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7 First-Year Baby Essentials That Grow with You and Baby
Updated on
September 11, 2023

7 First-Year Baby Essentials That Grow with You and Baby

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7 First-Year Baby Essentials That Grow with You and Baby.
7 First-Year Baby Essentials That Grow with You and Baby

You may have noticed that babies come with a lot of…stuff (to say the least)—strollers, high chairs, car seats. If you’re trying to keep your house from looking like a baby warehouse sale, one way to do that is by looking for gear that grows with your baby and you, or can pull double duty as multiple products in one. Here are seven super-smart first-year essentials that do just that.

It’s only when you become a parent that you realize not every restaurant carries a high chair, and your stroller won’t always fit between tables (hello, tiny bistro on the corner). This 2-in-1 transforms from a diaper bag into a booster seat so you’ve got what you need if/when diaper changes or messes happen, and your little one can join you at the table no matter where you go. In other words, no high-chair, no problem.

Strollers can be a workhorse piece of gear—no matter whether you live in a large city or smaller town—but your baby will have different strolling styles as they grow (newborns need different support than toddlers). This Contours Legacy convertible stroller rides 22 different ways (including a newborn-friendly pramette mode, double stroller mode, or can even fit up to 3 riders—depending on which accessories you add) making it one of the best investments you can make.

After nine or so months in the womb, babies love to be carried, but let’s face it, your arms will sometimes need a break. This comfy, easy-to-wear baby carrier can hold infants starting at eight pounds and adjusts to fit toddlers up to 45 pounds—which is a lot! With five different ways to carry your baby, you can use it in newborn mode, infant facing inward mode, baby facing the world mode, backpack mode and even use it as a hip carrier.

Bath time can be one of the most precious ways to spend quality time with your baby, and this adorable tub makes it even easier to enjoy. The tub comes with a newborn cushion that can be removed once your baby can sit up on their own. The detachable seat also doubles as a comfy cushion for the bottom of the tub for older babies.

A good night’s rest is essential for all families, and that’s made easier with this crib that evolves into a bed with a conversion kit. Transform the Contours Rockwell crib into a toddler bed just in time for your child’s next growth spurt—which usually happens unexpectedly and very very fast. The protective rail can stay put to help keep your child safe throughout the night but can be removed for when they’re ready to move about as they—and you—please.

Babies have different sleep needs than toddlers, starting with firmer mattresses. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies sleep on snugly fitting and firm mattresses for the safest sleep possible. But, rather than buying two mattresses throughout their first years of life, this one simply flips over—with an infant sleep surface on one side and a toddler sleep surface on the other. But, unlike most mattresses it also has three built-in vibration modes that help soothe baby so they can sleep better and (hopefully) longer.

Babies don’t get to have all the gear. Before your little one arrives, you may find yourself in need of a little (or lots of) extra support. With a U-shape design, this moisture-wicking pregnancy pillow helps alleviate back pain while keeping you from overheating at night. And after baby arrives? It can provide much-needed support during feeding sessions.

All that “stuff” that comes with baby can be super helpful in transitioning into new parenthood. But finding gear that grows with them can be a big win for both your wallet and your closet. For more grow-with-me baby gear, check out more from the Contours Baby collection.

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