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4 Things to Know About Chicco's Corso Flex Convertible Stroller
Updated on
May 8, 2024

4 Things to Know About Chicco's Corso Flex Convertible Stroller

By Babylist Team
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4 Things to Know About Chicco's Corso Flex Convertible Stroller

If you’re considering a stroller that will grow with your family, the new Chicco Corso Flex Convertible Stroller could be a good option. Babylist parent Julie, a mom of two living in New York City, took it for a test ride in our video review above. Here are a few things you should know about this stroller.

What Is a Convertible Stroller?

When most people start their search for a stroller, they end up shopping for a single stroller. But if you eventually grow your family, that means you might need to buy a whole stroller again a few years later. A convertible stroller lets you convert into different setups that can support one baby or more. Why do you need all of these functions in one? Well, rather than having to buy a separate infant stroller, travel system or double stroller, this packs all of that functionality into one ride that will grow with your family so you can use it for years.

What Makes the Chicco Corso Flex Different

Every convertible stroller is a little different—some grow from single to double, others can accommodate up to three kids. The Chicco Corso Flex has more than 60 different configurations, and while you probably won’t need that many, chances are good that there are a few that will work for your family. Why? Because Chicco specifically focused on 16 core configurations that parents will use frequently.

While there are a lot of convertible strollers to choose from, the Chicco Corso Flex gives you more riding options than others, and it comes with accessories like a toddler riding board or infant car seat adapter that you might have to pay extra for with other strollers. Here are a few things that make this stroller stand out.

Riding Modes & Accessories


With most convertible strollers, you need to buy a second seat kit in order to use them as a double stroller. But the way this stroller was designed, you don’t have to do that. You can use it as a double stroller with an infant car seat up top and the regular included seat below. We show you how at 2:30 in our video here. You also can configure the stroller so that your infant is facing you in their car seat, and your toddler is facing out, watching the world go by.

modes When both kids are big enough to be out of car seats, you can have one in the toddler seat and one in the jump seat or on the riding board. But you can buy a second seat if both kids like to ride in them (or you need to, like if you’re having twins). Helpful hint: The Chicco website actually bundles up different configurations for this stroller, so if you need to buy a twin set, no need to hunt for all the accessories.

Included Accessories = Saving Money

Chicco included three super-useful accessories with this stroller: a car seat adapter, a riding board/standing deck and an accessory canopy. This means you can use your stroller from birth with a newborn, and then allow an older child to hop on board (with sun protection) when you need to cart two kiddos around—without spending an additional $100-$200.

Toddler Jump Seat

A jump seat is a small seat that’s built into the frame of the stroller. Jump seats are still relatively uncommon in double strollers, and this could be handy navigating with your toddler after a long day when they don’t feel like standing on the riding deck. And, you don’t have to buy it separately.

Chicco stroller image

Stroller Specs: The Fold & The Wheels

### Easy One-handed fold: Because they are bigger and can be bulky, double strollers can be harder to break down and fold than a single stroller. But this Chicco stroller is surprisingly easy to fold, even with two seats attached. When folded, it stands on the wheels without the handle touching the ground, so nothing from the floor will touch your handlebar. See what we mean at 4:37.


All Wheel Suspension:

Many double strollers feel like you’re navigating a cruise ship on a city street, but Chicco developed and designed the Corso Flex with strolling with two toddlers in mind. Chicco tested the maneuverability using two 40-pound forms—the equivalent of two 5-gallon water bottles, or two 3 1/2-year-olds—to mimic the weight of kids in the stroller seats.

This shows up in a surprisingly smooth glide, so you can navigate tight turns. All wheel suspension and swivel bearings also make it easy to steer, and foam cores in the wheels give it super shock absorption, so bumpy sidewalks are rolled over with ease.

Convenience Details

While usability and function is the day-to-day reason you’ll choose a stroller, the Corso Flex has some fun upgrades that were thoughtfully designed for the grown-ups, like:

Bonus basket:

In addition to a large lower storage basket that you can easily access from the front or the back of the stroller, there’s an infant car seat adapter/grab-and-go shopping basket for extra storage on the go. We could see that being an extra handy addition to farmers’ market strolls or outings to the park, like how we tried it here (2:20).

Parent Tray:

The parent tray by the handle has room for two beverages—one for hydration and one for emotional support. There’s also a storage compartment on the tray for keys and phone. Check it out in use at 3:11 in our video.

Accessory Canopy:

While the modular seat has a fold down UPF50+ canopy, there’s an additional accessory canopy that can be used to cover the child riding on the platform or in the youth seat. Not using it at the moment? It’s removable.

Who do we recommend the Corso Flex for?

If you’re the kind of person who loves a long-lasting piece of baby gear with upgraded accessories that can nimbly switch from one child to two, this might be the convertible stroller system for you. Watch our full video review to see the Corso Flex in action—from using it with two seats to folding it down with just one hand.

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