Best Lightweight Strollers of 2022
Best Lightweight Strollers
March 3, 2017

Best Lightweight Strollers

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There will come a day when you’ll curse your heavy beast of a stroller. Is that day today?Best Lightweight Strollers

There will come a day when you’ll curse your heavy beast of a stroller, the one that you love for the storage space and trays or awesome off-roading ability. You’ll be tired of it hogging all the trunk space and being a general pain to tote around.

You can either let out a big sigh and get over it or buy a lighter, more nimble stroller for those times when you really need it: for airports, narrow city sidewalks, public transportation, or just for the grandparents.

Do you need a lightweight stroller?

Nope, you don’t need a lightweight stroller. Some families use a traditional stroller for everything, even traveling. While others might also purchase an umbrella stroller (a scaled-down stroller that’s ultra lightweight) to keep on hand for one-off occasions when they want a slimmer, fast-fold stroller. But typically, umbrella strollers have skimpy canopies, minimal storage, and lack cup holders, child and parent trays, and adjustable seats.

A lightweight stroller strikes a balance between traditional and umbrella stroller styles. It’s lighter than the standard stroller, easy to fold and compact in size when collapsed. But it still has some big-stroller amenities like large sun canopies and a storage basket. Some even have extras like cup holders and trays.

Many parents find that a lightweight strollers can work just as well as a full-size stroller for everyday use, but without the bulkiness. Several lightweight strollers are also compatible with infant car seats. For those styles that aren’t, you have to wait until your child is six months old and able to sit up unassisted to use them.

How we chose our best picks

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most. We took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight to tell you about the best lightweight strollers.

Perfect Travel Companion


Prepare to be wowed by this wonder stroller. It folds - with one hand - into an 18-inch square and automatically locks closed. Carry it by the handle, or tuck it away in the included backpack-style carryall while your little one roams free. You can also stow it in the overhead compartment of an airplane. It’s that small.

Parents also appreciate the huge UV 50+ sun canopy, and that it’s available in four gorgeous colors - cobalt or juniper anyone?


The only thing that would make this trip-ready stroller better is being able to use it with a car seat. Since it doesn’t have that option, you’ll need to wait until your child’s at least six months old to use it.


“I love that I can carry, open, and fold it with one hand. It is easy to maneuver and the only stroller I own. Perfect for city living!” - Amie


Stroller weight: 14 lbs.

Age range: 6 months to 45 lbs.

Fully Loaded


The LiteRider has all the bells and whistles of a traditional travel system, but with much less heft. You get the roomy, drop-down storage basket underneath, a child’s tray, and a parent’s tray with two cup holders and a storage compartment (hello, coffee cup and cell phone).

Attach any Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seat into the frame and you can begin using this right away too.


The front wheels on the LiteRider don’t swivel and maneuver as well as the other brands on this list.


“It’s easy to use and has good storage.” - Kelly


Stroller weight: 17 lbs.

Age range: From birth with an infant car seat to 40 lbs.

Light as a Feather


Okay, we’re just going to say it: your biceps will never get beefy lifting this stroller because it’s so incredibly light. Which makes it a must-have if walking stairs with a stroller is part of your daily life.

Also, you can feel super secure knowing that your mini-me has zero chance of unbuckling the harness. (You have to press both sides and the back simultaneously for it to release.)

We also like the large, waterproof, UPF 50+ canopy and the wind-resistant rain cover it comes with too.


This airy stroller doesn’t have a car seat adapter. You’ll have to wait until your baby is six months old to use the Triumph.


“The stroller is so lightweight, but super sturdy and a comfortable ride for my baby.” - Sandy


Stroller weight: 11 lbs.

Age range: 6 months to 55 lbs.

Planes, Trains & City Streets


The Nano is another convenient option for parents who take frequent trips. It folds up to fit in carry-on compartments and has shoulder straps so you can carry it hands free. Since it’s only 21 inches wide, it can fit down narrow aisles too. It has an attached, universal car seat adapter that’s compatible with most infant car seat brands.

And we can’t help but tell you about a really cool option for older kids. The Freerider Stroller Board ($99) is a scooter that kids can push on their own, or you can connect it to the rear of the Nano and they get pushed along with the stroller. Genius!


It does take two hands to fold down this stroller. Also like most other strollers in this class, it doesn’t have much storage space.


“I am amazed at how lightweight this stroller is! Easy to push with one hand and unfold. The two-handed fold takes some getting used to, but it’s not too difficult.” - Jackie


Stroller weight: 13 lbs. Age range: 6 months to 40 lbs.

Choosing What’s Right for You

If you’re looking for a lightweight stroller to be your daily go-to, you’ll probably want to purchase one that’s compatible with your infant car seat. That way you can use the stroller from day one and get the most out of it. However, if you only need it for select situations such as traveling, other features like hands-free carrying might matter more to you.

Think through the situations you’ll use the stroller in and what would make life with a little one easier for you. Because ultimately, reducing everyday hassles makes family time that much better.

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