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The Best Beauty Products for Tired New Moms (According to Tired New Moms)
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March 4, 2024

The Best Beauty Products for Tired New Moms (According to Tired New Moms)

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The Best Beauty Products for Tired New Moms (According to Tired New Moms).
The Best Beauty Products for Tired New Moms (According to Tired New Moms)

It likely will come as no surprise, but the terms postpartum and feeling like your best self are not ones you’ll hear thrown together very often. That’s because although postpartum can be a magical time, it’s also a challenging one. Lack of sleep, physical recovery and hormone swings are just some of the things many new parents deal with post-birth. It’s common to feel two things at once: extremely grateful for your new life while also missing the person you used to be. (And also tired. Really, really tired.)

If there was ever a time for some self-care, this is it. And while it may seem trivial, something as simple as a quick swipe of lip gloss or a new pair of sunglasses can go a long way in helping you feel less like an exhausted new parent and more like your old self.

We talked to new and seasoned parents about their postpartum go-to’s: the beauty products, skincare and more that helped them make it through those first few months post-baby.

Skin and Haircare

By far the products we heard the most about to help you look a bit less exhausted postpartum? Skincare. If you’re a Sephora enthusiast, a skincare novice or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone on this list of must-haves. And don’t forget your hair, too.

Everyone needs an ice roller, but especially when you’re postpartum. It only takes a few swipes across your face to feel instantly more awake. (And help you forget about the five times you woke up the night before, too.) It can also help reduce puffiness and redness and boost circulation. Parents love this one for its generous size and soft silicone handle.

Multiple folks expressed major love for these self-tanning face drops. “I do two drops with my normal face moisturizer,” says Laura, a mom of a toddler who’s due with her second in a few months. Instead of looking like you got three hours of sleep, you’ll look like you just spent the weekend on the beach. (Almost.)

This brightening eye cream (see a theme here?) is great for diminishing the look of dark circles and dull under eyes, something every postpartum parent knows a little something about. It works on all skin types and is vegan and gluten-free. Just be careful if your skin is sensitive to Vitamin C, as this cream does contain it.

Melasma—darkening of your face during pregnancy—is something a lot of the parents we talked to mentioned. It’s fairly common and often resolves on its own, but some parents reported dark spots that seemed to stick around for months after birth. “Hyperpigmentation made my skin look extra dull and tired,” said Alainna, a mom of a toddler and a newborn. This serum is a favorite for treating this hyperpigmentation and can also help to brighten your skin.

Treat yourself to the gold standard (literally) of eye masks postpartum. These eye patches are infused with 24K gold and can help hydrate the area under your eyes, reduce puffiness and diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Don’t feel like a splurge? Check out Patchology’s FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels, another popular pick at a more affordable price point.

Tired skin often equals dry skin, and sometimes a good dose of moisture is all you need before facing the day to help you feel more refreshed. You can snag this budget-friendly water gel cream at most drugstores or online, and postpartum parents rave about its effectiveness.

“I never thought something so simple as misting my face could help me feel less exhausted,” says Jen, a mom of a tween and a toddler. You’ll be happy to know that it can—and this face mist is a crowd favorite. It’s made from grape water to naturally hydrate and soothe your face any time of day (or night).

Almost 500,000 Amazon reviewers are onto something: this blow-dry brush is pretty incredible. It’s also quick, making it a postpartum staple on days when you actually have the time to wash your hair.

More Postpartum Skin and Hair Favorites

3-in-1 Mini Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Device

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Skyn Iceland 
Face-Lift in-a-Bag

Since you probably don’t have a ton of time to spend at the spa, this at-home facial treatment is a good substitute.
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Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Many postpartum parents experience hair loss. This drug-free treatment may help.
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Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

This facial oil not only smells good, it can help hydrate and protect your skin.
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Many parents we talked to said that even a little bit of makeup made them look—and feel—more rejuvenated during the postpartum period. “I am a big believer in doing a lil’ something to your eyebrows even if you wear no other makeup to look alive!” said Shannon, a mom of one in LA. Don’t worry about TikTok trends; just buy and wear what makes you feel good.

Sun protection + glowing skin? We’ll take that anytime, but especially postpartum when you may be more likely to be outside taking walks with your baby. (And more in need of any extra glow you can get.) This sunscreen is lightweight and is easy to wear on its own or under makeup. It also smells great.

This brow booster is easy to apply and can truly help change the look of a tired face. There are lots of shades to choose from (including clear if you just want something to tame your brows and hold them in place) and it won’t crust or flake.

“All in one” and “quick and easy” are things most new parents are looking for in general, but especially in a beauty routine. Postpartum parents rave about Merit’s Five Minute Morning set, a customizable essentials collection that’s perfect for building light to medium coverage. “The complexion stick is great and the brush is nice. I prefer light/medium dewy coverage so it works for me. And the mascara doesn’t transfer (huge pet peeve),” says Michelle, a mom of one.

A little blush can go a long way. This one is blendable and buildable thanks to the liquid-cream formula. And you don’t need to use a lot, so it should last you a while.

This lip oil continues to sell out for a reason. It’s high shine, easy to wear and super hydrating for dry lips.

More Postpartum Makeup Picks

Shape Tape Full Coverage Concealer

I’ve-been-up-with-my-baby-all-night undereye circles are no match for this full-coverage concealer.
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Haloscope Balm Dewy Highlighter Stick

This highlighting stick is easy to apply and creates a light glow wherever you need it.
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Perk Up Talc-Free Dry Shampoo

Because postpartum + showering don’t always go together.
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Every new parent appreciates doing something for themselves that doesn’t take a ton of time or effort but that makes them feel more like themselves post-baby. That’s what a lot of new parents we spoke to said about accessories: minimal effort, big payoff.

“Sunglasses. Day, night and in the rain,” says new mom Kim when asked what makes her look less exhausted postpartum. And we are 100% here for it.

“I feel 1000% better when I have a manicure. Not sure if I look less exhausted, but I’m more put together overall,” says Michelle. This at-home system is a favorite for its ease and long-lasting polishes.

Nothing tames a dirty mop better than a headband. These are pricey, but worth the splurge if you’re going to be wearing them a lot. (And we predict you will be.) They also come in so many fun styles.

“You can wear these chunky gold hoops with anything, even a T-shirt,” says Jen. They’re also tiny enough not to attract too much attention from tiny, curious hands.

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