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An environmentally friendly mattress that’s built for breathability

About this Product
  • Designed for breathability and airflow with a breathable mattress pad keeps baby cool and dry
  • Lightweight makes it easier to change the bed
  • 2-stage mattress grows with your child: firm side for babies, softer side for toddlers
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Free of PFCs, polyurethane, PVC, or fire retardants


Lullaby Earth’s Breeze mattress is designed for maximum breathability and airflow to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. The flat, firm, waterproof crib mattress is topped with a special, breathable mattress pad to keep baby cool and dry for a more comfortable sleep without overheating.

The Breeze mattress is has a firmer side for infants and a softer “cushion firm” side for toddlers, a practical “2-stage” approach that offers safety and comfort. (Firmness is one of the most important safety features of a crib mattress: the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a firm, flat mattress without any soft bedding.) Strong edge support helps prevent your baby’s limbs from getting caught between the mattress and crib, gives your mattress longer life, and stands up to bouncing toddlers. At just ten pounds, the mattress is lightweight, making crib changes easier.

The breathable mattress pad is easy to get on off. It has a waterproof backing and is fully machine washable. (Even though this mattress is on the pricier side, waterproof mattress pads can run over fifty bucks so at least that’s included.) The mattress below is also waterproof, so you if you can put your baby back to sleep while washing the pad without worrying about spills and stains. The waterproof surface is made of food-grade polyethylene and is easy to clean, helping avoid the bacteria, mold, and mildew growth that can result from leaky diapers or nighttime accidents.

A major plus for Lullaby Earth mattresses is that they score well on chemical safety. They meet all flammability regulations without the use of any flame retardant chemicals; they are free of questionable materials such as vinyl, PVC, phthalates, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), and formaldehyde; and they are free of known allergens. It’s not an organic mattress, but if chemical safety and budget are running neck and neck on your list, the Lullaby Earth Breeze with its lower price point may be a good choice.


  • 27.5 x 52” x 6”
  • 10 lbs.
  • Fits standard cribs
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Waterproof
  • 2-stage firmness, with firm and cushion firm sides
  • Recyclable design
  • Meets all flammability regulations with NO chemical flame retardants
  • No known allergens
  • Perfluorinated compound (PFC), polyurethane foam, phthalate, and vinyl/PVC FREE
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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July 28, 2016

It's so comfortable for baby and you can really see the breathability of the mesh-like cover. I love it!!!