Babylist Gear Editor's Best Stroller Picks
Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Strollers
February 13, 2020

Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Strollers

Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Strollers

Jen LaBracio is Babylist’s Gear Editor, a role that perfectly combines her love of (obsessive) research with her love of all things baby gear. When she’s not testing out a new high chair or pushing the latest stroller model around her neighborhood, she likes to run, read and spend time at the beach. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Peter and her son Will.

As someone who reviews baby gear day in and day out, I’ve spent years researching and testing countless strollers—and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The strollers I’ve chosen below are my all-time favorites. My MVPs. My headliners and my forever champions. They’re the picks that top my best-of lists time and again and that consistently over perform in design, function and durability.

Choosing a stroller is a big decision; I get it. (Even making this best-of list was tough!) I hope that sharing what I love—and why I love it—can make figuring out what stroller is right for you and your family just a little bit easier.

A Fold That Can’t Be Beat

When someone asks me what stroller they should buy, what I always ask back is where they live (city, suburbs, etc.) and what their lifestyle is like. When it comes to strollers, what works for one family may be a terrible choice for another…that is, unless you’re talking about the City Mini.

The City Mini GT2 is one of the few strollers that I can say with certainty will work well for almost any family. It’s great for babies and older kiddos but it isn’t overly cumbersome and easily fits through narrow doorways. It’s affordable, especially considering all of the high-end features that are included. It’s easy to maneuver and has forever air rubber tires and a good suspension system that makes it ideal for both city or suburban streets. And the fold—it’s what stroller dreams are made of. With an swift pull of the strap, the GT2 folds itself quickly and easily. While other strollers may claim a one-handed fold, the City Mini genuinely delivers. It’s a standout feature that truly can’t be beat.

A Workhorse for a Growing Family

I. Love. This. Stroller. Now I’m probably a bit biased as the Vista was my stroller of choice day in and day out for almost four years, but I promise you, this stroller does not disappoint.

UPPAbaby’s Vista is a true workhorse. (A luxury workhorse, yes, but a workhorse nonetheless.) There are so many things to love about it that it’s tough to pick just a few, but here goes. The Vista is incredibly well-made and unbelievably durable. It handles bumpy streets, curbs, stairs and even snow with ease—and the suspension system is so great that your little one will hardly feel a thing. The under basket storage can hold a ton, including a huge grocery haul, a big plus for city families who rely on their stroller as their main form of transport. Well thought-out features like a reversible seat, a telescoping handlebar, a full recline, a bassinet and an extended canopy all make a day out with your baby or toddler that much easier. And the stroller grows with your family. It can handle up to three (yes, three) kids with the addition of a toddler seat and a ride-along board. Swoon.

Light + Compact But Doesn’t Sacrifice Features

One of my favorite things about the stroller market over the last few years is that manufacturers have begun to figure out how to pack the innovative, convenient features of larger strollers into lighter, more compact packages. The Triv is a great example of that—and why it easily makes its way onto my favorites list.

The Triv isn’t a true lightweight stroller, but when compared to other strollers on the market with similar features, it clearly wins out. It’s almost six pounds lighter than the UPPAbaby Cruz and about three pounds lighter than Bugaboo’s Fox. And though this may not seem like a lot, it matters a whole lot when you have to take it in and out of your trunk or lug it up a flight of stairs. This stroller maneuvers beautifully and is easy to push and steer. And it has all the same things I love about its heavier competitors, like a full recline, a reversible seat, a one-handed fold and really ample underseat storage.

Two things that really stand out? The edges of the seat fold upwards and snap in place, creating a bassinet when the seat is in a full recline position. (Genius!) And the stroller stands when folded, an often overlooked stroller feature that I think makes a huge difference in portability and convenience.

Smart Solution

I love a stroller that (brilliantly) solves for a common problem that so many parents face on the daily. In this case the problem is trying to lug around two young kiddos at once—a younger one who needs to ride in a stroller and an older one who thinks they don’t but…is wrong. The solution? The Joovy Caboose.

As its name implies, the Caboose is an in-line stroller built for two. It has a ton of different configurations, but the one I love the most lets a younger baby sit up front (either in a car seat or in the stroller seat) while the older sibling rides in the back either standing or in a bench seat.

Why is this a big deal? In my experience, lots of older toddlers put up a big fight over riding in a stroller. But since the idea of your three-year-old wandering free around the zoo probably doesn’t sound like a fun day out to you, you need a way to convince them to ride along that also allows them some freedom. And Joovy’s bench seat does just that. Most kids get a big kick out of it and happily jump right in to go along for the ride. It keeps them safe and happy while keeping you sane—a true win-win.

Double the Fun

I know, I know—the price tag on this one is tough to take. But stick with me.

Finding the “perfect” double stroller is no easy feat. In-lines can be hard to push and steer, while side-by-sides can be too wide to fit through many doorways and too cumbersome to maneuver easily. The Duo overcomes all of these obstacles (and more) with incredible ease. If you’re willing to splurge, it’s the most perfect double stroller I’ve ever encountered.

The Donkey is an absolute dream to push, even one-handed. It’s so narrow and easy to maneuver that you’ll almost forget you’re hauling around two heavy kids (each seat can hold up to 50 pounds) and all of their stuff. There are 17 different stroller configurations that allow you to customize the seating in whatever way works best for your family. And speaking of customization, you can choose your own chassis color and your own base fabric colors with the Duo. This stroller is truly designed to last forever and will come along on any adventure you and your family can dream up.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Who says a compact stroller can’t pack just as big of a punch as a full-size one? There are so many things to love about these smaller strollers, and there are a few I rave about regularly like the UPPAbaby Minu, the Babyzen YOYO, the Ergobaby Metro and the Mountain Buggy Nano. But the Colugo, a direct-to-consumer brand and a relatively new player in the compact stroller market, makes its way to the top of my list for a few reasons.

The Colugo is my ideal mix of form, function and price. I love the design and the out-of-the-box fabrics and limited edition colors and I think the price point is more than fair considering the stroller’s quality. Functionality is really where this stroller shines, though. It pushes well and features a full seat recline, good storage, a machine washable seat and an extended canopy. And the fold…oh, the fold! It collapses with one hand down to a small rectangle (17” x 24” x 10”, to be exact) that weighs only 16 pounds and includes a built-in carry strap. I love that it’s compact enough to work as a travel stroller but substantial enough to function as an everyday stroller too. And that leopard print is pretty awesome, in case you were curious.

Born to Run

Rounding out my list of favorites is the BOB Revo Flex, the best of the best when it comes to running strollers. A jogging stroller is an investment, but one I think is well worth it as it makes incorporating exercise into your routine a lot easier since you can bring baby along for the ride.

Suspension is key when you’re talking jogging strollers and it’s what sets the BOB apart. The giant wheels and impressive suspension system make for an incredibly smooth ride for your baby or toddler, regardless of the terrain. The adjustable handlebar is also clutch. It adjusts to nine different positions, so parents or caregivers of different heights can all run with the stroller comfortably. The basket can easily hold all the gear you need when you’re running with your baby (think snacks, toys, etc.) and there’s a near-flat reclining, ventilated seat. If running is a big part of your life, this stroller is a must-have.

Jen LaBracio is Babylist’s Gear Editor, a role that perfectly combines her love of (obsessive) research with her love of all things baby gear. When she’s not testing out a new high chair or pushing the latest stroller model around her neighborhood, she likes to run, read and spend time at the beach. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Peter and her son Will.

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