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24 Weeks Pregnant

May 16, 2019

24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant
24 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is 11.8 in inches long and weighs 1.3 pounds this week. That’s about the size of Mr. Potato Head.

Your Baby at 24 Weeks

  • Lung development: This week your baby is developing a protein that you’ve probably never heard of: surfactant. This fatty substance helps us breathe by making it easier to open the air sacs in our lungs. Your baby will keep developing more of it until about 35 weeks. (Preemie babies are often given extra artificial surfactant to help them breathe. Thank goodness for science!)
  • Nostrils: Their little nostrils are opening too. Time to practice breathing amniotic fluid through them.
  • Inner ear: Your baby is developing their vestibular system. (A mouthful, we know!) This tiny system in our inner ear helps us maintain our balance, so your baby can now tell if they’re right side up or upside down.

What Does My Baby Look Like?

Your baby’s working on getting cuter. Their skin is still thin and see-through, but it’ll gradually start to get more opaque. Their hair and lashes are still white due to lack of pigment. As the weeks go on, their body is becoming more and more proportional, and some baby fat will soon appear, which will help with the whole see-through thing.

Fun Fact

Babies don’t have kneecaps when they are born. They are first made of cartilage and don’t fully harden until about three years old.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Week 24

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Pregnancy Symptoms at 24 Weeks

  • Red or tender gums: Pregnancy hormones make your gums more sensitive, so it’s really important to brush twice a day—and floss daily too. It’s a good time to see your dentist for a cleaning and checkup. Yep, it’s safe. In fact, it’s important not to skip that every-six-months routine.
  • Leg cramps: Painful muscle cramps in the legs are common in the second half of pregnancy—as if you really need new aches and pains, especially ones that mess with your sleep. Stretching, exercise, proper hydration and massage can help prevent them. When leg cramps do hit, stretching or massaging the spot can help alleviate the discomfort.
  • Back pain: Fifty to 70 percent of pregnant women get back pain, so count yourself in the majority if you have an aching back. Between pregnancy hormones loosening your joints, extra weight on your body and your uterus pushing against your spine and messing with your posture, it’s no wonder that it’s hurting.

Glucose Screening 411

Sometime this month you’ll get a glucose screening test to see if you have a sign of gestational diabetes, a condition that causes high blood sugar in pregnant women. Usually there aren’t noticeable symptoms, so it’s important to get tested. Treatment can prevent complications, including preterm labor and high birth weight.

What will the test be like? When you get to the lab, you have to down a really sweet drink that has 50 grams (1.7 oz) of glucose. Then you wait one to three hours to have blood draw to see how your body processes the glucose.

Tips to get through it:

  • To get the most accurate reading, you should fast starting the night before. (Your doctor will tell you how long.)
  • Try to schedule your lab appointment early in the morning and have a late dinner beforehand. Don’t cheat with the fasting.
  • Bring that pregnancy book, your favorite magazine or a couple of good podcasts, since you’ll have to hang out for at least an hour before your blood is drawn.
  • Pack a snack or plan on where you’ll quickly grab food after the test. You’ll be starving!

If your screening test result is positive, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have gestational diabetes. It means you’ll have to come back for a three-hour version of the test called the glucose tolerance test (GTT) before any diagnosis. The second test gives a much clearer picture of your body’s ability to process sugar. Some women opt to start with the three-hour test because of this.

💛 Congratulations 💛

You are 60% through your pregnancy!

Your 24 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your growing uterus tops out at about two inches above your belly button around this week. Thanks to all the outward pushing, your innie belly button may “pop out” into a newfound outtie.

Usually it’s just par for the course but in rare cases could be a sign of an umbilical hernia—when there’s a hole in the abdominal wall that allows tissue to poke through. Most of the time, these are pretty harmless, though some people experience pain with an umbilical hernia. If you feel or see a soft lump around your belly button, talk to your doctor.

Baby Bumps at 24 Weeks Pregnant

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Partner Tip

Get good at foot massages. Here’s a video primer with five techniques.

How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

How Many Baby Clothes Photo

Is it possible to have too many baby clothes? When you’re adding clothes to your baby registry or buying them yourself, it can be easy to get carried away and add all the things.

But babies grow really fast, and they won’t fit into specific sizes for very long. That said, it’s nice to have enough clothes on hand so that you don’t have to do laundry with every spit up or diaper blowout (this is especially important if you don’t have easy access to a washer and dryer).

So how many baby clothes do you really need? When it comes to the basics, here’s what we suggest:

  • Seven bodysuits or rompers
  • Two hats
  • Five pairs of socks
  • Four sleepers or gowns

Check out our guide for what to add if you’re expecting a winter or summer baby, plus a few nice to have items. And since people love to give baby clothes as gifts, it can be fun to add a few special outfits or items to your registry.

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Week 24 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Pick a crib or bassinet.
  • Check your diet. Eating healthfully every few hours keeps blood sugar steady, so you stay energized. Three small, balanced meals and three light snacks each day should do the trick.
  • Make a to-do list for the grandparents-to-be about how they can help you in the weeks after the baby’s born.
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