11 Secretly Genius Baby Products That Make New Parent Life Easier
11 Secretly Genius Baby Products That Make New Parent Life Easier
February 25, 2022

11 Secretly Genius Baby Products That Make New Parent Life Easier

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11 Secretly Genius Baby Products That Make New Parent Life Easier.
11 Secretly Genius Baby Products That Make New Parent Life Easier

If you’ve ever bought a life-changing kitchen gadget, you know that even small details can make a huge difference in your routine. New parent life is no different. Sometimes the most useful products look just like regular gear—but with a clever twist that makes you go “How did we ever do it before?!”

Skip Hop is known for exactly this kind of delightful plot twist (if you’ve ever seen a toddler in the wild wearing one of these adorable backpacks, you can get a sense of how Skip Hop mixes practicality with whimsy). We’ve partnered up with them to share 11 deceptively smart baby products that make new parent life a little (and sometimes a lot) easier.

The Changing Pad with Built-in Entertainment

Babies aren’t known for loving having their diaper changed (cue: wiggling). So this easy-to-clean changing station was designed with a built-in mobile to keep your little one distracted while you do the dirty work. And when you’re done? Just wipe it down. No changing pad covers needed.

The Joint-Saving Bath Kit

Bathtime is a favorite nightly ritual for lots of families. This kit is about both of your comfort—the spout cover protects baby’s head and the specially designed whale-shaped rinser makes for tear-free shampooing. But it’s the parent-friendly kneeling pad and elbow rest you’ll be thanking at the end of the day.

The Cold Weather Car Seat Cover

With bulky jackets off-limits in the car seat, winter weather can make it a challenge to keep your baby warm while you’re traveling. This better-than-a-blanket car seat cover fits on almost any infant car seat (thanks to the super-smart elastic design), keeping the heat in and moisture from pesky things like rain and snowflakes off your little one.

The Extra-Helpful High Chair

With a reclining seat, this high chair doubles as a lounging spot that can be pulled right up to the table for family mealtimes. And when your little one starts itching to help you out in the kitchen? The built-in storage area converts to a practical step stool. Next step: tiny sous chef status.

The Go-Anywhere Changing Pad

Blowouts happen where you least expect them (and often when you’re least prepared for them!) This sleek diaper clutch may not look like it holds much, but it has enough storage for diapers, wipes and cream, and the whole thing unfolds into a changing pad for when you’re on-the-go.

The Bedside Crib on Wheels

Bedside bassinets can be really convenient for late-night feeding and soothing (and this one has a drop-down side panel that makes it easy to get baby in and out). But they are a whole lot more convenient when you can wheel them from room-to-room and let baby nap near you throughout the day.

The Clutter-Free Tub

When bathtime becomes part of your daily routine, your tub will be your right-hand tool. But traditional baby tubs can be bulky. This smart update stores flat and can be used in the sink, on the kitchen counter (just be sure to keep a hand on your baby at all times) or in your regular tub for maximum portability.

The Show-Stopping Sound Machine

Noise machines can be a godsend in those early days when your baby is missing the soothing sounds of the womb. But this awesome owl takes it one step further, providing a comforting nightlight and a cool light show that projects stars onto the walls of your baby’s nursery.

The Activity Center With a Twist

Babies outgrow their play spaces almost as quickly as they outgrow their clothing. This cleverly designed activity center grows with your baby, transforming from a seated activity center with lots of sensory toys to a standing one when your baby graduates to two feet, then into a toddler play table with a chalkboard surface for maximum creativity.

The Style-Forward Floor Mat

In the first few months of parenthood, playtime will mostly take place in one spot (this stylish Skip Hop play gym and activity mat is a great place to start exploring toys and tummy time). But once your little one starts moving, the whole room becomes their playground. These foam tiles provide a cushioned space for your baby to explore, but come apart easily for storage (plus you can rearrange them a bunch of different ways to create cool, custom patterns for your floor). And from cautious crawls to toddler tumbling routines—there’s pretty much no outgrowing them.

The Diaper Bag That Does More

Skip Hop’s extra-roomy diaper bag backpack is like a weekender and a diaper bag in one—with an insulated bottle bag, a changing pad, stroller straps and even a packing cube. But it’s the dedicated zippered pacifier holder that does it for us (because you will have better things to do than dig around in the bottom of your bag).

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work—from getting them to sleep more soundly to finding the right bathtime routine to navigating the wild world of getting out of the house with your little one. While clever products won’t necessarily solve all your parenting pain points, they definitely make the job a little easier. Find more of Skip Hop’s must-haves made better right here.

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