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What is a Universal Baby Registry?
Updated on
September 11, 2023

What is a Universal Baby Registry?

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What is a Universal Baby Registry?.
What is a Universal Baby Registry?

If you’re getting ready to start your baby registry, you may have heard the term universal registry. But what exactly is a universal registry, and why would you want to go that route instead of registering with your favorite store or website? We’ll break it down for you.

What is a universal baby registry?

A universal registry is a registry that lets you add anything from anywhere, so you can get what you really need (and want!), all in one place. Babylist’s universal registry allows you to add items to your registry from virtually anywhere. You can add baby gear from the Babylist Shop, and you can add items from big-box stores like Amazon and Target, as well as small shops (looking at you Etsy).

Why would you want to use a universal registry?

Instead of having multiple registries spread across different stores, a universal registry allows you to add any item from any store’s website, all in one place. Say your favorite retailer doesn’t carry the stroller you’ve been dreaming of. And maybe you also want to register for clothing from Nordstrom’s own line and add personalized items from Etsy. A universal registry lets you request all these things and more. This makes it not just easier for you because you won’t have to manage multiple registries, but it makes it easier for you to share your registry with anyone.

Why create a universal registry with Babylist?

Your baby may be the star of your registry but parents need support. As you prepare for baby’s arrival, you’ll have lots of decisions to make and baby gear has its own language that can be confusing to navigate. We make it a little easier to prep for your newest addition. Do you need an infant car seat or a convertible one? Do you really even need a bassinet? We’ve got you covered, even if you don’t know where to begin. A Babylist registry also offers support in your decision-making process via guides and articles that help you figure out what you’ll actually need and which type of baby product might be the “best of” in its category. But there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to what you put on your registry—every baby and family are different, and the items that work best for you might be different from what your sister, neighbor, cousin or bestie would pick.

There are benefits that come with a universal registry for you as a new parent, too. So don’t forget about yourselves! Adding Babylist’s unique Help and Favors coupons to your registry (such as a home-cooked meal or help walking the dog) is a great way to let the people around you know how best to help you in those first sleepless yet blissful newborn days (or months). Want to register for a few big-ticket items? Babylist’s Group Gift feature for Babylist Shop items allows multiple people to contribute toward those more expensive baby gear picks.

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