lead to nosebleeds or swollen gums.
  • Speaking of those gums, it’s really important to take care of your teeth and gums now because pregnancy increases the risk of gum disease, so make flossing a regular habit.

What To Not Eat (Really)

We get so many contradictory recommendations that it’s hard to separate the useful from the useless.

If you’re looking for a pregnancy book, I highly recommend Emily Oster’s Expecting Better. She’s an economist who got pregnant and realized that conventional pregnancy wisdom is based on flawed data, so she wrote a book. What are the major takeaways?

Coffee is okay ☕

Can pregnant women have caffeine? The most conservative recommendations are 200 milligrams of caffeine a day. That’s about two cups of coffee or three shots of espresso, and there’s evidence that even more than that does not increase risk of miscarriage. So don’t hold back on that latte.

So is sushi 🍣

The scary thing about sushi isn’t the raw part, it’s the mercury part. If you regularly go to a sushi place and haven’t gotten sick there, you’re probably good to keep eating there throughout your pregnancy. (Pregnant women aren’t more susceptible to e. Coli and salmonella than the rest of the population.)

But fish has mercury, which is a dangerous heavy metal. Here’s a convenient wallet card about which fish to avoid. It’s useful for pregnancy and early childhood, too.

TLDR: Stick to salmon, shrimp, and domestic crab, and avoid tuna, shark, and big fish.

And how about wine?

Your OB or midwife will almost definitely tell you absolutely no alcohol. That said: there are no studies that say an occasional glass of wine (actually one glass, like 4 oz) has any negative effects on the baby.

The one you haven’t heard of: Listeria

When you read something that tells pregnant women not to eat lox, hot dogs, deli meats, soft cheeses, raw juices, etc. it’s because of listeria. Unlike e. Coli and salmonella, listeria is a food-borne illness that’s riskier for pregnant women. You are more likely to get it when you are pregnant, and you are more likely to have complications from it.

Luckily it is very, very rare. The US has tight food rules, and raw, soft cheeses that are responsible for outbreaks in Europe are illegal here.

So how do you avoid it? Take extra food safety measures to keep yourself safe regardless of which foods you decide to eat: - Practice safe food handling (wash food, and your hands, often) - Clean your fridge and kitchen regularly - Cook things until well-done

I hope this helps cut the clutter.

FUN FACT: Your heart literally grows during pregnancy. It gets about 12% bigger.