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A tandem stroller for two with flexible options for sitting and standing that offers a smooth ride and large capacity and comes with two full-size seats.

About this Product
  • Flexible seated and standing options for two children
  • Second full-size, washable reclining seat included
  • Infant seat snaps into front or rear position
  • Rear bench slides back to create a seat, forward to access the stable, integrated standing platform for your older child
  • Add-on bassinet option (sold separately)
  • Sealed-bearing wheels and four-wheel suspension
  • One-handed self-standing fold
  • Large, easy-access and SPF 50+ sun canopy


This premium version of Joovy’s popular Caboose sit n’ stand stroller adds features and flexibility to a tandem that already scores high marks with parents. The Caboose S Too is a Caboose S stroller that comes with two full-size, washable, reclining seats instead of one—you can use the second seat in the rear position or take it off to use the bench seat and standing platform. The stroller holds more weight and offers more flexibility than the Caboose or Caboose Ultralight, but also comes with the tradeoffs of added weight, size, and cost.

In its basic mode as a sit n’ stand, your younger child rides in the front seat or in a car seat using snap-in adapters. Your older child rides in the back, sitting facing backward or standing. The rear bench slides back to create a seat with a three-point harness, or forward to access the stand-on board. Unlike stroller board attachments, the integrated standing platform is extremely stable, and it leaves plenty of room for the person doing the pushing.

Beyond this basic setup, the Caboose S Too offers added flexibility in terms of where your kids ride. You can use your infant seat in either the front or rear position (with the Caboose and Caboose Ultralight, it can only go in the front). The S Too comes with an extra seat for the rear position, so if you know your little one isn’t quite ready for more the more independent bench seat or standing board, you’re covered. The overall stroller size is larger than the Caboose or Caboose Ultralight, so the child in the back won’t feel cramped. Joovy also sells a bassinet attachment for the front position, making this stroller the first sit n’ stand with a bassinet.

Like the other Caboose strollers, this is a practical workhorse that’s built tough. The huge cargo basket holds lots of gear but, unlike other Caboose models, you can access it without moving your kid from the bench, thanks to a zippered opening. The stroller comes with a neoprene handlebar organizer and a child tray that flips up instead of out, plus a huge SPF 50+ sun canopy that covers both children (it’s larger than the canopy on the other models).

The Caboose S Too has a one-handed, self-standing fold, and the front seat cover is machine washable. The ride is smooth thanks to sealed-bearing wheels, four-wheel suspension and big rubber tires (larger than the Caboose or Caboose Ultralight), and the one-step linked brakes are easy to operate. The Caboose S Too can navigate varied terrain, and its relatively compact size will get you through grocery store aisles, doorways and crowded areas.

The Caboose S Too holds up to 55 pounds per seat for a total of 110 pounds, which means you can use it for quite some time. The weight limit for the cargo basket alone is 25 pounds. The seats are also larger than the other Caboose models—the back of the seat is higher, which is great for taller kids, and the bench and platform are wider, making for a more comfortable ride for all. Because the stroller is larger all around compared to the Caboose or Caboose Ultralight, it is slightly less nimble.

The limitations? When you use the second seat attachment, your child’s feet rest in the basket, so you lose cargo space. And while the Caboose S Too is still light in weight for a tandem stroller, at 30.5 pounds it’s a good eight pounds heavier than the Ultralight; when making your choice, be sure to factor in how much you will need to be carrying and lifting the stroller as opposed to pushing.


  • Extra seat included
  • Stroller Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Open: 45.5” x 24.25” x 44.5” (L W H)
  • Folded: 49.5” x 24.25” x 13.75” (L W H)
  • Handlebar height: 42”
  • Made with 300D Polyester
  • Front seat: ages 3+ mos. or 0+ with infant car seat adapter
  • Bench seat: 2.5 years+
  • Maximum weight: 55 lbs each seat, 110 lbs total
  • Rear wheels: 9.5” diam.
  • Front wheels: 7” diam.
  • Tested 100% flame retardant chemical free

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