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15 Weeks Pregnant
Updated on
September 11, 2023

15 Weeks Pregnant

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15 Weeks Pregnant.
15 Weeks Pregnant

By week 15 of pregnancy, you’re probably riding all the good vibes of the second trimester. That includes a potential boost in your sex drive, although you might also have heartburn and reflux to contend with. The point is: your body is going through all kinds of changes as baby continues to develop and your pregnancy progresses. Here’s what to expect at week 15 of pregnancy.

How Many Months Is 15 Weeks Pregnant?

Fifteen weeks pregnant in months is nearly 3.5 months pregnant, which is part of the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your Baby at 15 Weeks

At 15 weeks, your baby is developing joints, learning how to breathe and their eyes are becoming sensitive to light. Their ears are developing and now they can hear you, so start talking!

How Big is a Baby at 15 Weeks?

Your baby is about 4 to 6.5 inches and weighs 2.5 to 4 ounces. That’s roughly the size of a Ring Pop.

Fun Fact

Your heart literally grows during pregnancy. It gets about 12% bigger.

15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


There are a few big tests that you can have beginning around 15 weeks, and you’ll have some choices to make. You may consider having one or two of these optional tests:

  • Quad screen: This test screens hormones and proteins in your blood to determine the baby’s risk of having a neural tube defect, Down syndrome or other genetic condition. It usually happens between 15 weeks and 20 weeks.
  • Amniocentesis: The amnio is available between 15 weeks and 20 week. This can actually detect neural tube defects, Down syndrome or other genetic conditions with 99% accuracy. It’s more invasive, since amniotic fluid needs to be taken.

Talk over all your test options with your healthcare provider to decide what’s right for your family. Screening is a common place to start. If the results show a higher risk, or if your baby is at higher risk of genetic abnormalities because of family history or another reason, you may opt for a diagnostic test.

15 Weeks Baby Movement

As your babies develop joints, they’re going to start moving around a lot more. “You may feel movement like little bubbles. But you may not,” says Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, an ob-gyn and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts.

Even if you don’t feel much, lots of things are happening. “Imagine the bones and skeleton being more visible. Rehearsals are now in full swing and pretty soon you will start feeling a jab here and there,” says Dr. Tanja Premru-Sršen, Chief Medical Advisor for Bellabeat. “Maybe it will be from an elbow, who knows maybe it will be from a knee. Baby is also now learning how to breathe and practicing how to feast on nutritious breast milk.”

Your Body at 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your body is going through so many changes, perhaps even for the first time, so don’t be surprised if some of these symptoms are a bit wild. Take swollen gums for example. But it’s not all bad news. Many people also feel a little frisky at this point due to an increase in their libidos.

15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During week 15, you can expect swollen gums, and major indigestion. But there’s good news, too. You’ll likely see a boost in your appetite as morning sickness becomes a thing of the past. You’re likely feeling more and more like yourself even as baby starts to move around.

Swollen gums

Your mouth is a site for several strange but common symptoms for many pregnant people in the second trimester.

“This may include swelling or bleeding gums, sores in the mouth, looser teeth, teeth erosion especially if you have had a lot of vomiting. Excessive saliva production,” says Dr. Demosthenes. “This is due to hormone changes.”


You might also begin to experience nosebleeds. That’s because your body’s nasal passages become more sensitive, and can start acting up, Dr. Premru-Sršen says.

“This is not harmful as it is due to an increase in blood volume,” she adds. If you’re stressed about them, contact your doctor.

Gas, indigestion and heartburn

Upset tummies and acid reflux become increasingly common for many parents-to-be at this stage. Dr. Premru-Sršen says the best way to avoid this is to make note of foods that cause this reaction and try to avoid them. If you believe in old wives’ tales, this is also an indication that the baby will be born with a full head of hair.

A boost in libido

Some symptoms are better than others at week 15 of pregnancy, the point at which many people have an increased sex drive.

“After weeks of morning sickness and low energy, mom is now feeling more like herself, is more energetic and wants to get her sexy back in the bedroom,” Dr. Premru-Sršen says.

Increase in appetite

You might be hungrier, too. “Appetite can be affected by pregnancy with morning sickness and not being able to eat or drink certain foods,” she says. “You may be one of the lucky ones if you have no morning sickness and can eat whatever you want without feeling sick afterwards.”

15 Week Baby Bumps from Real Moms










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Pregnancy Symptoms Coming up in Week 16

As week 16 of pregnancy approaches, you might experience acne breakouts or a shortness of breath as your body produces more progesterone, but there are positive side effects as well. This is when you’ll notice that pregnancy glow: dewy skin and bouncy hair.

Commonly Asked Questions About 15 Weeks Pregnant

What’s happening to my baby at this stage?

At this stage, your baby is developing ears and picking up on sounds. Its skeleton is becoming more visible and getting ready to move around. And the skin is still extremely thin but your baby’s eyes are moving into place and looking more and more like your future bundle of joy, Dr. Premru-Sršen says.

What foods should I be avoiding?

Now that you may have your appetite back, it’s good to think about what you’re eating. It’s advised that you should avoid some foods during pregnancy to avoid foodborne illnesses, like listeria. We have guidance here.

Top Tip for 15 Week of Pregnancy

Still experiencing round ligament pain?It’s not harmful to you or your baby but it might be pretty uncomfortable. Gentle stretching can help. Try adding pelvic tilts and cat-cows to your daily routine. A warm Epsom salt soak in the tub may also bring relief.

Recommended Products

New clothes are always a good idea, but especially now as your body changes. Treat yourself with a shopping spree, and don’t forget to include undies that work for your changing body. An essential oils diffuser isn’t a bad idea, either. It turns out aromatherapy can be a great boost during this time.

15 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Clothes getting tight? This is a great time to start buying maternity clothes. You don’t need tons of stuff; instead, create a good maternity capsule wardrobe.
  • Start a project. Channel that second trimester energy into something that brings you joy, like decorating your nursery, learning to knit or cooking.
  • Skip the raw fish, meat, and eggs, but load up on iron-rich staples, like red meat, lentils, and dark, leafy greens.


  • Credit: Prof. Tanja Premru-Sršen, M.D., Ph.D Chief Medical Advisor for Bellabeat
  • Dr. Lauren Demosthenes is an OBGYN and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts, the leading remote monitoring platform for managing obstetrics.

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This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. Babylist may earn compensation from affiliate links in this content. Learn more about how we write Babylist content and review products, as well as the Babylist Health Advisory Board.