8 Best Strollers for City Living of 2020
Best Strollers for City Living
December 9, 2019

Best Strollers for City Living

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Best Strollers for City Living .
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Best Strollers for City Living

Whether you’re in the market for a lightweight stroller to lug up the stairs to your walkup apartment or a full-size model that can tackle the bumps of city sidewalks on the regular, one thing remains the same: you need a stroller that’s going to meet your specific needs as a city-dwelling parent.

How to Choose a City-Friendly Stroller

Parenting in the city has so many benefits, but it comes with its own unique challenges too. Finding the right stroller to meet your needs is one of them. A stroller is a big investment, so you’ll want to make sure you think it through before you make a purchase.

You’ll want to take a look at your lifestyle and how you plan on using your stroller before making a decision. Here are a few things to consider and some questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to decide which stroller is going to fit your family’s needs.

  • Is the stroller durable enough to handle city sidewalks? How’s the suspension system? What are the wheels like?
  • Is the stroller easy to push, turn and steer? (Especially for parents of different heights.) What’s the overall size like—and do you have room to store it either folded or unfolded?
  • What are the features like? Does the canopy offer enough coverage? Is the undercarriage storage space large enough? How easy it to clean?
  • Is the stroller easy to fold and unfold?

For more information on how to select a city-friendly stroller—and how to create a registry that suits your city lifestyle—check out our 5 Tips for Building the Best City Baby Registry guide.

Best Full-Size City-Friendly Strollers

Full-size strollers are just what they sound like: strollers that are on the larger side. They often feature larger wheels, souped-up suspension systems, great maneuverability and ample undercarriage storage space. The full-size stroller is the ultimate workhorse of the urban family; it’s a great choice for tackling bumpy city streets and hauling a week’s worth of groceries home from the store. But it’s not a great choice if you live in a walkup, are short on storage space or are planning on using your stroller regularly on public transportation.

Here are the full-size strollers that top our list for city families.

Why We Love It

If you’re a city parent who’s ever felt the dread of trying to remember how to fold your stroller while your taxi or rideshare driver waited patiently (ha ha) curbside…read on. Most full-size strollers can be pretty tricky to break down, but that’s not the case with the Citi Mini. When the brand promises a “one-handed, compact fold”—they’re not kidding. We swear you won’t even have to crack the instruction manual to figure out how to quickly and easily break down this amazing stroller.

It’s not light on the city-friendly features, either. There’s a three-wheel design for easy maneuvering as well as “forever air” rubber tires, all-wheel suspension, an adjustable handlebar and a hand-operated parking break for when you need a quick stop. The seat doesn’t recline completely flat, but it’s close enough, and the slim design won’t pose an issue in narrow doorways or cramped shopping aisles. And we can’t forget the price; the Citi Mini is nearly half the cost of many other comparable full-size, city-friendly strollers.

Keep in Mind

The storage basket on the Citi Mini is fine, but it’s not great. You can’t reverse the seat to be parent-facing. (Although you can purchase adapters for your infant car seat, which attaches back-facing.) And there’s a bassinet attachment, but you’ll have to purchase that separately.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 22 lbs
Child Guidelines Newborn–6 years; up to 65 lbs
Why We Love It

It feels like Dutch brand Nuna has taken the car seat market by storm as of late—and it’s looking like their stroller game isn’t very far behind. The multi-mode Mixx is an ideal city stroller. It’s packed with all the usual features city families love like great steering and shock-absorbing suspension, but there are two standout features that you’ll want to pay attention to: the canopy and the retention panel.

The Mixx features a zip-out extendable canopy that’s almost double in size as many of its competitors. It’s great for blocking out the (many) sights of the city when you’re out and about with your little one and hoping to minimize distractions and squeeze in a nap. There’s also a retention panel, a fancy way of saying that the sides of the footrest fold up and snap into place, creating a snug, bassinet-like space for your tiny traveler. This panel, combined with the lay-flat seat, means you can skip the bassinet if you’d like—and one less thing to store in your city apartment is never a bad thing.

Keep in Mind

Planning on growing your family? Then check out Nuna’s DEMI Grow, which converts to a custom double stroller.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 24.9 lbs
Child Guidelines Up to 50 lbs
Why We Love It

Bugaboo is no stranger when it comes to city-friendly strollers with an enthusiastic, loyal following. (And one that’s totally well-deserved.) The Fox does everything right when it comes to a city stroller. It’s large enough to tote around everything you’ll need for a day out with your little one, but offers a compact fold if storage space is tight. There’s a shock-absorption suspension system built into the wheels and the frame, and parents rave about the easy pushing and steering. And there’s a lay-flat, forward- and back-facing seat, a bassinet included, and a fold that doesn’t take a PhD to figure out (we promise).

Keep in Mind

The price tag on the Fox2 can be a tough pill to swallow. If you’ve fallen in love with Bugaboo and are looking for a (slightly) less expensive, slightly more compact option, check out the Lynx. It offers almost as many features as the Fox and will save you a few hundred dollars.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 21.8 lbs
Child Guidelines Newborn–4 years; up to 48.5 lbs
Why We Love It

With its multiple configurations, unmatched maneuverability, and countless parent- and kid-approved features, we already know why the Vista is such an impressive all-around stroller. But why is it the go-to stroller for so many city families? Oh, let us count the ways.

The Vista boasts a ridiculously impressive suspension system, making bumpy sidewalks, curbs and even stairs no match for its oversized, shock-absorbing wheels. The undercarriage basket is huge—it can hold a significant grocery haul without an issue. The seat switches from forward- to back-facing with an easy click and turn, and there’s a full recline for naps on the go. There’s also a telescoping handlebar for parents and caregivers of different heights, an included bassinet and enough configurations to transform the stroller to work for up to three kids.

Keep in Mind

There truly aren’t many bad things to say about this stroller. The price point is definitely high, but we think it more than stacks up when put up against other comparable strollers on the market. It’s also on the larger side, even for a full-sized stroller, so if you’re looking for something slightly more compact (and cheaper), check out the UPPAbaby Cruz.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 26.6 lbs
Child Guidelines Included bassinet accommodates children from birth to 20 lbs; included toddler seat accommodates children from 3 months to 50 lbs

Best Lightweight City-Friendly Strollers

If you’re a city family who lives in a walk-up apartment or will be riding public transportation often with your little one—or you simply don’t want the bulk of a full-size stroller—then a lightweight stroller is the way to go. You’ll be sacrificing undercarriage storage and a bit of suspension/shock absorption, but you’ll be gaining portability, storage space (when the stroller is broken down) and ease of fold. And don’t worry about maneuverability; lightweight strollers have come a long way over the last few years, and many now boast the same pushing and steering ease as their full-size counterparts.

Check out our favorite lightweight city-friendly strollers below.

Why We Love It

Parent-loved brand UPPAbaby strikes again, this time in the lightweight stroller category. The 15-pound Minu is a thoughtfully designed, city-friendly stroller packed with many of the features parents love about the brand’s full-size strollers—just in a more compact package. There are multiple seat positions, an oversized pop-out shade, a shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension system and a surprisingly large storage basket for a compact stroller.

But what do we love the most? The easy, compact fold. It’s one-handed—major points for that—and the stroller breaks down with the simple touch of a button. There’s even a carry strap to easily sling it over your shoulder. Amazing.

Keep in Mind

The Minu stands when folded, which may not sound like a big deal…until you’re sitting on the ground fumbling with your stroller to get it properly positioned to open and close. There’s also a From Birth Kit sold separately that converts the stroller to a bassinet-style pram, so if you want to make the Minu your one-and-done stroller from birth through the big-kid years, you’re all set.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 14.8 lbs
Child Guidelines 3 months+; up to 50 lbs
Why We Love It

If you’re looking for a stroller that can pull double duty as a city- and travel-friendly stroller, the YOYO2 6+ is worth a look. Thanks to its light weight (under 14 pounds) and compact fold (20.5” x 17.3” x 7.1”), it’s just as easy to sling this stroller over your shoulder on the subway as it is to pop it into the overhead compartment on your next flight.

Other things to love: the removable, washable fabric seat; an extendable canopy with a peekaboo window; one-handed steering; and great maneuverability. And did we mention it’s small enough to fit under the table of a restaurant when folded? (Because we all need an extra reason to go out to eat, especially new parents, right?)

Keep in Mind

This is a big-ticket item, so we’re going to be a bit tougher on it in terms of cons. Although the fold isn’t difficult, it does take a bit of practice. (The unfolding is a lot easier, though.) The storage basket is tiny; the handlebar doesn’t move up or down; the weight limit is on the lower end; and the YOYO2 6+ doesn’t handle bumpier terrain all that well. If you love the features of the YOYO2 6+ but can’t stomach the price, check out the Mountain Buggy Nano.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 13.6 lbs
Child Guidelines Up to 40 lbs
Why We Love It

How can we argue with any stroller that comes in a camo or a leopard print? The Colugo is just as awesome on function as it in on form. This Direct-to-Consumer brand hit the market in 2018 and has become the lightweight stroller of choice for city families ever since. Clocking in at only 16 pounds, the Compact is packed with features city parents love (and need) like an easy, one-handed fold, no-puncture tires, a compact fold and a good-sized storage basket. There’s a rain cover and carry backpack for travel built right in (genius) and a fully reclinable seat that’s also machine washable. And it all clocks in at under $300—pretty amazing.

Keep in Mind

There’s no option to click in a car seat, which is the case with many lightweight strollers, but still worth a mention. Parents who are on the taller side also complain that they often kick the lower bar of the stroller since the handlebar isn’t height-adjustable.

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 16 lbs
Child Guidelines 6 months+; up to 55 lbs
Why We Love It

Ergobaby may be known for their baby carriers, but it turns out their stroller game is pretty strong too. The Metro is the brand’s answer to a stroller that works for both city dwellers and frequent travelers. Like many of the other lightweight strollers on our favorites list, this one is light—about 14 pounds—and folds up small enough to take on planes, buses or simply stash in the corner of your apartment.

The standout here is probably the cushy seat padding, which is a step up from some of the other lightweight strollers on our list. We also love the adjustable leg rest so your baby or toddler can stretch their legs out completely flat for extra comfort, especially during naps.

Keep in Mind

If you’re looking for a full-recline seat, you won’t find one in the Metro—but it’s pretty close, so we don’t think it’s too big of a con. We also don’t love that there’s a handle instead of a shoulder strap for carrying. (There is, however, a carry bag that you can purchase separately that features backpack straps.)

Additional Specs
Stroller Weight 14 lbs
Child Guidelines Newborn–4 years; up to 40 lbs

Honorable Mentions

Although it’s billed as more of a travel stroller than a city stroller, The Traveler (XLC) by Zoe is worth a look if you’re in the market for a lightweight, compact stroller. Parents rave about the easy, one-handed fold and the budget-friendly price point.

The Doona is also something to consider if you’re a city dweller in the market for a stroller. It’s a car seat + stroller hybrid that makes getting in and out of rideshares or walking down subway steps a breeze.

Strollers to Watch

Released in late 2019 from Nuna, the TRIV is the brand’s answer to a full-featured, compact stroller perfect for city living and travel. We love the telescoping handlebar and the suspension system and that the seat can face both forward and backward.

European brand Joolz makes design-forward, beautiful strollers with a refreshingly modern look that have begun to gain popularity in the US in recent years. The brand’s Hub Stroller is comparable to the UPPAbaby Cruz and makes a good choice for city parents looking for a sturdy and stylish full-size stroller.

The Daily, a stroller from direct-to-consumer brand Lalo (also known for their minimalist, modern high chair), sits somewhere in the middle between a full-size and compact stroller. Parents love how it pushes and steers as well as the big storage basket and shock-absorbing suspension system.

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