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Best Jogging Strollers of 2024, According to a Gear Expert, Runner and Mom
Updated on
January 29, 2024

Best Jogging Strollers of 2024, According to a Gear Expert, Runner and Mom

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Best Jogging Strollers of 2024, According to a Gear Expert, Runner and Mom.
Best Jogging Strollers of 2024, According to a Gear Expert, Runner and Mom

Whether you’re a 10K runner or someone who enjoys a quick walk around the neighborhood, there’s no reason you have to stop doing what you love after you have kids. The days of grabbing your phone and keys and hitting the road may be behind you—but a jogging stroller goes a long way in making exercise + kids a lot easier, whether you’re looking to get moving during postpartum or simply craving a little more outdoor time with your little one(s) in tow.

And while we’re not always a fan of adding yet one more piece of baby gear into the mix, a jogging stroller is a true must-have if you plan to run with your baby or toddler or if your daily route involves dirt roads, bumpy surfaces or other off-the-beaten-path terrain. Jogging strollers are built differently than traditional strollers (and handle differently, as well), but just like everyday strollers, all are not created equally. And most are fairly pricey. That’s why it’s important to know how different models perform, which ones hold up the best as you continue to log miles, and what features to look for—and which ones you can skip.

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Jogging Strollers

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Jogging Strollers

Best All-Around Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • Newest addition to the established BOB lineup
  • Slimmer profile than many joggers
  • Independent dual suspension
What Our Experts Say

Ask any running parent if they’ve heard of or owned a BOB stroller and the answer will likely be a resounding yes. BOBs are a longtime favorite of running parents thanks to their durability, incredible suspension system and a long list of convenient features. The Wayfinder, the brand’s newest addition, is a home run. While there are a few small drawbacks, the overall functionality, performance and profile make this stroller the best choice for parents who run frequently but also want a jogging stroller for day-to-day use.

The Wayfinder features independent, dual suspension and air-filled tires, so no matter what type of terrain I tried (dirt path, sandy road, bumpy sidewalk), it provided a smooth ride all the time. It checks the boxes for all the must-have features I look for in a jogger: a swivel-locking front wheel, a hand brake, a wrist strap, an adjustable handlebar and a large cargo basket. The fabrics and finishes look and feel high-end, there’s a great canopy and the seat reclines all the way back. And it’s compatible with many popular infant car seats with the addition of adapters.

The biggest plus of the Wayfinder, though, is its slimmed-down profile. While not small by any means, this jogging stroller is narrower and more compact all around than many of its competitors. And when you fold it (which is also easy to do, btw), it gets even smaller; the Wayfinder is only about 22 inches across when folded, making it a lot easier to store or get into your trunk than other similarly performing joggers.

What’s Worth Considering

The narrower profile of this jogger took me a little getting used to when I ran with it. Since I was accustomed to a jogging stroller that was a bit wider and longer than this one, the Wayfinder felt a little “tall and skinny” to me, for lack of a better descriptor. I had to be more careful taking tighter turns as it felt like it was a bit less reactive than my previous jogger. However, once I got used to the stroller’s profile, this feeling went away, and I really enjoyed running with it.

BOB also advertises the Wayfinder’s higher weight limit of 75 pounds. But the jogger’s height limit is 44 inches so, much like an infant car seat, the odds are pretty high that your little one will grow out of it height-wise long before they ever come close to the stroller’s max weight capacity.

What Babylist Parents Say

“We’ve used the Wayfinder both on neighborhood jogging and for tackling our local trails and it has knocked it out of the park every time. Compact enough to handle winding trail paths, the smoothest push you could hope for across different terrains, and the basket can carry more than expected at first glance. We had lunch for 5, extra snacks, water for the hot day and a first aid kit all comfortably carried. It has a true standing fold which is refreshing and the steering is as nimble as can be. I love the brakes and how upright the seat can get if needed, as well as the front access to the basket. Quality-wise, the Wayfinder is built to last. We have been getting out and exercising more as a family since we got it and I am looking forward to more adventures to come!” -StrollinSodaPops

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 31.1 lbs
Age Range From birth with an infant car seat and adapter; up to 75 lbs or 44”. Use only with an infant car seat until child has sufficient head and neck control.

Best Jogging Stroller for Avid Runners

The Scoop
  • Best choice for regular runners
  • Great maneuverability, excellent suspension
  • One-handed fold and compact storage
What Our Experts Say

While the BOB brand has dominated the jogging stroller market in the past, Thule is quickly becoming a newer favorite among both casual and more serious running parents. The Urban Glide 2 is the best choice if you’re a parent who logs multiple miles every week, whether across smooth pavement or uneven terrain. But it’s also sleek and nimble enough to navigate urban settings if need be.

The first thing I noticed about the Urban Glide 2 is just how easy it is to push. Weighing in at almost 7 pounds less than the BOB Wayfinder, it’s a true pleasure to run with. (It’s also easier to push uphill thanks to its lighter weight.) It’s also longer front to back than the Wayfinder, making even tight turns a breeze. The large rear wheels and all-wheel suspension provided a smooth ride both on and off-road, and the handlebar twist break was easy to operate and control, even on steep downhills. (There’s a locking front wheel, too.) The one-handed fold was quick and easy, and the stroller is fairly compact when broken down, making for easier storage.

Other notable features I liked: a multi-position canopy, vented sides, one-handed, full recline and the adjustable handlebar. The Urban Glide 2 is compatible with lots of top rated infant car seats from major brands, and also be paired with the Thule Bassinet.

What’s Worth Considering

The storage basket has a weatherproof covering, which is great if you run into some rain while you’re out jogging, but can be hard to get your diaper bag in and out of. And some users have reported quality and performance issues over time (flat tires, braking issues, wobble), but I have not experienced any of those issues to date.

It’s also worth noting that I tested another jogging stroller in the same price bracket as the Wayfinder and the Urban Glide 2, Baby Jogger’s Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller. I mostly liked it; it was easy to push and steer and it performed well over varied terrain. But I didn’t like the awkward position of the handbrake at all, and I felt the suspension was lacking as compared to the BOB and Thule joggers. The seat is also on the shorter side; my tall two-year-old’s head was pretty close to touching the top of the stroller’s back. Some users also complain of issues with the front wheel, which I did not experience.

What Babylist Parents Say

“This is the first stroller I have ever own and boy is it a joy! Did extensive research and this was the right fit. My wife and I are avid runners and we live in an urban environment. We also wanted something that could be used with our car seat with a newborn. Works perfectly! Super smooth and the shocks with brakes is next level.” -VarunG

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 25.3 lbs
Age Range From birth with an infant car seat and adapter; up to 75 lbs or 44”. Use only with an infant car seat until child has sufficient head and neck control.

Best Mid-Priced Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • Mid-priced, high performance
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Great features for price
What Our Experts Say

Finding a high-quality jogging stroller at an affordable price can be tricky. To hold up to hundreds of miles of use and handle all types of terrain, joggers require specific, high-end components and fabrics—and high-end often equals a high price. Chicco’s Activ3 jogger sits at a more palatable price point than our BOB and Thule picks and, while it’s not our first choice for a runner who regularly runs long distances, it’s a solid mid-level option to consider if you don’t want to spend $500+. (This listing is for the travel system version of the jogger, so it includes an infant car seat, but the stroller is available solo for $349.)

A few things stand out about this jogging stroller, including the adjustable suspension and the control console. If you’re using the jogger on uneven terrain, you can adjust the suspension on each back wheel to make the ride less bumpy on dirt or gravel. Suspension isn’t something you’ll find on most less expensive jogging strollers, so it’s a big plus here. There’s also something called a Control Console—two buttons located on each side of the handlebar that trigger the stroller’s parking break and the front wheel swivel. We love how easy they are to access.

Other features parents rave about: the height-adjustable handle; the seat angle (the Activ3 offers a more upright seat position than many other joggers); the foam-filled tires (not quite as cushy as air-filled, but less maintenance); and the extendable canopy. This travel system pairs the jogger with the popular KeyFit30 infant car seat, a parent fave.

What’s Worth Considering

Foam-filled tires require less maintenance than air-filled ones, but they also offer a bumpier ride. The stroller’s cargo basket is small and the stroller is pretty bulky when folded unless you pop off the wheels each time.

What Babylist Parents Say

“This is an amazing system! As a runner the stroller is easy to handle and the carseat is sturdy and stays in place the entire time while running, jogging, walking. I love how easily it folds up and fits in my car. Its such a well made product and I feel as though my child is safe and that as a parent makes me feel better. Would recommend this product to everyone! Fantastic!” -Amy

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 27.5 lbs
Age Range From birth with an infant car seat; up to 50 lbs. Use only with an infant car seat until child has sufficient head and neck control.

Best Affordable Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • Affordable
  • Oversized tires and lockable front wheel
  • Not built for serious running or bumpy terrain
What Our Experts Say

Most jogging strollers cost a minimum of a few hundred dollars, but that’s not the case with the Expedition. At under $200, it shares similar features with much more expensive joggers, like XL tires and a lockable front wheel, but at a much more budget-friendly price. There’s a spacious storage basket and both child and parent trays included, a nice perk for such an affordable jogger. And the seat reclines for naps on the go. The Expedition Race Tec is compatible with certain Baby Trend infant car seats.

If you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade but still want to stay under $200, check out the brand’s Race Tec Plus model. It features a four-position rotational handle for extra comfort.

What’s Worth Considering

This jogging stroller is designed for occasional, casual jogs, not regular, serious running. And while it does handle well on smooth pavement and slightly uneven terrain, it’s not meant for hardcore off-roading as it lacks the shocks and the sling-style seat needed to absorb lots of bumping around. It also has a lower height and weight maximum when compared to other jogging strollers.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 24.9 lbs
Age Range 6 mos and up, up to 50 lbs or 42”

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Best Hybrid Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • Works for jogging or as an everyday stroller
  • Folds 50% smaller than traditional joggers
  • Smooth suspension
What Our Experts Say

I needed a new stroller when I had my second baby. I knew I wanted to jog with him, but I also knew I’d be in and out of my car with my older child and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of wrangling a full-size, 30+ pound jogging stroller every time. Enter the perfect solution: the Guava Roam.

The Roam is the perfect hybrid, a mash-up of a traditional and a jogger-style stroller. It combines everything you love about a jogging stroller—independent suspension, XL tires, a locking front swivel wheel—at 50% of the size of more traditional joggers. It’s just as easy to toss in your trunk as it is to take on a three-mile run. The fold is quick and effortless and it’s packed with other thoughtful features like an adjustable handlebar, near-flat recline, infant car seat add-on capability, ventilation and a peek-a-boo window.

What’s Worth Considering

If I was someone who ran multiple miles a week, week in and week out, I’d have likely opted for a BOB or a Thule. But, I am most definitely not—so this stroller satisfied my needs perfectly.

The canopy is big, but it could be bigger to provide more shade and coverage. There’s no hand brake. And the foam-filled tires don’t provide as much cushioning as air-filled tires would.

What Babylist Parents Say

“TL;DR: If you’re looking for a quality, multi-use stroller with a thoughtful, space-conscious design, this is probably the stroller for you. If you’re looking to only ever own one stroller but enjoy running or traveling to places where you don’t want to carry baby all day long, this is probably the stroller for you. If you want a stylish stroller that won’t break the bank and you don’t have a big trunk, this is probably the stroller for you.” -Dru

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 25 lbs
Age Range From birth with an infant car seat and adapter; up to 60 lbs. Use only with an infant car seat until child has sufficient head and neck control.

Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • Durable enough for serious runners but lighter than most comparable strollers
  • Slim design
  • One-handed fold
What Our Experts Say

Jogging strollers aren’t known for being lightweight, but weighing in as one of the lightest picks on our list, the Joovy doesn’t sacrifice function or features. A straight rear axle keeps this stroller running, well, straight, and an aluminum frame keeps it light. There’s also a parent organizer, car seat adapter capabilities and a comfy shock-absorbing suspension system, and one more perk we love: an included pump so you’ll never be stuck with a flat tire. And it’s approved for use in Disneyland and Disney World.

Have two kiddos? Joovy also makes this in a double jogging stroller version.

What’s Worth Considering

Parents love the XL canopy for great sun protection. They don’t love the metal bar across the storage basket, making it tricky to easily stash a diaper bag.

What Babylist Parents Say

“This is a great jogging stroller, and I’ve tried a few! I can easily steer this stroller with one hand and I (5’5”) don’t have to worry about kicking the wheels or the brake while running. In fact, neither does my husband (6’3”). I like that they’ve included the parent console and a tire pump so I have everything I need in the box (except the baby!). The canopy size is great and provides a ton of shade. And, the fold is super easy. I appreciate that it will stay folded and stand when folded on it’s own so I don’t have to worry about it falling over or open!” -Momof4girls

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 25.7 lbs
Age Range From birth with an infant car seat; up to 75 lbs. Use only with an infant car seat until child has sufficient head and neck control.

Best Multisport Jogging Stroller

The Scoop
  • 4 activities: jogging, biking, strolling + skiing
  • Oversized wheels and great suspension
  • Expensive
What Our Experts Say

Extra-sporty families take note: this is the jogging stroller for you. Pricey, yes, but if you’re a family who loves getting outside with the kids in tow, it’s a worthy investment. The Chariot is a four-activity multitasker; it’s designed for biking, jogging, strolling and skiing. (The bike and strolling kit are included, while you’ll have to purchase the jogging and skiing kit separately.) You can convert it on the go thanks to an on-board storage system and it features adjustable suspension, comfortably padded seats and a built-in bug screen. It’s even foldable for taking it along on your next adventure.

What’s Worth Considering

This stroller/trailer combo doesn’t come cheap, so you probably won’t want to commit to it unless you already know that biking, running and other outdoor activities are pretty high up on your list and that your kiddo will tolerate being pulled in a bike trailer. (We definitely recommend a try-before-you-buy approach on this one!)

What Babylist Parents Say

“I absolutely love the Thule Chariot Cross. It is easy to use and nice having the multi sport options. Our main use is bike carrier and stroller. Super nice having the stroller wheels store on the carrier. Also love the jogging stroller option which I use for rollerblading. If you are thinking of getting one, it is totally worth it!” -Vogs07

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 30.4 lbs
Age Range Holds up to 75 lbs

How We Chose the Best Jogging Strollers

  • We analyzed results from Babylist’s Best Baby Products survey, which polled 6,000 Babylist users and asked them to share the baby products they love the most and why.
  • We utilized insight from the Babylist editorial team, including my own insight as both Babylist’s Gear Editor and a runner. I’ve been in the baby space for over six years have written hundreds of baby gear guides and personally researched and tested hundreds of baby products. I’m also a mom of two and a runner, and have used many jogging strollers over my decade as a parent.
  • We reviewed customer reviews from hundreds of real Babylist parents.

Are Jogging Strollers Worth It?

If you’re walking mostly indoors or on smooth pavement, a traditional stroller will do just fine. But if you plan to run or jog, or frequently walk along uneven terrain (think a dirt or sand path, gravel road, etc.) a jogging stroller is a must-have.

Why you can’t jog with a regular stroller

Jogging strollers are made to absorb the bouncing that comes along with more intense speeds or uneven surfaces. Although most of the best baby strollers offer a pretty smooth ride, joggers have three oversized wheels in a triangle configuration to help glide over rough surfaces and a hefty suspension system that’s designed specifically to decrease the impact of jolts on your baby.

Joggers also have one other major differentiator: locking front wheels. Unlike everyday strollers that generally have front wheels that swivel, jogging strollers have a setting that allows you to lock the front wheel in place. This keeps you on course while running and prevents the front wheel from wobbling—and eventually crashing—when you’re moving at faster speeds. Many joggers also have hand breaks so you can stop quickly if needed.

Keep in mind: while traditional strollers can’t be used for running or jogging, most jogging strollers can double as everyday strollers for some families, as long as you have the space for one.

When Is It Safe to Start Jogging with a Baby?

If your jogging stroller accepts an infant car seat, you can use it from day one—but not for running.

It’s not safe to run or jog with your little one until they have strong head and neck control, which usually happens around the six to eight-month mark for most babies. That’s because as your baby gains full control of their head and neck, they’ll be able to keep their bodies more stable under the impact of the jolts and bounces that come along with running.

Once you’re able to get running, you’ll get a lot of years out of your stroller—most accommodate children up to five years old.

How to Choose a Jogging Stroller

There are two things to think through before you purchase a jogging stroller: your lifestyle and the jogging stroller’s features.

All jogging strollers are designed to provide more stability than a traditional stroller, but they vary in how many mechanisms they have in place to accomplish this. Some strollers are made for serious running while others are built for a short jog here and there.

First, think through your lifestyle and how you see yourself using a jogging stroller.

  • Are you planning on mostly running or walking with your stroller? How often? And how many miles at a time? These answers can help you decide if you need a jogging stroller that can stand up to hundreds of miles or one that’s designed more for an occasional walk off the beaten path.
  • What type of terrain are you running or walking on? Again, this can help you determine if a jogger with a serious suspension system is a must-have or if it’s lower down on your list.
  • Do you have the space to store a jogging stroller? (Most joggers are big and bulky.) Be sure to check storage space at home but also in your vehicle’s trunk if you plan on driving with your stroller.

When weighing a jogging stroller’s features, here are the most important ones to consider:

  • Locking front wheel. Some jogging strollers have a front wheel that is permanently locked in place to ensure the stroller stays on the path no matter what the front wheel encounters. Others have a front wheel that swivels so you can easily maneuver it when walking, but locks in place for running.
  • Brakes. Some jogging strollers feature a hand brake to help slow the stroller down. (This can be useful if you need to come to a quick stop, of course, but also if you need to slow the stroller down when running downhill.)
  • Safety tether. This strap circles your wrist and attaches to the stroller in case you lose your grip.
  • Harness. Just like your baby’s car seat, the seat in a jogging stroller should have this type of harness to keep your child secure.
  • Canopy and recline. Look for an extra-large canopy to shield your child from the elements. Also, a built-in peekaboo screen can help you keep an eye on your little one while running. And pay attention to how far back the seat reclines, in case you’re hoping to squeeze in a nap + a workout session.
  • An adjustable handlebar. If you have a multiple-runner household, this is a nice feature to have so the stroller is comfortable for people of varying heights.
  • Cargo space and accessories. If you’re hoping to stash an extra layer, snacks, a water bottle or anything else while you’re out for a run or walk, consider the amount of storage space under the jogger. Also check out the types of accessories available, like a snack tray or a rain cover.
  • Weight and portability. Jogging strollers aren’t known to be light. This is important if you run a lot of hills (every ounce matters!) but also if you’ll need to lift your jogger on the regular. Also consider how easy it is (or isn’t) to fold your jogger of choice.

Before you hit the road, know that running with a jogging stroller can take some getting used to. Take it slow at first. Try a few test runs around the block without your baby to get acclimated to the tether strap, maneuvering the stroller and running plus pushing something. When your baby is ready to accompany you, try it out on a shorter run first, since they’ll need to get used to the faster motion and bouncing.

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