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Flowchart: Which Baby Jogger Stroller is Right For You?
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Flowchart: Which Baby Jogger Stroller is Right For You?

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Flowchart: Which Baby Jogger Stroller is Right For You?.
Flowchart: Which Baby Jogger Stroller is Right For You?

Choosing a stroller is almost as challenging as picking out a car. Which features do you actually need? (It depends on your lifestyle.) Don’t they all pretty much do the same thing? (Nope.) And what if your needs change in a year or two? (Don’t worry, there are options for that.)

Baby Jogger consistently gets high marks for high-quality rides that pack a ton of features for about half the price you’d expect—whether you end up needing a super-compact stroller that’s travel-ready or an everyday stroller that’s affordable and user-friendly. Not sure which one is right for you? Follow our flowchart to figure that out and then read more about each stroller below. It’s way easier than playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo in-store.

Flow Chart

You Got: City Select 2

If versatility is what you’re after, it doesn’t get much more versatile than this. With 24 possible riding configurations and options for up to three kids, the City Select 2 is built to support your brood through every stage and growth spurt. Lightweight and compact (it has a 20% smaller fold than other leading single-to-double options) it’s an easy grab for errands and day trips alike. It’s a true all-in-one stroller that doesn’t skimp on premium accents and smooth performance.

You Got: City Sights

There are compact strollers, and then there’s this stroller—the most compact 4-wheel modular stroller out there. That means you can customize your baby’s view with its reversible seat and comfy extras like a reclining seat and adjustable calf support. Short on space? This lightweight option folds with just one hand and is easy to stash away in a closet. Plus, all-terrain wheels and suspension glide over any sidewalks and paths you come across.

You Got: City Mini GT2 Single

Hello, adventurer! Whether you use it solo or as a travel system with a compatible car seat, this agile stroller is made with your family adventures in mind. Forever-air rubber tires won’t ever go flat and all-wheel suspension helps you navigate hilly, sandy, pebbled and even muddy paths. Equipped with Baby Jogger’s thoughtful touches—one-hand fold, adjustable handlebar, near-flat reclining seat, upgraded fabrics and hand-operated parking brake—it covers all the bases and then some.

You Got: City Mini GT2 Double

It’s everything we love about the City Mini GT2 Single but built for two little passengers at a time. Even with your pair, this lightweight double stroller fits through any standard doorway and folds quickly and easily with the signature Baby Jogger one-handed fold.

You Got: City Tour 2 Single

Whether you’re going to grandma’s or taking your first flight with baby, this travel stroller will be your new BFF. Let’s start with the size: it folds down 85% smaller than when it’s in use and only weighs 14 pounds (about the weight of an average vacuum cleaner). Small but mighty, it supports babies up to 45 pounds and comes with helpful features like a reclining seat, UV 50+ canopy, padded seat and adjustable calf support. When you’re ready to jet, just pop it in its included carry bag and go.

You Got: City Tour 2 Double

Gotta go with two in tow? Take the City Tour 2 Single and make it a double. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, it folds compactly for easy transportation and storage while still being a comfy ride for your kiddos.

You Got: Summit X3

You give “on a roll” a whole new meaning, and this stroller is made to keep up. Designed with ultra-marathon runner and fitness expert Robin Arzón, this stroller/jogger hybrid is a force on the pavement. All-wheel suspension and a hand-operated deceleration brake give you extra control and safety on your runs with baby. Whether you’re in marathon prep mode or going for an easy walk—just flip the lever on the handlebar-mounted swivel lock to switch between a locked front wheel for jogging mode or swivel mode for walking.

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