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The Best Products to Add to Your City Baby Registry
Updated on
January 30, 2024

The Best Products to Add to Your City Baby Registry

By Babylist Team
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The Best Products to Add to Your City Baby Registry.
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The Best Products to Add to Your City Baby Registry

Art and culture right outside your door, unique playgrounds and splash pads in the park, and never a dull moment—there’s so much to love about raising a baby in a city.

But being an urban parent also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Adding a new person (and all of their stuff) to a small living space or navigating public transportation with a little one in tow are just a few of the things that differentiate city parenting from life in the suburbs. You’re going to need the right gear—and a little creative, strategic thinking—to get it done.

Don’t build your city baby registry without these must-haves on your list.

Nursery and Decor

Most city families don’t have room for a big, bulky bassinet. Although this one has plenty of space for baby, the base slides under your bed, saving precious real estate without sacrificing your little one’s comfort.

A mini crib is a great option for city dwellers who don’t have room for the full-sized version. We love that this one rolls on (locking) casters, folds for storage and easy transport and comes in a range of colors.

This blanket is just as dreamy as its name implies. Made from four layers of cotton muslin, it’s the perfect extra layer for keeping little ones on the go.

If you’re an urban family without easy access to a washing machine, you’re not going to want to deal with dirty changing pad covers. This waterproof, wipeable changing pad skips them altogether, and turns any flat surface into a changing area for baby.

City sounds + sleeping baby is a formula for disaster. The Dohm has been soothing little ones to sleep since 1962 using white noise generated by a fan, not a recording, and Babylist parents swear by it.

Good storage is the key to staying organized in a small city space, especially once a baby (and all of their stuff) comes along. We love these stackable bins sized just right for holding things like toys, books and more.

And speaking of storage—this hanging organizer makes the most of every free bit of space by transforming any doorway into an organized storage area. It’s great for corralling extra diapers, wipes, blankets or whatever else may be spilling out of your drawers.

On the Go

If you’re a city family without the space to deal with both a car seat and a stroller, then this genius hybrid is for you. The Doona is a car seat/stroller all rolled into one, ideal for taxis, ride shares, rental cars and whatever other transportation challenges your urban environment may throw your way.

When it’s time to move onto just a stroller, the 12.5-pound Pockit can’t be beat for city life. It’s comfortable for baby, featuring durable tires and a recline seat. And when you need to lug it up subway stairs or to your fourth-floor walkup, it has a crazy-compact fold—it’s small enough to get stashed in a large diaper bag.

Most urban families spend a lot of time outdoors walking with their stroller. This handlebar organizer keeps all your essentials close by, with plenty of room to store whatever you need for the day (including your coffee, of course).

A quality baby carrier is a must-have for city families. Carriers give you the freedom to get outside with less stuff, free up your hands, and keep baby close while you’re riding the bus or taking a train. The Lillebaby makes our list for its six different carry positions, newborn-to-toddler usage range and excellent lumbar support.

Gender neutral and with plenty of storage space, we love the laid-back look of this diaper bag for city days out with your little one. The backpack style leaves your hands free for stroller-pushing, subway-riding, or whatever adventure you’re up to.

Diaper blowout while you’re walking through the park? In a restaurant without a changing table? This packable pouch is your very own portable changing station, featuring everything you need to diaper your little one when you’re out and about.


A place to dry all of your baby stuff (think bottles, pacifiers, teethers and more) without sacrificing sacred counter space, the compact design of this drying rack is ideal for smaller city kitchens. The rack fits right under cabinets and comes apart for easy, thorough cleaning.

From floor to table, this baby seat + booster can be used as a secure spot to keep baby safe as well as strapped to a dining chair for mealtime. It’s a good alternative to a traditional high chair if your space doesn’t allow for one.

Even city babies get messy! These waterproof bibs are wipeable, and they roll up for storage when not in use.


A travel crib is a great add to any registry, as it can also serve as a playard when you need baby in a safe space to get things done. This ultra-breathable option is extra city-living friendly thanks to its compact size and one-push open and close.

Minimal design with maximum functionality, this bouncer has so many pros for city families. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, folds flat for easy storage and, most importantly, is a safe, comfy and ergonomically designed place to put baby if you need a quick shower, time to prep dinner or just a moment to yourself.

No room for a rocker? Not to worry. Just put the Ready Rocker against any sturdy vertical surface, lean back and rock your little one to dreamland. It’s seriously genius!

Health and Safety

Most infant tubs take up a ton of space, but that’s not the case with the Stokke. This one folds completely flat, making it ideal for smaller city spaces. It’s suitable from birth to 8 months and even comes with a newborn support just right for those early months.

Big city germs can mean more colds and viruses for your new addition. Keep this alcohol-free hand sanitizer within reach to kill germs without over-drying skin. (There’s also an on-the-go size perfect for your diaper bag.)

Big cities mean big sounds—not ideal for sensitive baby ears. These ear muffs, specially designed for tiny ears, will protect your little one’s hearing from roaring trains, wailing sirens and the hustle and bustle of your urban environment.

Books and Toys

A skyscraper, a pretzel cart and even a kite flying high in the park—discover the shapes of the city that are all around.

The bright, beautiful picture books in this series are filled with city facts and gorgeous illustrations. Whether you call New York, San Francisco, London or another city home, there’s probably one for you.

If you only have room for one play gym in your city home, make it this one. Designed by childhood development experts, this play gym features tons of activities and grows with your baby from day one all the way through the toddler years.

Will the sounds of the city wake up a sleeping baby? Find out in this rhythmic, rhyming story just right for city babies.

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