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A Jogger That Actually Fits in Your Trunk and a Travel Crib Backpack
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September 11, 2023

A Jogger That Actually Fits in Your Trunk and a Travel Crib Backpack

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A Jogger That Actually Fits in Your Trunk and a Travel Crib Backpack.
A Jogger That Actually Fits in Your Trunk and a Travel Crib Backpack

When you think about traveling with a baby, you might imagine airplanes. But in reality, travel with babies is often done by car, in a car seat, whether across town to pick up groceries or on a road trip to your college roommate’s wedding. That means other than essentials like snacks and a fully stocked diaper bag, you’re going to need baby gear for getting there and baby gear for once you get there.

A super-portable jogging stroller and a combo travel-crib and playard work hand in hand for both of those scenarios. Here’s how these two picks from Guava have earned their reputation as road trip rock stars.

On-the-Go, Compact Folding Jogger Stroller

Do you love your morning runs when you’re traveling as much as when you’re home? Want a stroller that can withstand city sidewalks, sand and cobblestones? This portable jogger has all kinds of rugged terrain covered, with airless rubber bike tires that mean you never have to fill flat tires.

The Roam also features something called Swing-Arm Suspension, where each wheel moves independently over bumps, to make the ride smoother—super helpful for when babe falls asleep in the stroller and you want to keep that nap going. You can easily change between walking and running on any terrain by flipping the lever near the handlebar — no kneeling down or dealing with wheel locks.

Another challenge with traveling, or just running errands, with a stroller is the amount of space that typical jogging strollers take up. Whether in the car, trunk, or hotel room, some jogging strollers have serious heft and bulk.

Guava Roam Folding gif When you’re on the go and lugging this jogger to and from the car, it folds 50% more compactly than the average jogger. That means it’s going to fit neatly into your trunk, your closet and even the tiniest Airbnb.

Sleep & Play Space

While you might be able to baby proof your own home, that won’t be true for all travel destinations. So a portable playard comes in handy for both hanging out and sleeping, like when you’re navigating a hotel room or grandma’s living room full of fragile family heirlooms. While traditional playards are portable they can be bulky and hard to maneuver—especially if you’re trying to carry a baby and bags at the same time. At 15 pounds, the Lotus Travel Crib is 50% lighter than most traditional playards. It sets up in seconds and has breathable mesh walls and an insulated, waterproof mattress for spills and leaks.

Guava Lotus Travel crib

Plus, the backpack-style carry bag leaves your hands free for your baby and other luggage.

When it’s not nap time or bedtime but you need a safe place for baby to chill and play, the side of the Lotus Travel Crib has a zippered door that locks for safety. Traveling to new places often interrupts baby’s routines, so the door access lets you crawl into the playard to soothe baby to sleep and then stealthily sneak back out. Bonus: when baby is crawling, they can use the entry as a crawl-through door. The Lotus is also GreenGuard Gold certified, which means it’s made without any harsh materials like lead, PVCs, phthalates, or flame retardants that can impact your baby’s indoor air quality.

Getting ready for a road trip with baby can feel like a big task, but with a little bit of preparation you can have a trip be packed full of wonderful family memories.

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