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This Travel Baby Monitor Is Under $70 and Smaller Than Your Phone
Updated on
August 24, 2023

This Travel Baby Monitor Is Under $70 and Smaller Than Your Phone

By Babylist Team
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This Travel Baby Monitor Is Under $70 and Smaller Than Your Phone

Anybody who has traveled with a baby knows how much stuff it can take to feel like you’re prepared for parenting on the go—and how much of that gear isn’t exactly travel-friendly.

If you bring your typical video baby monitor while traveling, you’ll have to dismantle your home set up and gather all the cords, monitors and receivers (that’s assuming where you’re going even has outlets). But you can cut the cords with the Motorola PIP12 TRAVEL, an audio-only baby monitor designed to be sleek, compact, and with a long-lasting battery life. Daniel, a dad of three, took the PIP 12TRAVEL camping and shares his experience with this powerhouse portable monitor in the video review above.

What the Motorola PIP12 TRAVEL Portable Baby Monitor Does

  • Audio only: The PIP12 TRAVEL is an audio-only monitor—so it’s more portable, meaning it’s easier to take with you on-the-go with no need for WiFi.

  • Crystal-clear HD Wideband sound: Impeccably clear sound that’s easier for you and baby to hear, helping you catch every coo or cry up to 1,500 feet away.

  • Two-way talk: Talk to baby through the monitor, so if you need to soothe them back to sleep, you can clearly croon your rendition of baby’s favorite song through the mic.

PIP12 Travel Audio Monitor image

  • 1,500 foot range: If you do venture out of the quarter-mile range, the portable parent monitor will alert you.
  • LED indicators: When the volume on the parent unit is off or put on mute, an LED light will flash red to indicate when a noise has been detected— a helpful option for the hard-of-hearing or when you need to keep the sound off for your neighbors.
  • 10-hour battery: This monitor can either run off of the rechargeable batteries or USB power. When the units are joined together (they connect magnetically), the system automatically powers off to save battery.

Daniel’s hands showing how the monitors nest together

Why You’d Want The PIP12 TRAVEL Portable Baby Monitor

If you are planning on traveling with your baby, even if it’s just to see friends or family, you may not want to lug around your wired video monitor and deal with setting up and dismantling it for every outing. This affordably priced set ($69.99) with two-way talk and 1,500-foot range lets you listen for baby when they’re a few rooms away in Grandma’s guest room or hanging out in a tent like Daniel’s baby.

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel monitor that lets you hear when baby is up or stirring, the PIP12 TRAVEL Portable Baby Monitor is sturdy, reliable and thoughtfully designed; just right for parents on the go.

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