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Nuna’s New Demi Next Stroller rides 25+ Ways
Updated on
December 26, 2023

Nuna’s New Demi Next Stroller rides 25+ Ways

By Babylist Team
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Nuna’s New Demi Next Stroller rides 25+ Ways

When you find a stroller you really love, ideally you want it to last as long as possible (aka through the newborn and toddler years). In the video review above, we take a look at the new Nuna Demi Next stroller—the latest in Nuna’s lineup of luxe gear, which has everything you need to take it from infant to multi-rider mode. Here’s what you need to know about this upgraded gear.

What the Nuna Demi Next Stroller Does

A lot of strollers offer just one or two modes of use: travel system, single stroller or modular stroller. But this combines all three—you can use it from birth with the included infant car seat adapters (Nuna is famed for their ultra-light infant car seats—one even weighs less than a gallon of milk) or add a bassinet (sold separately). Then if you decide to grow your family, the second sibling seat can be purchased for double stroller mode. There’s even a riding board already included for families that have an infant and toddler in tow at the same time.

But this stroller isn’t just about flexibility. Even in single mode, there’s a lot packed into this sleek ride: new image

  • Magnetic Buckles: Most strollers use a standard click buckle to secure your baby into the seat, but Nuna’s guides itself together with the use of handy (but secure) magnets. It may sound like a small detail, but it’s a big win when you’ve got a wiggly little one.

  • Cascading Canopy Cover: Nuna fit an impressive amount of coverage into their canopy—an extra helpful detail during bright daytime walks or inclement weather (it’s both water repellant and UPF50+). When you’re done with the canopy, it folds up and zips away.


  • No Re-thread Harness: Babies go through a lot of growth spurts in a short period of time. A no re-thread harness means you don’t have to fuss with taking the harness out of the seat and trying to re-route it when you’re adjusting to baby’s height.

  • Recline to the Max: Once baby is safely buckled in, the seat can be reclined in four different positions—handy to help them shift their view. The recline adjusts with one hand (in case you’ve got an iced coffee in the other), and glides up and down. When baby’s legs grow, the calf-support on the lower part of the seat also adjusts with one-hand. (You can see it in action at the 1:46 mark in our video.)

  • Smooth, Suspension-Guided Motion: If you live in an area with uneven pavements or long hills, a robust suspension can make for a much smoother ride. This stroller has large foam-filled wheels and a one-touch rear wheel brake that you just tap with your foot for easy stops and starts. It also has custom dual suspension, which is a fancy way of saying that you can flip a switch to choose one of two ways to ride depending on what kind of terrain you’re on. We tested this on a hilly sidewalk that went over cobblestone and uneven pavement, and there was little-to-no bounce factor for baby.

Why You’d Want That

If you’re going to spring for a more premium stroller, it helps to get the most bang for your buck. With the Nuna Demi Next, you have the flexibility to convert from infant to toddler to double so you can use it for years.


And because it’s a Nuna stroller, you don’t have to sacrifice the creature comforts that make the ride smoother—the magnetic buckles, easier-to-adjust harness and XL canopy are basically frustration-free parent perks.

And unlike other convertible strollers, Nuna’s already included some of the most essential accessories, like infant car seat adapters and a toddler riding board (which are typically around $150 or more combined). So while this stroller may come in at the higher end of your budget, all those extra accessories and bonus features means you’re getting a stroller you won’t have to (or want to) upgrade in a year or two. Watch our complete video review to see the Nuna Demi Next in action and figure out if it’s the right fit for your family.

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