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This Is the Ultimate Registry For New York City Parents
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January 30, 2024

This Is the Ultimate Registry For New York City Parents

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This Is the Ultimate Registry For New York City Parents.
This Is the Ultimate Registry For New York City Parents

When I talk to my non-New Yorker peers and friends, many of them wince at the idea of raising kids in the Big Apple. Me? I am a born and raised New Yorker, and the city is all I know. So when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was excited to be raising a miniature city girl (at least until further notice). Still, living in New York—while wonderful for some reasons—is tricky for many others. For starters, there are many things to consider when starting a family in the city, and space is a major one, especially given all the gear that comes with a baby.

My partner and I are lucky enough to call a sizable apartment home (nothing compared to homes in suburban areas, but significantly larger than average apartment sizes in the city). However, space is relatively limited for most new and expecting parents in NYC. Walk-up units, jigsaw puzzle floor plans, overcrowding, transit stairs and lack of outdoor space are just a few things to remember when planning for your baby. These are all things I had to contemplate when building my city-friendly baby registry and, especially now, while actively adjusting to life with my little one.

However, if there’s one thing living in New York City teaches you, it’s how to get creative and resourceful. Now that I am a few months into parenthood, there are some things I registered for that aren’t ideal for my life and others I wish I’d kept in mind. Ahead, find my top NYC-inspired registry picks for parents, some tried-and-true, and others I still have my eyes on.

On the Go

When I initially created my registry, I wanted to veer away from the Doona car seat-stroller hybrid. I saw parents around the city using the travel system but wanted something with more storage. Now that I am a few months into parenthood, I wish I had registered for this. The stroller-to-car seat design makes getting in and out of cars on busy streets a breeze compared to a multipart system, which I now know. This one comes with a diaper bag, which is more than enough space for the essentials.

Before trying this carrier for myself, I thought it was overhyped and overpriced. Now, I can confirm that it is indeed worth every penny: it’s comfortable, easy to use and I don’t make a move in or out of my apartment without it. And, yes, it does look extremely chic. Just get it (or register for it).

This holds everything you need for taking baby out of the house: diapers, bottles, wipes and a change of clothes. There’s also plenty of space for your belongings (think: phone, wallet, keys). Bonus: This color way reminds me of a classic black NYC puffer jacket, but there are other options for different styles.

Taking the train with a baby is stressful enough, so save yourself the hassle (and fear of being trampled over during rush hour) and register for a one-click-close stroller. This one is super compact and easy to fold and store, so even the clumsiest of moms (talking about myself) can feel confident while commuting.

Not all strollers come with a cup holder, but luckily you can get a universal one and add it to your travel system. You’d be surprised at how handy this is for your coffee or baby’s bottle.

A footmuff was one thing I wished I registered for now that we’re in the thick of winter, so if you live in an area that gets cold, definitely add one to your list.

Your hands will thank you when braving the NYC winter cold with your child while these are strapped to your stroller.

Nursery & Decor

We were gifted this co-sleeper, which was put to good use for most of baby’s life thus far. It has ample storage space underneath, which has been great for toys and other items. Best part? It folds up and can fit snugly in a closet when you’re transitioning baby to crib.

Reserve square-footage space and get an over-the-door holder for your stroller so you don’t trip over it in the middle of the night.

A rollable cart saves on space and is a great way to store everyday essentials like diapers, wipes and feeding parts so they’re within reach.

Save yourself the countertop space and get a portable sound machine that you can use in different areas of your home or take with you on the go.

Don’t wait until a cold catches your family off guard. Add a humidifier to your registry to help keep baby’s airways clear, which is especially necessary in stuffy city climates.

This makes it easy to tuck away extra diapers, wipes and other items without taking up valuable closet real estate.

I was recently gifted this under-crib storage bin that holds all of baby’s tummy time toys so we can put them out and clean up easily. It also doubles as decor if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing storage.

Health & Safety

Babies are world-class throwers of things, but these cords help keep toys, pacifiers, sippy cups and more as far from the ground as possible—super ideal if you’re moving around through germ-y city streets.

I severely underestimated how quickly my daughter would be moving around and getting into my stuff. Learn from me and don’t make baby proofing an afterthought.

Now that my daughter is here, I regret not doing more research into a good baby monitor, like this one, which feels most functional for my space since it can be mounted on the wall for a better view of baby.

I love this vertical drying rack, which has just enough space for baby’s essential bottles without taking over your kitchen counter.


Our baby loves this toy so much, and I love that we can easily slide it under her crib or bassinet when we aren’t using it. But be fully prepared to randomly hum the songs from this toy when you least expect it.

If New York City were a baby toy, it’d be this gift set. I got this from a co-worker and love seeing my baby play with all her city essentials (ironically, she loves chasing the yellow cab). Even if you don’t register for this, it’s a great gift for the expecting New Yorker in your life.

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