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How to Get an Accurate Temperature on a Baby (No Rectal Thermometer Needed)
Updated on
November 18, 2023

How to Get an Accurate Temperature on a Baby (No Rectal Thermometer Needed)

By Babylist Team
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How to Get an Accurate Temperature on a Baby (No Rectal Thermometer Needed)

You’ve probably heard that rectal thermometers are the most accurate way to take a baby’s temperature—but we know that’s not everyone’s favorite method (your baby’s in particular). If you want to get a reading that’s just as accurate as a rectal thermometer in newborns without actually having to use one, there’s the Braun ThermoScan 7+ connect. This in-ear thermometer is easier for you and your baby, more hygienic and a lot faster to use. We tested it out, and here are three ways it makes it easier to take care of your baby when they’re sick.

What the Braun ThermoScan 7+ connect Does

In addition to being a more comfortable option for newborn temperature readings, the ThermoScan 7+ connect is one of the best thermometers out there because it adjusts for your baby’s age, provides color-coded fever severity guidance and connects to the Braun Family Care App so you can stay on top of your family’s wellness with care reminders.

  • Automatic Age Adjustment with Age Precision Technology: What’s considered a fever varies a degree or two between newborns, babies and toddlers. With Age Precision technology, the ThermoScan 7+ connect lets you set the age of your kiddo (0-3 months, 3-36 months or 36 months+) and automatically adjusts the reading based on that input. See the 0:59 mark for how that works IRL. This can be especially helpful because babies…just keep getting older. So what might have been considered a serious fever for your two month old could be less concerning for an eight month old. And with this thermometer, you don’t need to keep a running guide of what those numbers are in the back of your head. Chart

  • Easy-to-Read with Color-Coded Guidance: Once you’ve checked your baby’s temperature, the ThermoScan 7+ will automatically display a different color based on the reading for their age range—green for a normal temperature range, yellow for a fever temperature range, or red for a high fever temperature range (see it in action at the 1:42 mark.) With this clear color-coded display, you can avoid those middle-of-the-night searches to find out how much of an emergency a 100-degree fever is for your four month old. No guesswork required—because the less time you spend guessing, the more time you have to rest and care for your family.

  • Memory and the Braun Family Care App: Trying to remember what your baby’s temperature was just a few hours ago, or trying to remember when you last gave them Tylenol can be challenging when you’ve got a sick baby who might not be sleeping well (which means you’re probably not well-rested, either.) The Thermoscan 7+ connect comes with a built-in memory feature that organizes and recalls the last 9 readings. Pair that feature with the Braun Family Care App and you have a Bluetooth-enabled gadget that automatically logs those temperature readings to help you stay on top of your little one’s care. And with the ability to create multiple profiles in-app, it’s even a helpful health tracker for everyone in your family—especially helpful when a cold or virus is making its way through your entire household.

Why You’d Want That

Between managing the fever and fussiness, parents of sick babies are often sleep-deprived and running on fumes. A thermometer that’s simple to use and clear to understand makes the job of round-the-clock caregiving a little easier—but there’s more to being a caregiver, like monitoring changes in temperature, symptoms and reactions. The Thermoscan 7+ connect is made to do that. Used in tandem with the Braun Family Care App, you have a thermometer that helps you track your baby’s temperature overtime so you can share it with your doctor and other caregivers. For the full scoop, watch our video above and figure out if it suits your family’s needs.

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