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The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks to Keep Your Kid in Bed a Little Longer
February 28, 2024

The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks to Keep Your Kid in Bed a Little Longer

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The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks to Keep Your Kid in Bed a Little Longer.
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The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks to Keep Your Kid in Bed a Little Longer

Ah, babies and toddlers…the human alarm clocks you never knew you needed. Waking up with the birds is definitely a part of having an infant, but for some parents, this alarming trend (see what we did there?) can extend well into the toddler years. But trying to teach a two-year-old to stay in bed until a certain time? It’s no easy feat. A toddler alarm clock may be the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

What is a Toddler Alarm Clock?

A toddler alarm clock, also called an okay-to-wake clock, is an alarm clock designed specifically for toddlers. Since your pint-sized roommate can’t yet tell time, a toddler alarm clock uses lights, pictures, sounds or sometimes a combination of all three to indicate when it’s okay for your little one to hop out of bed and start their day. They also come in handy if you’ve got a unicorn sleeper who needs a little help waking up in the morning. If you want to use them as an alarm clock, you can set up the white noise to turn off or change to music when it’s time to wake up.

Do Toddler Alarm Clocks Really Work?

There’s no magic solution to getting your kids to sleep late but, when used properly, a toddler alarm clock can often help your little one—and you—catch some more ZZZ.

For best results, we recommend starting slowly. Before you dive right in, spend a few days talking to your toddler about the alarm clock—how it works, what it’s for, and what it means. Set clear, realistic expectations around what your little one can and can’t do if they wake up before their clock lights up. (“If you wake up before the light on your clock turns green, you can stay in bed and read a story until you see the light go on.”)

It’s also helpful to ease into your desired wake-up time slowly instead of going for it right out of the gate. For example, if your toddler has been waking up at 5:30 a.m., but you’d like them up closer to 6:30, don’t set the clock for 6:30 on the first day. Instead, start slowly. Begin by setting the clock for 5:40, then increasing the time by 10 minutes or so every few days until you’ve reached your desired wake-up time. This slow transition will set your toddler up for success.

Whether you’re tech-savvy or looking for just the basics, these five toddler alarm clocks get our vote as the best of the best for establishing healthy sleep routines and getting everyone in the family a bit more rest.

Babylist’s Picks for The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks

From Baby to Big Kid

If you’re looking for a clock you can use from your little one’s first night at home all the way through the big-kid years, the Hatch Rest+ is your best pick. More than just a toddler alarm clock, this modern multi-tasker is also a night light, a sound machine, a digital clock and an audio monitor all rolled into one. Every feature can be controlled and customized right from an app on your phone, and there’s even an eight-hour backup battery that will keep the Rest+ running in case you lose power. We love the idea of using it as a night light and sound machine in the early years and transitioning the Rest+ to a toddler alarm clock as your little one grows.

Another Grow-With-Me Option

What appears to be a cute little snail is actually so much more. It’s a night light, sound machine and routine helper all in one. There are preset routines you can choose from that signal to your little one that it’s bedtime, naptime, clean room, playtime or quiet time. And for bedtime, preset options are available to tell them it’s time for bed or not quite time to wake up yet. We also love that you can control everything from your phone with the Skip Hop App.

Form and Function

The minimal, modern look of the Mella Ready to Rise clock has more than just a nice aesthetic—this toddler alarm clock strikes just the right balance between form and function. It’s easy to program and easy for a little one to understand, using colors and facial expressions to show your toddler when they need to stay in bed and when it’s okay for them to get out. Mella also features three sound options, five night light colors and an alarm function for older kiddos.

Good Morning Sunshine

This sweet alarm clock has a friendly face and versatile uses. It features color cues for bedtime and when it’s time to wake up. It can also be used as a night light, alarm and even has soother mode and plays calming sounds or a lullaby.

Hop to Bed

Does some-bunny need a little more sleep? Then bring this cute rabbit clock into your life for a few more moments of peace and quiet. The Bunny Kids clock is packed with features, including things like a 12- or 24-hour display, a temperature sensor, a digital clock and of course a toddler alarm clock and night light. The clock’s screen is activated by sound or vibration (like a clap or a quick tap) and the cute bunny design will capture your little one’s imagination.

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